30 Ways to Say ‘I’m So Proud of You & Your Accomplishments’


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All of us want to be good and successful people. Achieving those goals isn’t necessarily easy, though. Plenty of life experiences can make being your best self pretty challenging.

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Thus, when we do overcome those circumstances, we want others to recognize our hard work. That’s why one of the kindest ways to express support for a loved one is through “I’m so proud of you” messages.

The following are examples worth considering. These are all perfect “I’m so proud of you” messages and gestures for a range of occasions.

How to Tell Your Kids You’re Proud of Them

List of how to tell your kids you're proud of them over an image of hearts

Kids need to know their parents are proud of them. Help your kids feel your sense of pride with these ideas.

1. Throw a party 

Treating your kids to a surprise party when they accomplish something is almost never a bad idea!

2. Brag (in earshot)

This tip isn’t encouraging you to arrogantly brag about your kids all the time. Instead, it’s suggesting bragging about your kid’s accomplishment to someone who knows you’re trying to make them feel proud (such as a relative), all while they’re in earshot.

3. “Look at how far you’ve come”

One of the best messages for someone going through a hard time (such as a child struggling in college) is to remind them of how proud they should be of what they’ve accomplished so far.

4. Display their work

Whether you’re putting a young child’s painting on the refrigerator or displaying an adult child’s first published book on the shelf, you’ll clearly show your kids how proud you feel by putting their work on display in your home.

5. Show the difference 

Prove to your kids they’ve achieved key goals by comparing their current performance to the past. For example, you might show a child who is doing well academically an old report card from a time when they were struggling.

How to Tell Your Friends That You’re Proud of Them

“I’m so proud of you” messages are also ideal when you want to make friends feel better. Here are some you might use.

6. “Wow.” 

It’s simple but effective! If you have friends you don’t get to see very often, you might have reason to feel proud of them the next time you do reconnect.

Maybe they’ve gotten in shape. Maybe a friend who used to struggle financially now has a nice home and clearly earns good money. In these instances, simply saying “Wow” (and meaning it) will let them know you’re proud.

7. “This isn’t easy, but you did the right thing.”

Sometimes supporting a friend and letting them know you’re proud takes the form of helping them cope with a difficult decision they made. For instance, offering a friend best wishes and telling them they did the right thing after ending a relationship can mean a lot to them.

8. “Can you help with [insert relevant task]?”

Want to let a friend know you’re proud of them for recovering from an illness? A unique but meaningful way to do so is to ask them to help with a task that they may have struggled with in the past.

For example, this type of request is often one of the most positive messages for cancer patients who’ve recovered to the point that they’re physically able to perform such tasks.

9. “How did you do it?”

Telling someone you’re proud of them essentially involves recognizing their achievements. Thus, instead of merely saying “I’m proud of you” to a friend who’s accomplished something impressive, you could instead ask them how they did so.

10. Challenge them to something you know they can now achieve 

Friends often help each other make improvements in their lives. This can take various forms depending on the circumstances.

For instance, maybe you’re a strong athlete, and a friend asked you to help them get in shape. Show them you’re proud of their progress by challenging them to achieve a fitness goal (like running a marathon) once you know they’ve reached the point where they can.

How to Tell Your Spouse or Partner You’re Proud

List of how to tell your spouse or partner you're proud over an image of confetti

Offer these “I’m so proud of you” messages to a partner or spouse to ensure they feel you appreciate the hard work they put into your relationship.

11. Send a surprise text 

Telling a partner you’re proud of them doesn’t need to be an elaborate gesture. Sometimes a surprise text is more than enough if it’s genuine.

12. Be proud of everything important

Don’t merely tell your partner you’re proud of their achievements that directly benefit you, such as moving up in their career. Show you truly care by showing pride in the achievements that relate to their personal interests.

13. Post on social media

If you’re willing to let the social media world know how proud you are of your partner, they’ll be more inclined to believe you mean what you say.

