21 Simple Ways to Show Someone You Love & Care About Them


There are times throughout our lives when we want to show the people who matter most to us just how much we love and care about them. Maybe they’re celebrating a major milestone, perhaps they’ve moved far away, or maybe it’s ‘just because.’ 

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When we want to demonstrate how much we love someone, it’s nice to make it both special and also simple. If it’s too generic, the person might feel unappreciated or unseen. Yet, if it’s too lavish, it might be uncomfortable or send the wrong message. It can be tricky to strike the right balance. The most important thing you can do is to act or speak straight from your heart. Be genuine, and you can’t go wrong.

We’ve put together a list of 21 simple ways to show someone you love and care about them. Use this list for inspiration, and remember that any of these ideas can be tweaked or combined so that they’re the perfect fit for you and your loved one.

How to Show Someone You Love Them With Actions

When we’ve thought about how to show people we love and care about them, we were reminded of the old proverb ‘actions speak louder than words.’ Here are seven ideas for ways you can shower someone with love. 

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1. Perform an act of service

One of the best ways you can show someone you love them is by doing something nice for them. If it’s your partner and they normally cook dinner and do the dishes, make them a great meal and clean up after. Show them you love them by making their day a bit easier.

If it’s a close friend or coworker, try surprising them with a random act of kindness. Here are some ideas:

  • Bring them a delicious treat!
  • Leave flowers or a plant on their desk.
  • Buy them a gift card.
  • Do something to make their job a bit easier, like put paper in their printer or do a daily task that typically feels like a grind for them.

2. Gift something meaningful

If the person you want to show you love has been eyeing something special, buy it for them as a gift. This shows that you have been listening and paying attention. This is a thoughtful way to express your love.

If it’s a family member or close friend of your family, gifting a family heirloom is also a truly special way to show someone how much they mean to you.

3. Plan a surprise

Whether it’s a surprise party, date, or a gift, surprising someone is the perfect way to show you love them.

4. Spend quality time with them

There’s no better way to show someone you love them than spending quality time with them. Do something that they love to do and make it as special as possible.

If you want to thank your parents and show them you love them, schedule a weekly or monthly date with them. 

5. Take them out to eat

A nice meal at their favorite restaurant is a great way to show someone you love them. If you are on a tight budget, a home-cooked meal is a very sweet option.

6. Make a promises jar

Fill a jar with slips of paper that have future promises. Whenever they want, they can pull a slip of paper out of the jar and ask you to fulfill each promise. Here are some ideas for a partner:

  • 30 minute back rub
  • You pick what we watch tonight
  • Laundry for the week

Here are some ideas for your parents:

  • Grocery shop for the week
  • One homecooked meal
  • One technology lesson of your choosing

7. Offer a warm hug

So long as you are both comfortable with it, physical affection is a wonderful way to show someone that you love and care about them. If the person is your partner, an “I love you” followed by a kiss is always a good bet.

If you can’t be with them in person or they’re the kind of person who doesn’t enjoy physical hugs, try sending a virtual hug through text or email.           

How to Show Someone You Love Them With Words

Sometimes, explicitly telling someone why you love them is your best bet. Some people really thrive off of words of affirmation and a literal acknowledgment of love. Here are seven ways to show someone you love and care for them using words.

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8. Make a list

Make a list of all the reasons why you love them. Having a written list of what you love and appreciate about them is a gift they’ll likely cherish for their lifetime. 

It will be amazing for them to be able to look back at the list in the future when they need a pick-me-up, some encouragement, or are having a tough time. 

9. Write a poem

Show someone that they are your muse by writing a love poem for them. There aren’t any hard and fast rules when it comes to poetry. You can go with a traditional or modern style of poetry. It can rhyme, but it certainly doesn’t have to. You can even choose to write a series of haikus if that’s more your style.

10. Express your gratitude

If you want to thank someone and let them know how much you love and appreciate them, find a way to express your gratitude. Here are some ways you can tell someone you love and are grateful for them:

  • “I am so grateful for everything you’ve done for me. I love you!”
  • “You are so special to me. I am so grateful that it’s left me speechless.”
  • “Thank you for being such a wonderful friend/partner/parent/coworker. I appreciate you so much.” 

11. Fill out a card

There’s something really nice about opening up a greeting card and finding it full of words of love and appreciation. You can buy a beautiful card online, from a paper store, or even from your local pharmacy, grocery store, or department store. You can also get crafty and create a DIY card. Look to Pinterest for some creative inspiration.

12. Put together a video

This is a great way to show someone that not only do you love and care about them, but lots of people do. Have family and friends record themselves talking about what they love about the person you are honoring. Stitch the clips together using iMovie or another free app. 

This is a great option as a gift for a bride and groom on their wedding day, for someone who’s going through a particularly rough patch in their life, or for a milestone birthday.

Pro Tip: Elevate the video by adding some light background music to ramp up the emotion and make it look professional.

13. Write a song

If you are a musician, a song is a beautiful and romantic way to show someone you love them. Perform it for them live, and then record it so they can play it back whenever they want.

14. Just say it!

Sometimes, all you need is those three simple, meaningful words. The simplest way to show someone you love them is to tell them. 

How to Show Someone You Love Them From a Long Distance

It can be tough to show someone you love them and are there for them when you’re far away. Here are some ideas for how to make someone feel special and loved when you can’t be there in person.

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15. Pick up the phone 

When people live or move far away, it can be easy to drift apart. Set up a regular phone call to keep in touch with the person you love. 

16. Send snail mail

Writing and receiving letters in the mail is a lost art! Show someone you love them by sending them some snail mail and telling them why.

Pro Tip: Throw in something special to show that you care. A gift card is a great idea for a friend or family member. If the letter is for a partner or crush, add some aromatherapy in the form of some essential oils or your perfume or cologne.

17. Check in over email

Shoot someone an email letting them know you love them and are checking in to see how they’re doing. A simple gesture like this can go a long way to show them you care.

18. Send flowers

Send a beautiful bouquet or long-lasting plant to show someone that you can’t be with in-person that you love them. Here are some plant-y puns you could use to make for a very cute gift:

  • “My life would succ without you.”
  • “Thanks for helping me grow.”
  • “I’m rooting for you!”
  • “You grow, girl.”
  • “Stay wild.”
  • “You’re my bam-boo.”
  • “Our love/friendship is unbeleafable.”

19. Gift a nice meal

Nothing says I love you quite like a delicious meal. You can use a company like Grandma’s Chicken Soup, a food delivery service like Grub Hub, or you can get them a gift certificate to their favorite local restaurant to enjoy a meal on you.

20. Send a care package

A basket of goodies is such a nice way to show someone that you love them and care. This is a good option if your kiddo is away at camp or college, you have a friend who’s not feeling well, or a family member is having a baby. When you can’t be around to help out, a care package or basket of favorites is very thoughtful.

Pro Tip: If you want to send an overflowing basket and keep costs low, ask your local Buy Nothing Group on Facebook if they have anything you can add to the care package. This is a low-cost and environmentally friendly option. You’ll be surprised at how many brand new goodies and decorations people have lying around their homes.

21. Make a surprise visit

Showing up for someone when they need you most is the best way to demonstrate your love and care. If someone is going through a tough time, or you just really miss them, a surprise visit is a lovely way to show someone how much you love them.

Pro Tip: Run your plan by someone who lives nearby and can keep a secret. You don’t want to show up to surprise someone when it’s a terrible time for them or if they have other company. Unless you know for sure that the person would want you to stay with them, make sleeping arrangements elsewhere if you’re planning more than just a day trip. 


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