19 Best Il Divo Songs for a Funeral or Memorial Service


Il Divo is a male quartet, often classified as “classical crossover.” Whether you are a superfan of Il Divo or new to the group, they have indeed recorded many songs that would be appropriate to play at a funeral. 

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The group was organized by Simon Cowell, who is said to have been inspired by the popularity of The Three Tenors when forming the group. Cowell searched for three years for the right people for the job and found musicians from France, Switzerland, Spain, and the U.S. 

Now that you know a bit about the group, let's discuss some of the recordings you might want to use for a funeral slideshow or a loved one’s memorial service

Il Divo Song for a Parent or Grandparent’s Funeral

What do you consider to be the best funeral song of all time? Your choice probably depends on many factors, such as your religious background, age, and music taste. 

Here are some Il Divo songs to consider for your parent or grandparent’s funeral.

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1. “Amazing Grace” from The Promise

Il Divo’s “Amazing Grace” has been named one of the best versions of all time. So if your parents or grandparents loved this song, make sure to consider this version for their funeral services. And yes, it does include a brief section that features bagpipes.

2. “Mama” from Il Divo

This ode to motherhood is sure to cause tears at your mom’s funeral. The chorus lyrics are as follows:

“And I know you believed and I know you had dreams
And I’m sorry it took all this time to see
That I am where I am because of your truth
And I miss you, yeah I miss you.”

Il Divo Songs for a Spouse or Partner’s Funeral

When selecting a song for a spouse or partner’s funeral, some survivors choose to play “their song.” Others may choose a song that was a favorite of the deceased. Whether you choose to play your first dance song from your wedding or a song about death is up to you.

3. “Unchained Melody” from Il Divo

Il Divo’s beautiful version of “Unchained Melody” is sung in Italian. Perhaps this would be a perfect choice for your spouse or partner’s funeral.

4. “Adagio” from The Promise

Some people prefer melancholy funeral songs over more uplifting tunes. Adagio, sung in Italian, is undoubtedly one fitting for a funeral for a romantic partner. 

5. “Everytime I Look at You” from Il Divo

Are you looking for a touching love song to play at your loved one’s funeral? This song begins, 

“I used to think that I was strong
I realize now I was wrong
’Cause every time I see your face
My mind becomes an empty space
And with you lying next to me
Feels like I can hardly breathe.”

6. “Unforgettable” from Timeless

The musicians sing this song in English. “Unforgettable” was made famous by Nat King Cole and is an American standard from the 1950s. 

While the song doesn’t speak about death, it is popular for funerals. Some families choose this as a nostalgic piece to use during a funeral slideshow. 

7. “Eres Tu” from Amor and Pasión 

Translated to “you are,” “Eres Tu” is another love song performed by the quartet. The chorus translates to English:

“You are the water of my fountain
You are the warmth in my home
You are
You are something like, ohhhh
Like the fire in my fireplace (something like the fire from my fireplace)
You are...
(You are something like, ohhhh)
The wheat in my bread
My love, you are something like that.”

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Sad or Sorrowful Il Divo Songs for a Funeral

You may feel that playing an uplifting song at your loved one’s funeral wouldn’t be in the right spirit. So here are some sad or sorrowful songs recorded by the group.

8. “Aleluya” from The Promise

People are often mistaken that Leonard Cohen’s famous song, “Hallelujah,” is about religious faith. However, one read-through of the lyrics will reveal that this beautiful song has a different meaning. 

If you love the melody of this beautiful song (but you don’t like the lyrics,) consider using the recording from Il Divo, as the group recorded the vocals in Spanish.

9. “Time to Say Goodbye” from Wicked Game

Andrea Bocelli’s version of “Time to Say Goodbye” is considered a funeral favorite. You might also want to choose Il Divo’s version, sung in Italian and English. 

10. “Passera” from Il Divo

We aren’t sure whether Passera (which translates “It Will Pass”) would make a good funeral song. When selecting music, have several people read the lyrics to see if it is appropriate for your unique situation.

11. “Bring Him Home” from A Musical Affair

From Les Miserable, the speaker in this heartbreaking song asks that a man’s life be spared. 

12. “Sempre Sempre” from Wicked Game

This song is about everlasting love. The chorus reads:

“Forever you’re poetry
[You’re] my life
Always, always
You’re the magic
[You’re] my joy
Always, always you are.”

Uplifting Il Divo Songs for a Funeral

Il Divo has plenty of uplifting song recordings that could be used for a funeral. Here are some that we found. 

13. “Nella Fantasia” from Il Divo

Written and sung in Italian, this uplifting funeral song would be perfect for someone who spent their lives trying to make the world a better place.

The ending stanza reads,

“In my fantasy, there is a hot wind,
That blows over the cities, like a friend,
I dream of souls that are always free,
Like the clouds that fly,
Full of humanity deep within the soul.”

14. “The Lord’s Prayer” from The Christmas Collection

This beautiful song would be an excellent choice for a Christian funeral. 

15. “A Mi Manera” from Il Divo

You may not recognize this title. However, as soon as it begins playing, you’ll recognize the tune. “A Mi Manera” translates to “My Way,” the Frank Sinatra standard. So whether you choose Il Divo’s Italian version or the one by Frank Sinatra in English, you will have selected one of the most popular non-religious funeral songs. 

16. “You’ll Never Walk Alone” from A Musical Affair

This song was featured in Rodgers and Hammersteins’ Carousel.

It has a slow build and begins with the following lines:

“When you walk through a storm
Hold your head up high
And don’t be afraid of the dark
At the end of a storm
There’s a golden sky
And the sweet silver song of a lark.”

17. “Ave Maria” From The Christmas Collection

Even though this song is from “The Christmas Collection,” it would be a beautiful, uplifting piece to play at your Christian loved one’s funeral.

18. “Himno De La Alegría” from Amor and Pasión 

While you may not recognize the title of this song, you will when you hear it. “Himno De La Alegría” is “Ode to Joy,” which would be an uplifting song to use at a loved one’s funeral.

19. “Over the Rainbow” from Il Divo

Of course, it seems like every musician has recorded a version of “Over the Rainbow.” So if you are an Il Divo fan, consider using their performance. “Over the Rainbow,” made famous in “The Wizard of Oz,” has become a popular secular funeral song. 

Create an End-of-Life Plan

As you looked through our list of Il Divo funeral songs, have you found one that you would like to use for your own funeral? Perhaps it’s one of your favorites that often brings you to tears. On the other hand, maybe you like it because of the poignant lyrics.

Regardless of why you selected the song, make sure to let your loved one’s know about your decision. The deceased’s family members often struggle to choose songs or poetry for their loved one’s funeral. Sometimes the decision ends up being a fight.

Keep peace in the family by making the choices on your own. Then, your loved ones will appreciate that you took the burden of decision from them, and you will be peaceful knowing that your service will look and sound as you wish.

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