25 Ways to Say ‘In Memory of My Dog’ After a Death


One of life’s saddest truths is that dogs don’t live forever. That’s why so many pet owners choose to memorialize their dogs after their most loyal companions die. They might do so in various ways, from getting tattoos to ordering custom memorial plaques.

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These memorials often include “in loving memory” messages specifically for dogs. Keep reading if you're looking for this exact type of message. Check out a list of dog phrases and quotes worth considering. They can’t bring your dog back, but they can highlight the love you shared.

How to Say ‘In Memory of My Dog’ on a Piece of Memorial Jewelry

How to Say ‘In Memory of My Dog’ on a Piece of Memorial Jewelry

Memorial jewelry offers you a way to carry your dog’s memory with you at all times. Messages you might include on such a piece of jewelry include:

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1. “A good boy/girl”

A piece of memorial jewelry may be relatively small. That means any “in memory of a dog” message that you include on it might need to be short and sweet. This classic could do the trick.

2. “Stay.”

This is another short message that nevertheless conveys a lot of emotion. When your dog was alive, the word “stay” could have been a command that, whenever you uttered it, reminded you of how loyal and obedient your dog was. On a piece of memorial jewelry, it could convey the idea that in some ways, you’re still carrying a piece of your dog with you. Your pup may not be here any longer but stays in your heart.

3. “Best friends forever.”

Virtually all dog owners know the phrase “a dog is man’s (or woman’s!) best friend” is absolutely true. Use this short “in memory of my dog” phrase to remind yourself every day of the friendship you share with your beloved canine companion.

4. “Until I cross the bridge…”

This message references a poem that describes how pets who’ve died have merely crossed over a “Rainbow Bridge” to the afterlife and that you’ll reunite eventually.

5.  “Play in Peace”

“Rest in peace” may be one of the most common “in memory of” phrases, but it might not seem appropriate if your dog was energetic and playful, as so many are. Consider “play in peace” as an alternative instead!

‘In Memory of My Dog’ Sayings for a Tattoo

‘In Memory of My Dog’ Sayings for a Tattoo

If you’re looking for the ideal wording for a dog memorial tattoo, consider the following:

6. “You took a piece of me with you.”

Many pet memorial tattoos include some version of this wording for a simple reason: it expresses a feeling that’s extremely common among pet owners mourning a loss.

7. “Thank you for every single moment.”

Your goal when choosing an in loving memory quote for a dog may be to express your gratitude for the experiences your pet gave you. Getting a tattoo with this type of phrasing could help you achieve that goal, as you’re permanently memorializing your pet on your body. That’s a supreme act of gratitude.

8. “You were always there to lend a paw.”

This is another cute way to express gratitude for a pet whose presence helped you whenever you needed the kind of emotional support only a dog can provide.

9. “The best hellos make for the hardest goodbyes.”

Dog tattoos also frequently include versions of this phrase, summing up how the pain you feel when you lose your pets matches the joy they brought to your life.

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10.  “You’re still always by my side.”

Dogs that bond with their owners often seem to become their shadows. If your dog was always nearby whenever you were around, this message may be ideal for a tattoo, symbolizing the idea that your dog’s now permanently by your side in a new form.

‘In Memory of My Dog’ Messages for an Ornament, Frame, or Plaque

‘In Memory of My Dog’ Messages for an Ornament, Frame, or Plaque

Ornaments, frames, and pet memorial plaques are all popular options for memorializing dogs. They may include such phrasing as:

11. “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”

Because plaques can usually feature more text than memorial jewelry or even tattoos, consider including a classic dog quote on yours. This example, from photographer Roger Caras, is an option worth keeping in mind.

12. “The Rainbow Bridge”

This entry isn’t encouraging you to only include the words “The Rainbow Bridge” on a dog’s plaque or frame. Instead, it’s suggesting including all the text of the poem of the same name, which many dog owners choose to do when creating pet memorials.

13. “Such short little lives our pets have to spend with us, and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day.”

This quote from “Marley & Me” author John Grogan is another option to consider for a plaque, frame, or ornament.

14. “We’ll always love you!”

Sure, this may be a simple message, but it’s a choice you might go with if a plaque or picture frame will serve as a monument to a beloved family dog. It clearly and concisely celebrates a dog’s life by expressing how each and every member of the family will miss her.

15. “You fetched our hearts.”

If an ornament, frame, or plaque features a picture of your dog, this particular message may be ideal. It’s short enough to fit into a small space and also strikes a balance between cute wording and a genuinely heartfelt message.

‘In Memory of My Dog’ Sayings for a Card or Gift

‘In Memory of My Dog’ Sayings for a Card or Gift

Along with being ideal for sympathy gifts and cards, you might include some of these quotes during a eulogy at your dog’s funeral:

16. “All dogs go to heaven because that’s where they came from.”

If you’re giving a dog sympathy card to someone who you know has religious beliefs, offer them some comfort with this new take on the “all dogs go to heaven” line.

17. “You can usually tell that a man is good if he has a dog who loves him.”

This quote comes from W. Bruce Cameron, author of “A Dog’s Purpose.” You could include it in a sympathy card as a means of offering support to someone who might need to hear these words right now.

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18. “Your dog may not be by your side any longer, but will always be in your heart.”

Messages similar to this one show up on a wide range of dog loss sympathy gifts, including custom keychains, cards, picture frames, and more.

19. “You learned how to truly love because you had a dog.”

This is another general sentiment that you can phrase differently according to your tastes. It’s a smart choice for a card when you want to remind someone that the dog she lost taught her to be an even better person than she was before.

20. “I like dogs. You always know what a dog is thinking. It has four moods. Happy, sad, cross, and concentrating. Also, dogs are faithful and they do not tell lies because they cannot talk.”

Consider using this quote from “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” author Mark Haddon in a dog loss sympathy card if you think the person you’re sending it to would appreciate a little bit of mild humor during a tough time.

21. “Dogs don’t truly leave us. They just take up residence in our memories and hearts.”

Regardless of what type of sympathy gift you’re giving, whether it be a plaque, monument, or anything else, this is another way of reminding someone that they can keep their dog “alive” by simply remembering him.

22. “Confession: Sometimes I was more excited to see your dog than anyone else when I came over.”

This somewhat less formal “in memory of a dog” message is one you might include in a card you’re sending to a close friend who understands your sense of humor. If you know your friend won’t actually believe you were only ever interested in seeing her dog when you visited, it could make her smile at the idea that her dog was so lovable that even those who weren’t family members still adored him.

23. “I know why you’re such a good friend. You learned it from your dog.”

This is one more option for a card that is meant to both memorialize a lost friend’s dog and help the friend feel a bit better while facing a painful experience.

24. “Dogs are just angels with fur.”

Keep this option in mind as well if you’re giving a religious dog loss sympathy gift (such as a statuette) to someone you’re sure would appreciate it.

25.  “Happiness is a warm puppy.”

This quote from Charles Schulz is a wonderful choice for any gift featuring a picture of a beloved puppy who has passed on. It can go on a card, custom ornament, and much more! It’s worth noting that the quote is also the name of a book by Charles Schulz. The book itself might also be a nice gift for someone mourning a lost dog.

In Memory of a Dog: Looking Back on True Friendship

The loss of a beloved pet can be painful. However, by memorializing your dog with words like these, you can focus on the happy times you shared.


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