14. Treat them

Simply treating a spouse or partner to a nice date night is definitely an effective way to express your pride and gratitude.

15. “Tell me what it took” 

To show a partner you’re proud of something, such as getting a raise, give them a chance to describe the steps they took to achieve that goal.

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How to Tell Your Parents You’re Proud

Just as kids want their parents to be proud of them, so do parents want to know their kids are proud of who they’ve become. These messages help you express that.

16. Make it public 

Throughout your life, you may have several opportunities to express pride in your parents in very public ways. For instance, you could thank them for their hard work in your high school yearbook senior quote, mention them during a wedding toast, etc. Consider doing so when these opportunities arise.

17. Be the parent

This is an idea worth considering if you’re a young adult whose parent has achieved something significant, such as finally earning their degree. Reverse roles and treat them to a night out at their favorite dinner spot (on you, of course) like they would when you achieved something impressive as a child.

18. Boast about them in front of friends

You should also keep this idea in mind if you’re a teenager. At this age, many pretend it’s “uncool” to talk about how awesome their parents are with their friends.

That means you can make your parents feel very special by openly bragging about their accomplishments in front of your best buddies when your parents can see and hear you doing so.

19. Say you want to be like them

Telling your parents you aspire to be like them in certain ways will almost definitely make your pride clear.

20. Thank them 

Say thank you to your parents by sending them a letter describing how much you appreciate something they’ve accomplished that’s had a positive impact on your life.

How to Tell Your Siblings You’re Proud

List of how to tell your siblings you're proud over an image of lights

An “I’m so proud of you” message from a sibling can have a particularly strong impact. Make your sib feel special with one of these.

21. Tell your kids you admire your sibling

There may be many instances in your adult life when it makes sense to let a sibling know you’re proud of them by telling your kids they should be proud of them too. Consider doing so at family gatherings when the impulse strikes.

22. Celebrate National Sibling Day on social media

April 10th marks one of the US’s most heartfelt unofficial holidays: Sibling Day. Celebrate it by posting on social media about how proud you are of a sibling.

23. “I know how hard that must have been”

Older siblings often understand better than many others how certain experiences can be difficult because they’ve had those experiences, too.

For instance, if you’re proud of a younger sibling for graduating high school with a high GPA because you know how much work that must have taken, send them a “thinking of you” message saying as much.

24. Bring up their accomplishments

Don’t wait for parents or other older relatives to mention your sibling’s accomplishments at the dinner table. Show your pride by bringing them up yourself.

25. Give them a “certificate” 

Siblings often have the freedom to express pride in one another through humorous or playful means. It’s simply the nature of many sibling relationships. For example, you could print out a funny fake certificate to “award” to a sibling when they do something that makes you proud.

How to Tell Your Employees or Colleagues You’re Proud

Good bosses and coworkers express pride in their teams and colleagues. Consider doing so through one of these gestures.

26. Acknowledge them 

Giving credit to an employee who helped your team achieve a key goal lets them know you’re proud. Research also shows it boosts employee engagement.

27. Thank them

Just as a boss can acknowledge an employee’s contributions to the team’s success, so can other team members express their pride by simply thanking that same employee for their hard work.

28. Give them more responsibilities

As long as you know you won’t overburden an employee, you could show them you’re proud of their accomplishments by giving them more responsibilities. Just make sure you compensate them accordingly!

29. Plan events to highlight accomplishments

Sometimes your goal isn’t merely to express pride in an individual employee. You may want to let your entire workforce know you feel proud of them.

Do so by rewarding them with fun company events that begin with brief discussions of the achievements the company couldn’t have accomplished without them.

30. Take a colleague out 

It’s not uncommon for some friends to take each other out for drinks or meals when a friend lands a dream job or client. However, you can use this same method to show a coworker or colleague you’re proud when they earn a promotion. 

‘I’m So Proud of You’ Messages: Make Someone Feel Loved

Letting someone know you’re proud of them also lets them know you think they’re an admirable person. These “I’m so proud of you” messages will help you do so.

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