'I Miss My Mom' Poems, Messages & Quotes to Help You Grieve

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You’re never too old to miss your mom. The person that held your hand when you crossed the street, baked cookies with you—she was the cornerstone of your life. Missing her can be hard to manage.

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Below, we’ve gathered poems and songs about missing someone from artists that get what you’re feeling right now.

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Poems that Say ‘I Miss My Mom’

Anything can spark a memory. From the smell of her perfume to old photos, grief and longing for your mother can strike at any time. This is especially true on special occasions.

Whether you’re dealing with your first Christmas or your first Mother’s Day without mom, these are some great reads that may alleviate some of your sadness. 

1. "Smell is the Last Memory to Go" by Fatimah Asghar

Smells can trigger powerful nostalgia from childhood memories. Asghar’s poem is full of rich imagery. A brief scent reminds Asghar of her mother’s skirt twirling, of her perfume. It’s as powerful as if her mother’s ghost was standing next to her.

2. "A Practical Mom" by Amy Uyematsu

Your mom might have been the most magical person in your life. In all the practical ways, she was. Uyematsu’s poem pays homage to a mother whose health is failing.

As she’s dealing with her own body falling apart, she still holds the family together. Despite the diabetic issues and the threat of cancer, her mother is a wonder to behold.

3. "Ending the Estrangement" by Ross Gay

Taking on someone else’s sadness is what missing them feels like. Gay insists that it feels like he’s dying, too. He muses momentarily on what it would be like if their positions were reversed.

What if he died, and his mother lived? Gay admits that would only add to her sadness. And as a loving son, he doesn’t want to do that either. 

4. "Certainty" by Sandra Lim

Remembering the story of your mom’s life is a great way to bring her closer. Lim relates her mother’s journey, from a house in Seoul to three beautiful daughters. It’s also a promise that no matter how bleak the world is, it’s still more beautiful than you can imagine. 

5. "Matrilineal Descent" by Robin Morgan

Coming to terms with your mom’s complicated legacy is part of healing. Morgan admits that her mother’s traits, both good and bad, were survival mechanisms. They both healed and wounded Morgan, her daughter.

After the years, before her mother’s death, they came to a truce. And that truce felt like a grand homecoming. 

6. "My Mother’s Body" by Marge Piercy

Sometimes, mother and daughter can have an unbelievable connection. Piercy’s haunting poem is a testament to that. She describes sharing everything her mother felt, including her mom’s death — and Piercy knows it in her bones.

She doesn’t have to wait for the telephone to ring, or for news to come. She knows, but after her mother’s death, they’re still connected through the heart. 

7. "The Last Skin" by Barbara Ras

Keeping your mom’s perfume and clothing are ways to keep her close. Ras admits to this nostalgia. Even though they’re physical ways to keep her mom close, it doesn’t work.

There seems to be nothing of her mother in those clothes. No perfume, no laundry scent, only the aching emptiness of loss. Eventually, though, Ras accepts that her memories won’t fade. 

8. "The Relics" by Sharon Olds

Loneliness feels like looking for someone and never being able to find them. Olds realizes that she doesn’t know what a soul is. She has no tangible grasp of what one looks like. And she believes that is all that’s left of her mom. As Olds muses over this, she realizes the soul is the core of her mother’s body. That can never fade.

9. "She’s Florida Missouri But She Was Born in Valhermosa and Lives in Ohio" by Thylias Moss

Remembering your mother’s legacy of strength and power is a gift. Moss remembers how her mother embodied the power in her name. She lived it out with hard work and endurance that no one else could mimic. 

10. "Manuela" by Juan Delgado

This sensitive retelling of a tragic death focuses on a son’s treasured memories. He pictures, slowly, the car accident that claimed his mother’s life.

The poem softens, though, to bring back gauzy memories that are left. He hoards the memories in tiny ways, like soap bars that keep her scent. 

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Songs that Say ‘I Miss My Mom’

Many songs across genres pay homage to great moms. Their strength raised children with enormous legacies. You can play these as comfort, or maybe use them as funeral songs for your mom.

11. "The Wish" by Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen admits to having a complicated relationship with his dad. He loved his mom, though—who bought his first guitar! He remembers the magic of standing outside a music store before Christmas and seeing it with her. 

12. "Mother and Child Reunion" by Paul Simon

This song was actually sparked by Simon’s grief over losing a family dog. The lyrics can’t picture a day any sadder than this one. Simon knows, though, that this sorrow will play in a blurry loop for the rest of his life. 

13. "Mama Sang A Song" by Bill Anderson

Anderson pays homage to a mother that held his family together with music. Even though his dad was panicked over paying bills, his mother had faith. The silence his mom left behind when she passed is deafening.

Anderson takes comfort in the thought that his mom’s songs are gracing heaven now. 

14. "I’m A Survivor" by Reba McIntire

Some mothers have the strength of a superhero. McIntire’s song is an ode to a single mom who fights her way to a better life for her kids. 

15. "Mama Tried" by Merle Haggard

Mothers even try to steer the black sheep of the family right. Told from the perspective of a narrator who is doing life without parole, he remembers his mom fondly. 

16. "Mama Said" by Metallica

Letting go is the hardest part. In your teenage years, it was hard for your mom to let go. Now, it’s your turn to embrace that same lesson. 

17. "Philomena" by Thin Lizzy

Sometimes, you’d give anything to send love to your mom again. The singer reminisces over their mom’s good heart and how much they miss her.

18. "Simple Man" by Lynyrd Skynyrd 

Advice from your mom might have changed your whole life. Parents are responsible for imparting ethics to their kids. These lessons can help them on hard days. 

19. "My Mother & I" by Lucy Dacus

You might turn out like your mom. And that’s not such a bad thing! Dacus realizes that both herself and her mother only wanted one thing—eternal love. 

20. "Ring Off" by Beyonce

This is an ode to a mom strong enough to leave a bad marriage. She praises her mother for letting go and starting over.

Messages or Social Media Posts that Say ‘I Miss My Mom’

Reaching out to friends on social media for support is a great idea. These posts might help share what you’re feeling.

  1. Made sugar cookies for a holiday party today! I made them with my mom every Christmas for twenty years—I miss her baking with me. 
  2. My mom gave the best hugs. I wish I could have one more from her! 
  3. My family always gathered at my mom’s house for the holidays. This is the first year we won’t be going there. I’ll miss helping her bake and decorate. 
  4. My house feels empty without my mom dropping by to visit. I miss her visiting after I got off work! 
  5. My mom taught me how to read. I wish she could see me get a diploma for a Master’s in English. 
  6. I miss going to church every week with my mom. It isn’t the same without her sitting next to me. 
  7. My mom lived with me during the last three years of her life. Now that she’s gone, I wouldn’t trade those years for anything. 
  8. I’m so grateful for the time I spent with my mom. I only wish I could spend another day to tell her how much I miss her. 
  9. I wish my mom was here for my wedding day. We always made big plans to go dress shopping together, and I miss her with me. 
  10. I miss being able to text my mom! She always had an answer to my problems. 

Grieving for Your Mom

Mourning someone is a complicated process. Loneliness, grief, loss...they can feel all-consuming. These poets and artists went through what you’re feeling, too. If you’re creative, consider making your own homage or take inspiration and solace from their works.

Creating a ballad-style poem or a lyrical hit might be just what you need to process emotions. Professional help, or books on grief, are also great resources. 

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