How to Save Voicemails on Android to a Computer


Although you may delete most of your voicemails after listening to them, there may be some voicemails you want to save to your computer. Perhaps a voicemail includes important information to which you may need to refer in the future. 

Or, a voicemail might have sentimental value. For example, saving old voicemails is a relatively common way to remember loved ones who died.

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Regardless of why you want to save a voicemail to your computer, it’s important to understand that the proper method for doing so can vary depending on the type of device and operating system you’re using. For instance, you might have an Android device.

Keep reading if so. The following overview will explain what you need to know about how to save voicemails on Android to a computer.

Steps for Saving a Voicemail on an Android to Your Computer

There is no single or universal way to save a voicemail to your computer from an Android device. This is partly because no two Android devices are entirely alike. While Apple is both a software and a hardware company, Android only offers software. That means certain processes can vary from one device to another.

That said, the following are common options Android users often turn to when they need to save voicemails to their computers.

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Use third-party apps

As this guide will address later, it’s not uncommon for Android devices to come with apps that offer users the option to save voicemails. That said, not all Android devices feature such apps.

If yours doesn’t, there are several third-party apps you can use for this purpose. For example, YouMail helps users organize their voicemails and also gives them the option to access their voicemails from their computers.

Research these types of apps to find one that serves your needs. Just keep in mind that some third-party apps cost money. The next section of this blog will cover alternative methods of saving voicemails from Android to your computer if you’d like to do so without spending more than you can afford.

Hire someone to transcribe your voicemails

This is an option some might consider if they are busy professionals who regularly need transcriptions of voicemails and can afford to hire assistants. Through UpWork and similar platforms, it’s not difficult to find people who will transcribe your voicemails for a fee. While the average user or consumer might not be able to justify spending money on this service, for some, it’s a wise use of business funds.

Of course, you can’t preserve a voicemail itself if you choose this option. You’ll only be able to save a text document. That said, unless the voicemail has sentimental value, that may be all that’s genuinely important for you to save.

Steps for Saving a Voicemail on an Android to Your Computer for Free

Saving voicemails from Android to your computer doesn’t need to cost money. The following are free methods worth considering:

Use the app

Some Android devices come with a standard app that allows users to save voicemails to the cloud or another storage space for future use. Check your device to see if it features such an app. If it does, saving a voicemail to your computer will be a very simple and affordable process.

Although many third-party apps that allow users to save voicemails charge fees, there are also some third-party apps that offer these features at no cost. A popular example is Google Voice

This highlights an important point. If you don’t know how to save a voicemail from Android to your computer, you might impulsively download the first app you find that helps you do so. You may send more money than necessary as a result.

Instead of immediately selecting the first solution you come across when researching your options, take the time to confirm there isn’t a more budget-friendly alternative worth using instead. It’s likely you’ll find one that’s better for your bank account.

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Send the voicemail to yourself

This is another solution that doesn’t require investing much effort or money. All you have to do is open your voicemail app and select the voicemail you want to save. There should be an option to send the voicemail to someone in the form of an attachment.

That someone can be you. Your app will probably give you the option to send your voicemail to your own email inbox. Do so, then download the attachment on your computer. 

You might have to tap the three vertical dots in the corner of the screen when you select a voicemail to bring up the option of saving it or sending it to yourself. However, this is not always the case. Because Android apps and features can vary based on your chosen device, there are some apps that allow you to access these features via different methods. 

In some instances, you can even send a transcription of the voicemail’s text instead of an audio file. You might prefer this option if you want to avoid using up too much space on your computer. Just be sure to check the transcription for accuracy before sending it to yourself. Sometimes, the programs that transcribe speech to text make mistakes.

Tip: A transcription of an important voicemail is something you might want to include in a memory box for a lost loved one. Check out our guide on the subject of memory boxes for more ideas.

Transcribe the voicemail yourself

Don’t overlook the basics when thinking of possible ways to save a voicemail from Android to your computer! This particular tip is another one to consider if saving the actual voicemail itself is unimportant, but saving the text of the voicemail is essential.

