24 Free Virtual Hugs Memes to Share on Social Media


In today’s world, we can’t always be close to those we care about the most. Luckily, virtual hugs are a way to send compassion across cyberspace. Whether you’re wishing someone well or sending condolences, these virtual hugs memes or virtual hugs graphics are perfect for sharing on social media. 

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There are so many different ways to show sympathy. With the rise of digital platforms and social media, we’re finding infinitely more ways to honor those we love. Even if you can’t be there with someone in-person, you can still send a free virtual hug meme or virtual hug graphic with this free selection below. 

Virtual Hugs Graphics to Share After a Loss or Death

First, sometimes you can’t be there in person to give sympathy hugs after a loss. When someone dies, it’s important to come together to support the bereaved. These virtual hug graphics below fill the gaps in connection to remind someone you’re thinking of them. 

Sending heartfelt sympathy

1. “Sending heartfelt sympathy…”

After a loss, you want to say more than “I’m sorry.” This virtual graphic packs a big punch in a small package, sharing a meaningful sentiment when someone needs it the most. 

Wishing you comfort

2. “Wishing you comfort…” 

Though things feel dark after a loss, you can still wish someone comfort and positive memories. Your virtual hugs make a difference, even if it feels like a small thing. 


3. “Someday, not now…” 

Rainy days are always followed by sunshine. It might not be easy to see the sun behind the clouds right now, but brighter days are always ahead. This is an important reminder for anyone grieving a loss. 

Wishing you all the strength

4. “Wishing you all the strength…”

Lastly, this virtual hug graphic sends someone a beacon of strength and sense of home. Knowing others are thinking of them is sometimes the best way to remind them that they’re not as alone as they feel. 

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Cute Hugs Memes to Share

Next, why not share cute hug memes or hug graphics? These cute graphics are small, but they’re still powerful. The perfect alternative to virtual flowers or ecards, these will remind someone that you’re always closer than they think. 

Sending virtual hugs

5. “Sending virtual hugs” 

For a simple yet cute hug meme, this “sending virtual hugs” message is perfect. It’s effortlessly adorable, embracing your recipient like its own warm hug. 

Loading virtual hugs

6. “Loading virtual hugs” 

This hug meme turns your virtual message into a digital file. Though it’s not really loading, it’s a cute gesture. 


7. “Warning!”

While most computer warning messages are cause for alarm, not this one. This warning is that a virtual hug has been sent your way! Who doesn’t want to receive a message like this?

More Hugs

8. “#MoreHugs”

If there’s one call to action we’d like to send out everywhere, it’s that we can all use more hugs. This world can be a cold place, so why not encourage others to reach out to their friends and family with compassion?

Funny Hugs Memes to Share

As the saying goes, laughter truly is the best medicine. To give someone a warm laugh after a hard day, send one of these funny hugs memes. These effortlessly spread joy across social media platforms, email, and beyond. 

Best hugs award

9. “Best hugs award” 

There are so many awards to choose from to honor a loved one, but this “best hugs” award is especially special. Honor someone who is always there to give the best hugs with this digital gift. 

Free hugs

10. “Free hugs” 

This digital ticket is a funny hug meme worth sharing with friends and family. You never know who might be in need of a free hug until you ask!

Donut forget

11. “Donut forget”

For a simple reminder that you’re thinking of someone, do it with something sweet! “Donut forget I love you” is a cute way to keep someone in your thoughts. 

I've been thinking of you

12. “I’ve been thinking of you…” 

You don’t need a reason to think of someone. Even if there’s no special occasion, send virtual hugs and kisses with this lovely virtual message. 

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Hugs Memes With Cats or Dogs

There’s something magical about looking at memes with cats or dogs. When you see an adorable animal, it warms a part of your heart. These hugs memes with cats and dogs are an adorable way to shine brightness into someone’s day. 


13. “Hug-meter” 

Where do your pets fall on the hug-meter? We think this puppy is paws-itivily adorable, and it’s the perfect reminder to hold your loved ones close. 

Purrfect day

14. “Purrfect day” 

For the cat lovers out there, this kid hug meme encourages the recipient to have the best day ever. No matter what they’re going through, they can take this moment to evoke positivity. 

A pet's love is forever

15. “A pet’s love is forever” 

Losing a pet is never easy. Dogs and cats are like members of the family. When they’re gone, they leave quite the emptiness. This hug graphic keeps their memory close. 

You're one cool cat

16. “You’re one cool cat”

Who’s the coolest cat you know? Send them hugs and kisses with this laugh-out-loud hug meme, even if it’s a bit corny!

Hugs and Kisses Memes

Even if you can’t be there with someone in-person, you can still share adorable hugs and kisses memes. These are a virtual form of connection, changing the way we build relationships in the modern-day. Who said these virtual acts of compassion aren’t just as special?

I was gonna send flowers

17. “I was gonna send flowers” 

Though flowers are a great gesture, they don’t last very long. They die, and this can leave nothing behind. Instead, this virtual hug lives in digital cyberspace forever. 

It's okay if you need your space

18. “It’s okay if you need your space…” 

We all need space sometimes. If you’ve recently experienced a loss, you might want to be supported from a distance. This space-themed hugs meme gives you the room to grieve. 

We lava you

19. “We lava you!”

This pun on words might be simple, but it’s undeniably cute. Make sure someone feels heard and appreciated with a simple graphic. 

I know this succs

20. “I know this succs…”

Finally, this pun on the word succulent is a breath of fresh air. Sometimes it’s best to call things how they are, even if that means they really suck. 

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Hugs Memes to Share With Close Friends

Last but not least, these hug memes are perfect for sharing with close friends. Whether your friend is having a bad day or just got some difficult news, remind them that you’re always there. Though simple, a digital message goes a long way. 

To my dear friend

21. “To my dear friend…”

Writing a letter to your dear friend doesn’t have to be complicated. This ready-for-you message ensures they feel appreciated no matter what the occasion. 

I'm with you

22. “I’m with you…” 

If your friend is going through something difficult, a simple message might be all it takes to put a smile on his or her face. Let your friend know you’re always there, and be their biggest supporter. 

Sending you virtual hugs and kisses

23. “Sending you virtual hugs and kisses…” 

This photo-collage-inspired meme to share with friends is a reminder of all the good times. Though you still have memories to be made in the future, why not reflect on your favorite today?

Partner in crime

24. “Partner in crime..” 

Do you have a partner in crime who’s always there for you? If so, remind them to put a smile on their face with this gorgeous hug graphic. 

Share Virtual Graphics to Brighten Someone’s Day

Ultimately, the ways we connect with others are changing. It’s much more common to share a graphic on social media than to write someone a physical letter or pick up the phone. Though changed, these small gestures are just as meaningful and special. They’re a digital reminder that someone is on our minds, especially during difficult times. 

These virtual graphics above are designed for sharing on social media. Free to use, bring some joy and compassion into someone’s day by uploading one to a social media post, email message, or text. How do you connect with those you love?

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