How to Permanently Save Voicemails on a Verizon Phone


There are various types of voicemails you may want to make sure you don’t lose. Saving important voicemails may be part of storing important documents if they contain vital account information, dates, names, or phone numbers.

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You might also want to permanently save a voicemail for sentimental reasons. For example, perhaps you want to know that you’ll always be able to hear the voice of a loved one who recently passed on. Saving voicemails can provide you with this means of remembering loved ones who died.

In any case, certain factors will influence how you go about saving your voicemails. One is the type of device you have and your wireless service provider. For example, maybe you have a Verizon phone. 

Keep reading, if so. This guide will explain how to save voicemails on a Verizon phone, covering both iPhones and Android devices.

Steps for Saving a Voicemail on a Verizon iPhone

Saving a voicemail on a Verizon iPhone involves the following basic steps:

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Select the Phone app

Start by tapping on the icon for the Phone app. It will resemble a green square with a white telephone icon on it.

The app should be on your phone’s Home screen. If you can’t find it there, you can search for it in your app library.

Tap the voicemail icon

Tap the voicemail icon in the Phone app. It will have a white background and a blue icon of a cassette tape.

Find the voicemail you want to save

Find the voicemail you want to save and tap on it. Then tap the “share” icon. It is a small box with an arrow pointing upward.

Choose a saving method

You now have two options. You can save your voicemail by selecting “Add to Notes” or “Save to Files.” You may want to consider using both methods for additional safety and peace of mind.

Send to yourself

This is an optional step but one worth considering. You can access the voicemail on your phone now and send it to yourself via email. Once you’ve done so, you can also download and save it on your computer.

Additionally, you can upload the audio to your iCloud. Be aware, contrary to what some might have you believe, voicemails are not automatically saved to your iCloud, so don’t assume you’ll automatically be able to retrieve old voicemails without taking these steps.

It’s also worth noting that Verizon iPhones offer transcriptions of the contents of voicemails that are in English. So if you’re not trying to save a voicemail on your Verizon iPhone for any sentimental reasons, but you simply wish to have access to the important information shared in a voicemail, you can type down the transcription and save it as a file on your computer or in a cloud service. Just make sure that the transcription is correct, first.

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Steps for Saving a Voicemail on a Verizon Android Phone

There’s no universal way to save voicemails on a Verizon Android phone. This is because, unlike iPhones, Android devices are made by numerous different manufacturers. That means the specific steps involved in tasks like saving voicemails can vary from one type of Android device to another.

However, there is a general method for saving voicemails on Verizon Android phones that tends to work on most devices. It involves the following key steps:

Access the Voicemail app

Access the Voicemail app on your phone. If your device is like most these days, it will likely come with a visual voicemail app pre-installed. The icon for this app is typically in the shape of an old answering machine tape against a solid background. 

If your phone did not come with such an app pre-installed, you may have downloaded a third party visual voicemail app such as HulloMail and Instavoice. That means the icon for the app may be different and there will be a greater chance that some of the steps involved saving a voicemail might not be exactly the same as they are described here.

Choose a voicemail

Once you’ve opened your visual voicemail app, find the voicemail you want to save and tap on it. 

Choose a method for saving your voicemail

This step is where the process tends to vary from one device to another. On some devices, when you tap on the voicemail you want to save, you will be immediately prompted to choose from one of three options: “save,” “export,” or “archive.”

On other Android devices, once you tap on the voicemail, you will have to then tap on the “more options” icon. It will often resemble three small dots. Then you will be given the option to save the voicemail.

Choose save

Choose “save” to save the voicemail directly to your phone. On Android devices, you will have multiple options to choose from when deciding the specific location on your phone where you want the voicemail to be stored. You will likely be prompted to choose from a list of options. Select the one where you will feel most comfortable accessing your voicemail. You don’t want to save it to an app or location you’re uncomfortable using.

Again, you will now likely be able to not only access your voicemail on your phone, but also send it to yourself so you can save it on your computer and/or in the cloud. However, the process for doing so can vary depending on the specific location in which you choose to save a voicemail. Thus, it’s important to save it to an app or location where you know you will have the option to email the file.

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Alternate options to consider

There are a few other ways to save voicemails from Verizon Android phones. Alternate methods include the following:

Recording the voicemail to your computer

If you’re not attempting to save the voicemail directly to your phone but instead wish to save it to your computer, this method is one to consider. You’ll need the following tools and resources to get started:

  • An Android phone with a headphone jack and a computer with a headphone jack
  • A male-to-male style headphone cord
  • Some sort of audio recording software installed on your computer, such as Windows voice recorder

Connect your computer and your phone via the cord. You can plug the cord from your phone into your computer’s IN or MIC port. Then, select the audio recording software you’ve chosen to use and start a new recording.

When the program is recording, play the voicemail you want to save. Play it back when you’re done recording to ensure it is of acceptable quality, then save the recording as a new file. 

Once more, this won’t save the voicemail to your phone. However, that might not be your goal if you don’t mind simply saving it to your computer.

Use a forwarding service

A quick Google search for “voicemail forwarding service” or “voicemail forwarding app” will indicate there are several services and apps out there that you can use to automatically forward voicemails to your email account.

Explore your options, but keep in mind that some of these services only forward transcriptions of emails. Make sure you choose one that also sends audio files if that is important to you.

Similar to the above method, this method won’t save the voicemail to your phone, but it will theoretically give you the option to download a voicemail from your email account and save it elsewhere.

Where Can You Store Saved Voicemails From a Verizon Phone?

Along with the storage options already mentioned previously (which can vary somewhat based on whether you’re saving voicemails from a Verizon iPhone or Verizon Android device), other options worth considering include:

Your computer

Again, you should be able to email a voicemail from your phone to your own account after you’ve saved it. Try doing so.

The cloud

Even if a voicemail is saved on your phone and your computer, that doesn’t guarantee that you will never lose it. It’s possible something will happen to those devices that will render a voicemail irretrievable. 

That’s why you should also strongly consider using the cloud. Cloud service providers allow customers to save their files on servers they own and manage. Find one that allows you to save audio files if you want to worry even less about losing a particular voicemail.

With your voicemail saved in the cloud, even if you break your devices where the voicemail is stored, you should still be able to access it.

Online memorial

Is your goal to save a voicemail in remembrance of a lost loved one? This is an option to be aware of, if so. 

An online memorial site is essentially a digital tribute to someone who has passed away. Many funeral homes help customers create these websites, but you can create one yourself if you wish.

Some online memorial sites include multimedia elements such as photos and videos. That means it’s theoretically possible your loved one’s online memorial can also feature audio files. Just make sure you’re using a service that offers this option if you want to save a voicemail to such a site.

This is a storage option to keep in mind if you want to share a recording of the voicemail with other loved ones. That said, if you are able to host a voicemail on a memorial site, you might still want to save it elsewhere, too.

Websites can go down or lose data without warning, so it’s best to err on the side of safety. And you’ll need to store it on your computer or an external drive before you can upload it to the memorial site, anyway. 

Saving Voicemails on a Verizon Phone: Methods to Consider

No method of permanently saving a voicemail is foolproof. Again, the devices it is stored on can break. If you store a voicemail in the cloud, there remains the possibility that a glitch will cause the data to disappear.

Cloud storage providers strive to ensure this doesn’t happen, but it can. So if you’re saving a very important voicemail that you definitely don’t want to lose, you should cover all your bases by saving it two or more locations.

From creating a digital memory box for a lost loved one to ensuring you don’t lose important information, there are various reasons you might want to save a voicemail on a Verizon phone. Hopefully, this guide has helped you better understand how to achieve this goal.

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