20+ Items to Put in an Inspirational Gift Basket


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Know someone who needs a bit of encouragement, cheer, or sympathy right now? No matter what happens in life, you can use a gift basket to help a friend, loved one, or coworker. 

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DIY Inspirational Gift Basket Item Ideas

Where Can You Buy Premade Inspiring Gift Baskets?

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Whether your reason for giving someone a gift basket is to celebrate joy or provide comfort, you can find a gift basket for every occasion.

DIY Inspirational Gift Basket Item Ideas

DIY inspirational gift baskets go beyond the standard fruit or coffee found in most gift baskets. These baskets contain items you hand-pick that help your friend or loved one focus on the positive.

Think of it as a basket that sends love, gives encouraging vibes, and offers a better, brighter outlook on life. Choose from these items for a one-of-a-kind gift.

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1. Mindfulness journal

Mindfulness journals contain prompts on each page to help the person who journals focus on good and positive things in life.

It can also help identify negative emotions and reasons for those. This is a great gift if your friend or loved one faces uncertainty or questions.

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2. Inspirational quote mug

Does your friend religiously drink morning coffee at work or the home office? Buy an inspirational quote mug so your friend is inspired to take the day head-on every day.

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3. Inspirational plaque

Know someone who is going through a time of uncertainty? Give them an inspirational plaque with a quote such as, “Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be.”

Include a card with a “thinking of you message” to help them stay positive and know that someone loves and cares about her.

4. Necklace

Does your friend enjoy wearing necklaces to match every outfit? Get a necklace that comes with an inspirational charm. Choose a quote you know would inspire them, such as, “You are braver than you believe.”

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5. Keychain

Keychains make excellent gifts for just about anyone and they’ll get seen every day.

Choose a keychain with an inspirational quote or reminder such as, “You are loved,” or “You are strong.” Inspirational keychains come in all shapes, sizes, and designs, making this an ideal gift for people of all personalities and interests.

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6. Framed quote

If you and a few others each need to contribute a small gift for a friend, pick a favorite quote — something encouraging and positive — and print it on cardstock. Put it in a classy frame and you’re done! 

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7. Inspirational quote cards

Inspirational quote cards include a deck of cards that each contain a quote from famous people, religious leaders, and a few anonymous sayings.

These can be read all at once or once a day for encouragement and strength. Whether you purchase or make this item yourself, it’ll be a hit. 

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8. T-shirt

Everyone enjoys a new shirt and especially when the shirt offers a sense of encouragement and hope. Give your friend a shirt with an inspirational quote or saying to help them feel strong and courageous when they put it on.

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9. Remembrance journal

A remembrance journal helps people think back to good times and happy memories. Not only can this help someone process the loss of a loved one, but it can also help friends through the loss of a career or a major life change.

If you’re looking for sympathy gift ideas to have on hand and ready whenever the need arises, purchase several of these and store them away.

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10. Inspirational candle

Who doesn’t enjoy a candle? The symbolism between a brightly burning flame and a life can’t be missed, either.

Make or purchase a candle with an inspirational message like, “Keep burning brightly” or “You glow, girl!”

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11. Magnets

Whether at home or in a cubicle, everyone needs magnets. They hold up reminders and brighten an otherwise dark space.

Choose magnets that have short sayings or one-word affirmations to provide encouragement such as, “Enjoy today,” “Try new things,” or “Be yourself.”

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12. Affirmation cards

Affirmation cards are simple cards that contain an affirmation about the person reading them.

Cards contain sayings such as, “You are loved, you are beautiful” or “You got this. Go out and seize the day.” Purchase a pack or create your own pack with sayings you know your friend would appreciate.

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13. Coloring book journal

Know someone who loves to doodle and color? An inspirational coloring book journal might just be a perfect gift.

Filled with beautiful scenes to color and quotes that encourage and uplift, your friend is sure to be encouraged while they take some much needed time for self-care.

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14. Mantra bracelet

Gifts for long-distance friends can be tricky since it has to be shipped and probably can’t be breakable.

Mantra bracelets are small, easy to ship, and just as encouraging as something larger. Choose a mantra you know your friend will appreciate like, “She believed she could, so she did” or “Dream, Believe, Achieve.”

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15. Inspirational ornament

If you need something inspirational around the holidays and your friend celebrates Christmas, consider getting them an inspirational ornament to mark the year’s events.

You can purchase or create your own ornaments, making this an ideal option if you want to provide a gift with a personal touch. 

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16. Box of notes

Do you have some time before you need to put the gift basket together? Consider DIYing a box of inspirational and encouraging notes for your friend. On small pieces of cardstock, write encouraging notes, telling them how brave they are, how much talent they have, or how much you believe in them.

Fold each note in half and place it in a pretty box or jar. When your friend needs a little boost of encouragement, they can pull out one of your notes and read it.

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17. Inspiration stones

Does your friend love to fiddle with a pen, pencil, or a stress relief ball? If so, they’ll probably love inspirational stones.

These smooth oblong-shaped stones are perfect for holding and each contains a word of inspiration such as “Believe,” “Journey,” and “Shine.”

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18. Inspirational charm or figurine

Is your friend inspired by nature? Get them a charm or figurine that holds meaning.

Give a turtle to someone who wants to slow down in life, a flower to encourage your friend to focus on beauty, or a rainbow to help them focus on positivity. Include a note about the item and what you hope they’ll focus on when they look at it.

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19. Coasters

You can use coasters in your home, office, or car. Coasters can add a little encouragement and joy to your friend’s life.

Choose coasters that contain inspirational scenes and quotes to help them focus on positive things.

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20. Baseball hat

Want to help your friend feel stylish and fierce at the same time? Get them a baseball hat with an inspirational saying or quote on it. They’re sure to feel confident when their hat tells everyone around them how awesome they are.

One look in the mirror is all it will take for them to remember that they have what it takes to get through the day.

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Where Can You Buy Premade Inspiring Gift Baskets?

If you don’t have time to purchase items for a DIY gift basket, you’re still in luck! You can get inspirational gift baskets ready-made, sometimes customizable, which may even come with free shipping, straight to your friend’s door.


Etsy has a plethora of sellers with ready-made baskets and numerous customizable options.

Depending on the time of year, you can catch sales and free shipping promos as well. If you see a basket you like but it’s missing something important, you can always communicate with the seller and see if they can include the item. 

Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods is similar to Etsy and provides thousands of unique, customizable goods from sellers around the world.

Pick and choose several items from one seller or look for premade gift baskets to send to your friend. Search through these trendy and inspirational items and you won’t go wrong.


eBay is home to one of the world’s largest internet storefronts. Sellers from around the world offer unique ready-made items.

If you’re happy with a premade gift basket that doesn’t require any customization, eBay is the perfect place to shop. Keep an eye open for seasonal discounts on items and shipping.


Though Amazon’s options are more limited than Etsy, you can still find some well-made inspirational gift baskets. Shipping to your friend is included and free with Prime.

Send Love and Encouragement

When your friend is struggling with a life change, a difficult situation, or the loss of someone dear, send a gift basket packed full of love and encouragement. Your thoughtfulness will mean more than you know.

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