20+ ‘In Memoriam’ Examples for a Newspaper or Book


Dealing with the loss of someone you love, care about, and spent a lifetime with is never easy. Through writing “in memoriam” notices in a newspaper, an obituary, and other opportunities, you have a chance to share your love for the person you lost. 

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This process often sounds much more complicated than it really is. Read through these “in memoriam” examples and you’ll see that you don’t have to be a speechwriter to communicate a heartfelt message in loving memory of your loved ones.

‘In Memoriam’ Examples for a Newspaper

‘In Memoriam’ Examples for a Newspaper

Newspapers are a common location to find death notices, obituaries, and ‘in memoriam’ tributes to loved ones who have passed away. This is the perfect opportunity to write an elegy or another form of tribute to your loved one. 

1. “Our dad was a great man who influenced countless lives. Without him, the road ahead will be tough for many of us. He was the rock that kept us strong. As his kids, we know better than anyone how much love he had for those he knew. Dad, this is going to be a tough road without you but we’ll do what you always told us — keep looking forward and pressing on. Rest in peace.”

Share what sticks out about your dad the most. Did he influence the way you lived? Teach you something special? Talk about it when you submit your words to the newspaper. 

2. “My son went away without a farewell. He did not get a chance to say goodbye. But there will be a day when heaven’s gates are open and we will see him again. My son, your absence makes our hearts ache and we long to be reunited with you. You are gone too soon and we miss you terribly. Until we meet again.”

Death brings pain that only subsides with time. Though words cannot bring a loved one back, they can help us process the pain we experience. 

3. “I remember her smiling face and happiness, her enthusiasm and unbridled joy. Even at a young age, she was kind to everyone she met. My daughter, we long to see you again and wrap our arms around you. One day I will hold your hand when I join you in a place better than this world.”

A newspaper ‘in memoriam’ is a perfect place to express sentiment in addition to memories. It is for this reason that many people use their newspaper submission to write an elegy for their loved one. 

4. “My mother was a wonderful woman and constant support throughout my life. She worked three jobs to meet our family’s needs and never complained. She was loved by friends and relatives and never met a stranger. Now that she is gone, a void is left in place of her presence. You are so very missed, Mother. Rest in peace.” 

Share the things that stick out about the person you know and love. Words such as these provide insight for others when they ready your newspaper tribute.

5. “Faithful companionship, friendship, support, kindness, and an intelligence unrivaled by many I know… that was my sister. I will miss her lighthearted laughter and melodious voice. Though she is gone now, I know that on some sweet day, I will see her again and tell her how blessed I was to have her as my sister.”

When writing about your loved ones, chances are the things you loved about them are things other family members and friends loved as well. Writing about them will help other people process their grief and loss along with you.

6. Your cheerful disposition
And friendly smile for all,
Make me wish you were here today
To share the change of summer to fall.

We often miss specific things about our loved ones, such as how much they loved the change of seasons or their favorite type of dessert. Incorporate these things into an elegy you submit for all to read.

7. You are no longer here with us
No more laughter, joy, or play.
Not a moment in our life goes by
That we don’t think of you that day.

A person is mortal but love for them has no end. Though a loved one may not be present, he or she is always in your heart and mind. 

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‘In Memoriam’ Examples for a Death Notice or Obituary

‘In Memoriam’ Examples for an Obituary

Death notices and obituaries mostly contain information about a person’s death and funeral location. However, this is a good place to also include a line or two in honor of or in memory of your loved one.

8. “Gone but not forgotten, gone but ever here. No longer living in this world, but always and ever near.”

Those you love are never far away when you keep their memory with us.

9. “Gone is our mother’s light, love, and laughter. We will miss her terribly and will keep her memory alive.”

Share one or two things about what you remember most. Chances are, other people remember the same things.

10. “A heart of gold, a smile of pure joy, a kindness that extended to all she knew. That was our sister.”

A message like this can give friends, relatives, and distant acquaintances a glimpse into the life of the person they are reading about.

11. “He was more than a son; he was the greatest gift God has given our family.”

If you are religious, a death notice is a perfectly acceptable place to mention the role of God in the life of your loved one.

12. “His confidence, honesty, strength, and stories made him the best dad a family could have asked for.”

If writing on behalf of an entire family, include wording in the tribute that each person would want to add.

13. “She was more than a friend; she was the sister I always wanted.”

If you have a friend who is more like a family member, mention your close relationship as a way to honor them.

14. “In memory of our loving grandmother. We dearly miss her love, her laughter, her joy, and, of course, her apple pie.”

Reference not only special attributes of a person’s personality but meaningful things they did, like making the best homemade apple pie.

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‘In Memoriam’ Examples for a Book Dedication

‘In Memoriam’ Examples for a Book Dedication

If you’re getting ready to publish a book and a loved one recently passed away, you might consider writing a loving tribute in the front as part of the book dedication. Here are several dedication ideas to help you get started.

15. “I dedicate this book to my dear husband. Frank, I love you more than I could have imagined and miss you more than I thought possible. Thank you for believing in me and encouraging me to write this book. I will always hold you close to my heart until we meet again.” 

If your significant other encouraged you to fulfill your dream of writing a book, a loving tribute is a fitting way to remember their contribution. 

16. “To my wonderful wife. Without you, I would not be here. Though you are not with me on earth, you are forever in my heart, my thoughts, my memories. I love and miss you forever, my darling.” 

Did your loved one help you get where you are today? Share that in the form of a dedication to honor his memory.

17. “This book is written in loving memory of my son. Bradley,  I love you to the moon. You left me with beautiful memories, joy, and laughter. Though I cannot see you, you are always by my side. I love you.”

It is perfectly acceptable to both write about your loved one and to your loved one in a dedication.

18. “For my mom and dad. When I was young, you told me I could do anything I wish. I am not so young now, but I remember your words. Thank you for believing in my abilities. May this book be a tribute to your belief in me. ”

We accomplish many things thanks to the belief of our parents. If writing a book is one of those things, mention it in the dedication.

19. “Though you are no longer with us, you will never be forgotten. May your memory be forever held in the pages of this book.”

Use a dedication like this if the book you’re writing itself is a tribute to a loved one that has passed away. 

20. “Friend, your memory is a treasure I carry with me. I love you, and l miss you. Rest in peace.”

Whether you need a brief tribute for a friend or relative, these words will hold true. 

Share Emotions and Memories

Writing something special in memory of a loved one can be both a difficult and a healing task. Think through what you want to say most about the person you loved and place those memories in a tribute whether it’s inside a book or when you write an obituary in a newspaper.

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