10 Creative Ways to Thank Your Pet’s Veterinarian


Pets can bring you so much joy. That’s why veterinarians play very important roles in the lives of pet lovers. A veterinarian’s care helps a pet stay as happy and healthy as possible for years.

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Whether your pet is doing better after receiving treatment, you want to thank a vet for recommending an ideal pet loss sympathy gift, or your vet is retiring, you may want to express genuine gratitude to your veterinarian.

If you’re not sure how to thank your veterinarian, keep reading. Check out a few creative ways to thank the person who takes care of your pets.

How to Thank Your Vet After a Pet’s Surgery or Procedure

Whether your vet saved a pet’s life or simply helped Mrs. Fuzzy Whiskers overcome an illness or injury, after your veterinarian has treated a pet’s health issue, consider thanking the vet in one of these ways:

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1. Leave a review online

Sometimes a heartfelt thank you for a veterinarian can also serve a very practical purpose.

Many veterinarians run their own clinics. Their livelihoods rely on their reputations. When you’re happy with the treatment a veterinarian provided, the best way to thank a vet may be to leave an online review on social media platforms, their Google business page, and any other platforms.

Leaving an online review gives you the opportunity to share all the thoughts you would normally share in a thank you note anyway. This also helps a veterinarian’s career. You might also reach out directly and offer to provide a testimonial the vet can include on his own website. 

2. Send a holiday card

Consider including your veterinarian on your mailing list this year if your family sends greeting cards around the holidays. Make sure your card features your pet looking happy and healthy, and don’t send a generic message. You want this card to specifically include thank you note etiquette with a tailored thank you message for your veterinarian. 

3. Send a letter your kids wrote

Anyone can feel delighted when a veterinarian’s treatment restores a pet’s health. A vet will seem like a hero to young kids when he or she brings their little buddy back to health. 

It’s true that a note that young children write may not be as “technically” eloquent or articulate as a thank you note you’d write, but it also might be more likely to touch your veterinarian’s heart.

4. Send a video

Did the procedure or surgery your veterinarian performed significantly restore your pet’s mobility? If so, send your vet a video showing your pet back to her old self.

For example, a once playful and lively dog may have developed a condition or injury that forced him to restrict his movement and your veterinarian provided treatment that fixed the problem. If your dog can now have fun playing in the yard with your family again, your veterinarian would almost certainly love to see the video and read the quick thank you message you include.

How to Thank Your Veterinarian After Your Pet Passes Away

A pet’s death is an extremely painful loss. However, this may be an occasion when your veterinarian deserves your gratitude the most. You might express it in one of these ways:

5. Send a montage or digital photo album

It’s not uncommon for someone coping with a pet loss to memorialize their pet by creating a slideshow, video montage, or digital photo album, much like they might do when planning the funeral of a lost human loved one. These montages typically feature images or videos of happy memories.

This might be something your veterinarian would like to see. Along with sending the montage itself, you could include a thank you note explaining that while you’re sad your pet is gone, you’re also grateful that your veterinarian’s care allowed you to spend many happy years together.

6. Ask for help or advice

It may seem counterintuitive to thank someone by asking for more help or advice. However, researchers have found there’s a psychological principle that actually causes people to feel more appreciated when others ask them for help at an important time. Asking your veterinarian for some guidance when your pet dies will show that you genuinely value the help.

For example, you might ask your vet to recommend books about getting over a pet loss or to share the pet loss quotes that bring them the most comfort. It’s worth noting that asking a veterinarian for some minor support or guidance after your pet dies will let him know you haven’t simply cut your vet out of your life now that the pet he treated has died.

7. Send a heartfelt letter

Don’t overlook the basics. Sometimes, the ideal way to thank a veterinarian after a pet dies is to send them a heartfelt letter in which you genuinely express your gratitude for the way she helped your pet and the way she made Roscoe’s death more comfortable.

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How to Thank Your Veterinarian When They Retire

The fact that retirement may be well-deserved doesn’t mean that facing a future without treating animals can’t be a little challenging for a vet. Make the experience easier by thanking your vet for the years spent doing such important work. Here’s how to do it.

8. Give a digital surprise

Throwing someone a surprise retirement party is a common way to express gratitude. However, that might not be an ideal option when you’re trying to think of a way to thank a veterinarian who’s retiring.

First of all, it might not be your place to organize such a party. That’s more often the responsibility of close family members, friends, or coworkers. Many former clients may no longer live nearby, and regardless, you probably don’t know the names and contact info of every single person who might participate in such a celebration.

Luckily, in the digital age, you have other options. You could instead secretly create a Facebook group or website in which former clients can share their thank you messages, post pictures of their pets, share stories, and more.

To get the group started, you might reach out to anyone else you know who sees the same veterinarian as you, asking them to let their friends who also see that veterinarian know about the group, and so on. Eventually, the group will grow organically. By the time your veterinarian actually retires, you’ll be able to surprise him with a “digital thank you celebration” so he can see how much he touched people’s lives.

9. Make a mosaic

This is another idea that would probably require coordinating with numerous other former clients of a retiring veterinarian. However, if you’re able to get in touch with enough people, you may be able to create a gift that will make a vet feel appreciated every single day.

You’ve probably seen mosaic posters in which many small images come together to form one larger image. Now, many companies create these posters using customer-provided images. You might even be able to make one on your own if you have design skills.

Get in touch with as many of your vet’s clients as you can and ask them to submit pictures of their pets. If you collect enough, you could create a mosaic (or order one from a company) in which all these small pictures come together to form one single relevant image, such as a pawprint or the words “Thank You” in stylized typography. Every time your veterinarian looks at this poster, he’ll remember how he helped so many pets and their families over the years.

10. Send a gift basket

Being a veterinarian can be very rewarding, but it can also be massively stressful. The job is far more emotionally draining than many realize. Being a vet means getting to spend every workday around animals, but many of these animals are sick or dying. That’s not easy on an animal lover.

That’s why veterinarians in particular deserve to truly relax and indulge in retirement. You could help yours do so by sending a thank you gift basket featuring calming items. Consider personalizing it by including a thank you note for every item in the gift basket. Each note should reference a specific way your veterinarian helped your pet in the past. 

How to Thank a Veterinarian: Gratitude for a Pet’s Gifts

Thanks to the work that vets do, you get to experience the joys and gifts your pets give. Use one of these methods to thank your veterinarian for all of that hard work.


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