20+ Ways to Say ‘In Memory of My Cat’

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Cats make you smile, laugh, chuckle, and sigh with contentment. They become your companions, friends, playmates, and source of comfort during the ups and downs in life.

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It’s only fitting that your furry friend gets a proper tribute when they die. Check out the ways you can say “in memory of my cat.”

‘In Memory of My Cat’ Messages for a Gift or Card

Whether you’re giving a gift or card to someone on behalf of your pet or in her memory, check out some ways to communicate “in loving memory.” 

1. “She came into my life and left paw prints on my heart. Now she wants to leave them on yours, too.”

If you’re giving a gift card to an organization you and your cat supported, like the local animal shelter, your vet, or an employee at a pet food store, use a message like this. Your kitty can keep leaving her paw prints on the hearts of those she loves even when she’s no longer present.

2. “Mr. Fuzzy is waiting for us all at the rainbow bridge. Until then, he sends his love to you from afar.”

Use this sentence if you need a way to communicate that your pet loves or misses someone. Even if she’s gone, she can still share her love with others. Put this on a card to thank your cat sitter for watching your pet while you were away, a family member who misses her furry friend, or another person who misses your pet.

3. “Time spent with cats is time well spent.” 

This is a sweet sentiment that relates to how you felt about spending time with your furry friend. No matter how much time you have with your cat, it’s never enough. You’ll never regret the time you spent with your cat and you have memories to carry you through.

4. “Miss Kitty may not be here, but she’s in our hearts forever.”

It’s easy to resonate with this saying. Even though your pet leaves you, his presence is always felt in your heart.

5. “No home is complete without the pitter-patter of kitty feet. Our home was made complete by our precious Blackie and she is already missed.”

Share this in a card or gift for someone who helped you through losing your cat. Consider placing this message in a thank you card in appreciation of your cat being by your side.

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‘In Memory of My Cat’ Messages for a Tattoo

Many people use tattoos to remember loved ones that have gone on before them. Whether it’s a person or a cat, tattoos can be a perfect tribute to a furry friend. If you’re looking for a pet memorial that you can take with you everywhere, a tattoo might be the way to go. 

6. “Remembered Always”

This simple message works well with a paw print symbol, a cat outline, or a picture of your cat. It goes without saying that you’ll always think of your precious feline friend when you look at your tattoo. 

7. “The road to my heart is paved with paw prints.”

Use this saying in addition to your cat’s name and dates. Even though your cat’s no longer with you, he’ll always be in your heart.

8. “Miss you always, love you forever.”

No matter how much time you get with your cat, it’s never quite enough. You'll love and miss your cat as long as you live.

9. “My best friend, my loyal companion.”

If your furry feline friend greeted you each day when you came home from work, sat with you while you’d unwind with a glass of wine, and snuggled up with you when it was time for bed, this simple phrase is perfect. 

10. “Run happy and free.”

If your cat passed away after a significantly difficult battle with illness or injury, you might want to use a phrase like this. As hard as it is to know your cat is longer present, you’ll find comfort knowing that your cat is no longer in pain.

‘In Memory of My Cat’ Messages for a Picture Frame or Plaque

Whether you set up an indoor memorial or you want something simple to remind yourself of your kitty each day, a picture frame is an ideal way to keep her memory alive. Place several phrases on her picture frame.

11. “You were my favorite hello and my hardest goodbye.”

Did your cat greet you at the door at the end of each day? Did they put a smile on your face each morning when you woke up? If so, your cat was likely your favorite hello each day and a really hard goodbye when they died.

12. “You cuddled by my side; now you’re in my heart.”

Cats are famous for snuggling and cuddling in owners’ laps. Your cat will never leave your heart and thoughts.

13. “You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure.”

It’s difficult to put into words how much you can love your pet and how much you miss her. Put this on a frame to remind yourself that your pet loved you just as much.

14. “You left your paw prints on our hearts.”

When cats walk through your life, they leave paw prints on your heart. Nothing can take your memories away from you. Hold onto that even after your cat’s gone.

15. “I’ll meet you at the rainbow bridge.”

If you believe you’ll see your cat again, place a phrase on her picture frame that reminds you of that fact. Your cat may be gone but you’ll reunite one day. When that happens, you’ll get to stay with her forever.

‘In Memory of My Cat’ Messages to Share on Social Media

Social media is the perfect platform to share memories about your cat, antics that made you laugh, and words of grief over your cat’s passing. Make it as long or short as desired and share what made your kitty so special.

16. “Jumping, cuddling, pouncing without making a sound. Little Miss Kitty was the best around. She’ll be terribly missed.”

Phrases like this share a little about your cat that no one else would know. How did she behave? What was she like? Share your cat's unique quirks and habits when you post a message about her passing. 

A memory and saying such as this is also appropriate if you want to use your social media tribute on a pet memorial plaque for your home.

17. “My cat was my companion and best friend. She left a paw print-shaped hole in my heart. I’ll remember her forever.”

Sharing how you feel when your cat dies is completely appropriate on social media platforms. Prepare yourself to receive condolences on a post such as this one as friends and family reach out with words of sympathy.

18. “My cat wasn’t just a pet. She was part of the family, and we all miss her dearly. She was fun-loving, playful, and loyal. She’s no longer here, but I know her spirit still survives.”

The last phrase in this message comes from the death of a cat poem by Linda Barnes. Your cat may be physically absent from your life, but her memory and spirit live on. Say something like this to let people know that you’re keeping your cat’s memory alive.

19. “Our family’s furry fluffball left us behind and went on to the rainbow bridge where she’ll be waiting for us. She’s still alive in our hearts and we can’t wait to see her again.”

If you believe that cats and dogs wait for their owners in heaven or paradise, say something like this on your cat’s behalf. 

20. “She’ll be forever with me, in my heart and in my thoughts. My sweet precious kitty, I love you lots and lots.”

Though simple, this shares the way you feel about your cat’s death. While your cat will always be with you in heart and mind, you’ll still miss her presence in your life each day. Acknowledging her absence is an important aspect of learning to cope with her death.

21. “On this bright and sunny day, our precious Pixy left us. She is no longer in pain and runs free in fields of grass and butterflies. Her paw prints are forever in my heart.”

If your cat passed away after a long illness, surgery, or other health complication, share something like this with your friends and followers on social media. 

Memorialize Your Cat

Cats often become great family members. When your cat dies, you can remember him and keep his spirit alive by speaking about him and memorializing his presence in a special way.

If you're looking for more ways to remember your cat, read our guides on writing a cat's eulogy and prayers for a cat.

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