20 Types of Urns for an Infant, Toddler or Child’s Ashes


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There are few things more devastating than having to bury a child. The grief and pain that accompanies the death of one so young can feel insurmountable. Having to attend to funeral arrangements on top of the hurt and heartache can be a difficult, confusing, and lengthy process. Hopefully, one part may not have to be as overwhelming.

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Choosing a child’s urn may be one of the more important aspects of funeral arrangements that you complete. With an urn, you may want to select something that enshrines the beauty, character, and personality of your child’s life.

Finding an urn that reflects their individuality and reminds you of their presence can be easier than you think. Here are several ideas for child urns for ashes and ways to memorialize the precious life of your little one.

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Decorative Infant or Child Urns to Display at Home

Many people appreciate the ability to display their child’s urn in a special place at home. This can be any area that is set apart to hold the urn and other special mementos that serve as a reminder of the eternal impact of a child’s life.

Choose an urn that reflects your child’s personality, their likes, or a special quality you loved about them.

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1. Plush teddy bear urn

A plush teddy bear urn is a sweet, soft, and huggable tribute to a beloved child that passed away. Many options are fully customizable so you can choose the fur color, eye color, clothing, accessories, and an inscription on the bear.

2. Photo cube box urn

A photo cube box urn will hold the ashes of a child and serve as a visual reminder of a child’s time on earth. Most photo cubes hold five pictures, one picture for each side of the cube and a picture on top. 

3. White marble urn

Small white marble urns are particularly meaningful for newborns, stillborn children, and lost pregnancies. A baby is as innocent as a person can be and white marble can help represent the innocence of your child.

4. Ceramic baby booties urn

Ceramic urns can be crafted in a wide variety of shapes to match the personality of your child. Baby booties are particularly meaningful for newborns and infants. These can come in the color of your choice, most often white, blue, or pink, and have the name of your child inscribed on the top. You can also choose to have a saying or verse inscribed on the urn as well.

5. Hand-painted ceramic urn

If you want a unique, one-of-a-kind urn that best represents your son or daughter, consider a hand-painted ceramic urn. These urns can be painted with a child’s portrait, a special scene, or objects that were special to them during their lives.

6. Hand-blown glass urn

Hand-blown glass is not only artistic but incredibly delicate. A glass urn serves to remind us of the delicate life of a child, their inner beauty, and the unique person they were. Just as there cannot be two blown glass objects that are exactly the same, your child was unique in the joy and life they brought to the world.

7. Butterfly stained glass lamp urn

Butterflies are precious symbols of life and beauty. If you’re looking for a symbolic urn that also serves a purpose in everyday life, choose a stained glass lamp urn. You can choose from numerous shapes but a butterfly may be the best symbolic reminder for you.

Child or Infant Urns for Outdoors or Another Place Outside of Your Home

If you are looking for an urn that can withstand the weather and elements outside, you’ll want to choose materials or structures that are durable and non-corrosive. Placing an urn outside can contribute beautifully to a memorial garden or sitting area. Here are a few ideas for placing urns outside.

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8. Memorial tree urn

Planting a memorial tree can be a beautiful way to remember a child who has passed away. By choosing a memorial tree urn, the urn will get buried underneath the tree with nutrients to help the tree grow. The tree will then serve as an everlasting memorial to the child you loved.

9. Cremation bench 

If you’re looking for baby memorial ideas, a cremation bench placed in your backyard garden can be a sweet, heartfelt tribute. The cremains are placed in a hollowed-out area in the bench that is protected from the weather and elements. The bench is inscribed with the name of the child in addition to a special quote, poem, or verse.

10. Garden rock urn

A garden rock urn can fit into a memorial garden in your backyard. Garden rock urns have a hollowed area inside the rock so the cremains will be protected. They are often inscribed with the name of the child and a verse or quote that is meaningful to the family.

11. Hand-painted bronze or brass urn

Urns placed outside need to be able to withstand the elements such as wind and rain. Wood and ceramic urns tend to break or become easily damaged outside. I

f you want a traditional urn, choose a bronze or brass urn instead. Have it painted with the child’s picture or a special scene they would have enjoyed and waterproof it to ensure the painting remains undamaged.

12. Sculpted metal urn

Artists can create a metal sculpture urn in nearly any design you desire. Choose an animal or object that reminds you of your child, such as a baseball, a horse, or another favorite thing they treasured. The cremains will be placed inside and safe from the weather, and the metal will withstand weather such as wind and rain.

Cremation Jewelry for a Child or Infant’s Ashes

Since the cost of cremation can be less than that of a traditional burial, you may have the budget to purchase something extra special to remember a child. Cremation jewelry can be as simple or as extravagant as you desire and can take the shape of everything from keychains to necklaces.

13. Heart necklace urn

Heart necklace urns come in a number of styles and metals, ranging from gold and silver to brass and bronze.

You can have your child’s name inscribed, their birthstone set in, or a charm placed alongside the heart. The heart itself is just big enough to hold a small portion of a child’s cremains so you can keep them with you at all times.

14. Keychain urn

While you may not always be able to wear a necklace, you will use your keys every day. Keychain urns can be as simple as a charm that holds a portion of ashes to a three-part keychain that comes with a small vial for ashes, a meaningful charm, and a birthstone pendant.

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15. Cremation diamonds

Cremation diamonds are uniquely special. These are made directly from your loved one’s cremains and become a permanent symbol of their radiance, joy, and presence in your life. They can be set into rings, necklaces, or earrings.

Some companies, like Eterneva, create lab-grown diamonds and allow you to pick from several cuts and colors for your gemstone.

16. Cremation ring

Cremation jewelry such as rings and necklaces, are beautiful, simple ways to remember lost loved ones.

Cremation rings can be made with cremation diamonds or with ashes infused directly into the ring itself. Rings can be made in styles appropriate for both men’s and women’s hands and sized appropriately.

17. Hand-blown glass pendant

For a delicate and artistic piece of jewelry, you can choose a hand-blown glass pendant. Each pendant is made with cremains infused into the glass, so you’ll never risk them falling out.

Other Cremation Memorials for a Child or Infant’s Ashes

If you're still looking for the right memorial, consider one of these other unique options to remember a child.

18. Hand-blown glass orb 

Similar to a pendant you can wear around your next, a hand-blown glass orb can be a beautiful and artistic representation of your child. Each orb is made with cremains infused into the piece and customized according to the design, shape, and colors you choose.

19. Hand-blown glass suncatcher

Every child shines a radiant light into the lives of those they love. A hand-blown glass suncatcher can bring light to your life and perhaps help ease your pain. Each suncatcher is created with cremains infused into the glass and can be customized according to the shape and colors you desire. 

20. Cremation Christmas ornament

If you’re looking for an extra special way to remember a child during special holidays, consider a cremation Christmas ornament.

Each ornament has a special place for a portion of ashes to be stored and can be personalized according to your desired shape, colors, and inscription. Choose from options including a hand-blown glass ornament with cremains-infused glass, or a larger charm that holds ashes and has the name and picture of your child attached. 

Beautiful Memories

There are many ways to memorialize a child that was taken too soon. Whether you choose a traditional urn, a special outdoor memorial, or a unique piece of jewelry, the most important thing is that you’ll be able to keep them close to your heart.

If you're still unsure of which urn to purchase, read our buyer's guide on picking the right urn for ashes.


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