18 Ways to Show Someone You Care About Them


Author Gary Chapman published a book in 1992 called The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate. In it, he discussed the importance of finding the “love language” that your loved one speaks.

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They include words of affirmation, acts of service, gifts, quality time, and physical touch. While the book focuses on romantic partnerships, this concept is important for all relationships.

Words aren’t always enough to show that you care. You should also demonstrate your feelings in practical ways that will appeal to the recipient. Here we’ll delve into some simple ways you can make someone’s day by showing them how much you care:

How to Show Someone You Care Through Your Actions

How to Show Someone You Care Through Your Actions

There’s an old saying that goes “actions speak louder than words.” Some people don’t need to hear the words “I love you,” and would rather have a physical demonstration of how much you care.

Their love language is “acts of service.” Doing something for someone can be more rewarding at times than presenting someone with a gift that you bought. 

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1. Make them a meal

Food is a universal connector. It’s comforting and nourishing. It’s also a great way for people to share their culture and heritage. Making a special meal is a simple way to make someone feel cared for.  

Pro tip: Find out your loved one’s favorite dish and prepare it for them. Reach out to a family member if they have a particular cherished recipe. 

2. Give them a hug

Physical touch can be a great comfort to people. Taking a moment to hug a loved one can lift them up when they’re feeling down.

Pro tip: Don’t just go in for a hug if you’re not sure how it will be received. It’s always good to get explicit consent before initiating physical contact. 

3. Remember important dates

Remembering and celebrating important dates is a great way to show someone that you prioritize them. You can wish them a happy birthday, or commemorate the anniversary of when you first met. They’ll be thrilled that you deemed this date important enough to remember. 

Pro tip: Keep a calendar and jot down important dates as you learn them. Each year, when you get a new calendar, be sure to transfer those important dates over. 

4. Praise them on social media

It’s great to tell someone directly that they mean a lot to you. But it can also make someone feel good if you tell the world how great they are. Make a Facebook post praising your spouse, or tell your Instagram followers that your sister is the best.

Pro tip: Tag your loved one on social media so they’re sure to see your post. That way they can also check out any comments. 

5. Make something for them

Buying someone a gift is sweet. But something handcrafted is special in its own way. If you have artistic talent, see what you can create for your loved one.

Pro tip: Lean into your strengths. If you have a creative hobby you excel at, utilize those skills. 

6. Let them pick the movie

Many times, friends and partners each compromise in order to watch something together. Let your loved one choose a movie or TV show to watch together. Even if it’s not your usual fare, they’ll appreciate you supporting their interests. 

Pro tip: If your loved one has a favorite movie you’ve resisted seeing, set up a session where you can watch it together. 

How to Show Someone You Care Through Your Words

How to Show Someone You Care Through Your Words

Some people don’t need gifts or acts of service to know that you care about them. All they need to do is hear the words. Here are some different ways you can communicate your feelings to a loved one.

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7. Send a text message

Sometimes it’s nice just to let someone know that they’re on your mind. Even if it’s just a fleeting thought, take a moment to send a text. It’s one of the quickest and simplest ways to tell someone you care.

Pro tip: If you’re waiting in line or have time to spare, scroll through your contact list. It’s a good way to reconnect with friends both near and far. 

8. Call them on the phone

Many people rely heavily on texting these days. While that’s a great way to send a quick hello, a real phone call is much more personal and inviting. Just hearing the inflections in someone’s voice is powerful.

Pro tip: Schedule a time where you and your loved one are both available for a phone call. You’ll have more time, and will be in the right frame of mind. 

9. Pick out a postcard

Postcards are a sweet old-fashioned way to keep in touch. These are great to buy when you’re on vacation to let people at home know you care.

Pro tip: If your loved one has moved away, send a postcard from your shared hometown. It will remind them of home. 

10. Write a love letter

So much of our communication these days is digital. Go the old-fashioned route and put pen to paper. Your partner will appreciate this nostalgic method of communication.

Pro tip: Establish a tradition of writing love letters back and forth to your partner. Bundle them up and keep them in a relationship time capsule.  

11. Put it on a post-it

Don’t have time to write a lengthy letter? Stick sweet little notes around your living space. These are a great way to remind your partner or family member that you love them every day. 

Pro tip: Stick Post-It love notes in different locations every day. You can put them on the bathroom mirror or in the refrigerator. It can become a silly daily scavenger hunt.

12. Say it with memes

Memes have really become their own form of communication, especially with younger generations. They’re often so specific that they really remind you of people you know.

Pro tip: Curate and organize a meme collection so you have one handy for any occasion. 

How to Show Someone You Care If You Can’t See Them in Person

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It can be a challenge to show you care from far away. This is especially true if their love language is acts of service. You can try to cheer someone up over text. But it may not prove effective if they need more than words. Here are some tangible actions you can perform even if you and your loved one are separated. 

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13. Send a care package

When your loved one is far away, you can send them a little piece of home. Put together a care package of things they might be missing. This could include photos of friends and family members or snacks from a favorite local spot.   

Pro tip: Include things that are specialized to your location for a personal touch. 

14. Have a video chat

Even if you’re far apart, you can still chat face to face. Instead of just a phone call, you can set up a video call with your loved one.

Pro tip: Make sure you and your loved one have compatible video-chatting platforms before one of you has to travel. 

15. Plan a visit

If your loved one is far away, you can schedule a trip to come visit. Planning it ahead of time can help you feel closer together. 

Pro tip: Use travel guides to plan your upcoming visit and do some research online for places to visit.

16. Have a movie date

Technology can bring you closer to your loved ones. You can initiate a Netflix watch party and watch a movie simultaneously with your loved one. 

Pro tip: Have your phones handy during the watch party so you can also talk or text. 

17. Send a comfort item

When you’re separated from your family or partner, you often feel uncomfortable and lonely. Mitigate that by sending your loved one comfort items. 

Pro tip: Decadence is the name of the game. Plush slippers, a cozy bathrobe, or a soft blanket are all comforting items. They also appeal to people of all age groups and genders. 

18. Send them a special gift for no reason 

It’s expected that you’ll buy someone a gift on certain occasions. Obviously it’s important to pick out thoughtful presents for birthdays and holidays. But it’s also nice to get someone a gift just because you were thinking of them. They’ll appreciate knowing they were on your mind. 

Pro tip: Whenever you’re shopping for yourself, keep an eye out for something that reminds you of your faraway loved one. 

Show Someone You Care About Them With These Simple Methods

Everyone needs to feel loved and cared for. The way we communicate our feelings for a loved one will vary. We need to express our love in a way that feels natural to us.

But we also need to communicate using a love language our loved one is receptive to. Use this list of simple ways to show someone you care as inspiration.

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