Once more, it’s possible that the program transcribing a voicemail you’re trying to save won’t deliver a perfectly accurate transcription. If it doesn’t, you could transcribe the voicemail yourself and save it via your chosen word processing software. This may take a little bit of time, but because it doesn’t cost any money, it’s the ideal method of easily saving a voicemail for some.

Record your voicemails

This is a solution worth considering if you’re attempting to easily save a voicemail from Android to your computer and you don’t care if the audio quality is somewhat lacking. If you simply need a quick way to preserve a voicemail you’ve received on your Android device, you can record it as a video file or audio file via any of your computer’s basic recording apps while playing it back.

No, this won’t result in a high-definition recording of the voicemail. However, it may serve your needs if you simply wish to quickly guard against losing a voicemail file. You always have the option of saving it in another manner later.

That’s critical. If you consider it very important to one day have a more high-quality recording of a voicemail accessible on your computer, don’t delete the voicemail once you’ve recorded it in this manner. This is merely an option to keep in mind if you quickly need to preserve a voicemail and don’t immediately have the option to use other methods.

Where Can You Store Saved Voicemails on Your Computer?

The manner in which you store your voicemails from your Android to your computer will influence where exactly you choose to store them. So will the type of device you’re using. For example, even if you have an Android-based smartphone, your computer might be an Apple product. The storage options available to Mac users can sometimes differ from those available to PC users.

In general, though, you might store voicemails from an Android device to your computer in such locations as:

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Your desktop

Virtually all basic computers give users the option to save files of essentially any compatible type to the desktop. When you save a file to your desktop, an icon with the file’s name will represent it on your computer’s “home page.”

Saving a voicemail to your desktop is an option to keep in mind if you want to have easy access to it at all times. Whenever you want to play back the voicemail, you merely need to click on the icon on your main desktop page.

A special folder

Whether you’re saving a voicemail for practical or sentimental purposes, the voicemail you’re saving might be just one file or document you plan to save. For instance, maybe you’re saving a voicemail from a loved one who has passed on. You might also want to save pictures of them, emails from them, and more.

Consider setting aside a folder on your computer specifically for the files that might accompany the voicemail you’re saving. This can make finding all these files very easy whenever you may need to do so. Or, you could create a folder for all the voicemails you wish to save, regardless of their subject.

This tip can also be helpful if you’re planning a loved one’s funeral. In our digital age, planning a funeral may involve storing, using, and transferring numerous types of files. Because planning a funeral is already a mentally and emotionally draining experience, you might be able to make it somewhat easier for yourself if you save all the files you’re using in one centralized location. This will minimize your chances of accidentally overlooking a step in the funeral planning process.

The cloud

Saving voicemails to the cloud doesn’t technically involve saving them to your computer. However, this is still an option worth considering.

Many people misunderstand what the cloud actually consists of. It’s not as ethereal as it may sound.

The cloud is merely a network of servers that another company owns and maintains. For a fee, you can basically “rent out” space on these servers to store your own documents and data. Many individuals and companies have thus turned to cloud storage providers when they need to store important documents.

You might use the cloud even if you’ve already stored your voicemails elsewhere on your computer. There is always the possibility that you will someday lose your voicemails as a result of accidentally damaging the device on which they’re stored. If you accidentally damage your computer, you won’t lose the voicemails stored in it if you’ve also saved them in the cloud.

The cloud is also helpful if you want others to have access to any files you’re saving. Again, maybe you’re saving a voicemail as part of the funeral planning process. Other loved ones might be helping you with said process. If you save your relevant files in the cloud, you can allow others to easily access those files without having to grant them access to all the files on your computer.

Saving a Voicemail From Android to Your Computer: Options to Consider

As this guide illustrates, there is more than one way to save files from an Android device to your computer. Fortunately, many of these methods don’t require you to spend money.

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