26 Best Josh Groban Songs for a Funeral


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Josh Groban started rising to fame in 1998 when he was only 17 years old. Since then, he has crossed into a wide variety of musical genres. His repertoire includes international pop, religious, and even jazz music. 

In general, Groban can be an intensely abstract lyricist. But that makes for a broader reach in audiences as multiple interpretations can be made from his songs. Notwithstanding, his vocal strength is the main reason why Josh Groban remains so popular. His voice comes from more than just his vocal cords. It’s like his soul amplifies itself, resulting in a magical roaring tenor. 

So whether you're planning an in-person funeral or looking for ideas for a funeral slideshow for a virtual funeral service, you'll find the exact song you'll need.

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1. "You Raise Me Up" from Closer

The song, "You Raise Me Up," finds its way into many funeral song playlists. Groban's gradually increasing volume mimics ardent love while the choral repetitions act like steady devotions.

2. "To Where You Are" from Josh Groban

Holding our loved ones inside our hearts, breath, and dreams is normal. It's a very familiar feeling to want to wish or hope for an opportunity to see them again—to know how they are. In this song written by Richard Marx, you may discover comfort in this longing.

3. "The Prayer (Duet with Josh Groban)" from The Prayer - Single

Peace, fraternity, and strength are what men pray for most in times of war. The guidance from God to be able to show us the way becomes more important as we find ourselves in a troubled world. As such, “The Prayer” would add nicely to a funeral song playlist.

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4. "River" from Bridges (Deluxe)

People can become isolated souls, even if they are amongst many. In times of need, it's important to know we can rely on each other, that we grow stronger in numbers. As a funeral song, this may help mourners realize they have a support structure.

5. "Brave" from All That Echoes

The overwhelming grief you feel after losing someone you love can make accomplishing the small things very challenging. Getting out of bed can be both emotionally and physically painful. “Brave” wants you to know that when sadness carves out a deep crevice, eventually joy will fill the void.

6. "99 Years (Duet with Jennifer Nettles)" from Bridges (Deluxe)

"99 Years" is more about planning for the future rather than reflecting on a life together. But those long and loving relationships each have stories that begin similarly. As a result, this song becomes a sounding board for what continues even after your loved ones pass away.

7. "Remember When it Rained" from Closer

This is a song befitting a small memorial service. The rain and water in this song are metaphors for love. The sadness contrasts the days when he felt her as ever-present. It is appropriate for anyone grieving the loss of a partner.

8. "Granted" from Bridges (Deluxe)

Often, uplifting funeral songs are more difficult to choose than sad ones. Many people have opinions about the "right" way to grieve. But, if your loved one was a source of hope for you, it's okay to express that even now.

9. "Broken Vow" from Closer

When instances of dementia or long-term illnesses affect your loved one, your grieving is often drawn out or stifled. Josh Groban's song "Broken Vow" addresses similar feelings of a premature loss. 

10. "The Prayer (Duet with Charlotte Church)" from The Best of Charlotte Church

"The Prayer" is a plea for the guidance of God's grace. In this beautiful religious funeral song, Charlotte and Josh blend a perfectly harmonized soprano and tenor.

11. "Run (Duet with Sarah McLachlan)" from Bridges (Deluxe)

In their duet, Sarah McLachlan and Josh Groban rise above the long goodbye. Here, they show that belief and hope are two of the most powerful human emotions.

12. "You’re Still You” from Josh Groban

When a partner or friend can see beyond the mélange and chaos of cancer or other diseases, you will uncover one of the most defining moments of your relationship. If you can give your partner normalcy and confidence through the toughest of these moments, then you have proven yourself worthy of their love.

13. "Alejate" from Josh Groban

Groban's "Alejate" is about resigning oneself to loss. In this heart-breaking song, he realizes that strength is key to moving past the regret. As part of your funeral song playlist, it may help others to hear what they already know.

14. "Ave Maria" from Noël

Josh Groban's version of "Ave Maria" combines his luxe tenor voice with a beautiful children's choir. In this sweet Catholic prayer, you are asking for Mary's grace in hopes that you will be in her thoughts at the hour of death. 

15. "February Song" from Awake (Special Edition)

While this is an unconventional funeral song, there is a similar sense of loss and rebirth. The ambition to return conveys a sense of one's mortality. The backdrop of a winter month is a metaphor for the cold of loss—even a kind of grief.

16. "Oceano” from Closer

When you are in the middle of a calm ocean, everywhere is silence. If the ocean winds pick up, then everywhere is a storm. 

17. "You’ll Never Walk Alone (From "Carousel")" from Stages (Deluxe Version)

Confidence in yourself and belief in a personal strength are the two themes from this song. Grief, then, is something we can manage when our loved ones leave us too soon. 

18. "Over the Rainbow (From "The Wizard of Oz")" from Stages (Deluxe Version)

"Over the Rainbow" is a classic song of resilience. It recognizes that grief may feel like a breath you can never catch. At the same time, it reminds us that you will only feel this way for a fragment of time throughout your life.

19. "More of You” from Bridges (Deluxe)

Losing your best friend and lover is heartbreaking. With no one to give your love to or with which to share your hopes, a void inevitably penetrates you from the inside out. The song will stand out far better at a memorial service rather than at a traditional funeral service

20. "Won’t Look Back" from Bridges (Deluxe)

This song is about more than the promises you made. It's about how you've layered your experiences, one upon the other. Now, you're guaranteed to see her everywhere.

21. "In Her Eyes” from Awake

Sometimes we need someone to love us in spite of ourselves. Sometimes we also need to discover that our imperfections make us perfect. 

22. "With You” from With You

We question our motives endlessly when we are faced with grief. We all want to know if we did or said the right things. When reflecting, it will also be far easier to see yourself making the right choices.

23. "Lullaby (feat. Ladysmith Black Mambazo)" from Awake

“Lullaby” is speaking from the point of view as a parent to a child. Or, it could be interpreted as a child who holds reverence for their parent(s). The song would work well in a memorial or funeral service—depending on your denomination.

24. "Canto Alla Vita (feat. The Corrs)" from Josh Groban

This song may be one of Josh Groban’s best use of instrumentals. And if the instrumentals hold greater importance than the vocals, then this song’s Celtic influence will make a wonderful addition to a funeral song playlist. 

25. "Vincent (Starry, Starry Night) from Josh Groban

More than just an homage to Vincent Van Gogh, “Vincent” celebrates all of the misunderstood people in your life. If you are looking for a song for your child or a sibling, this would paint a lovely picture of them.

26. "Galileo” from Josh Groban

Like “Vincent,” “Galileo” celebrates the creative and misunderstood people who’ve blessed your life. More so, this song celebrates their quiet and pervasive impact.

Josh Groban’s Stylistic Songs are Far-reaching

They are also diverse, creative, and powerful. Because Josh Groban’s repertoire is expansive, we'd be surprised if you didn’t find as least two songs suitable for your playlist here. 

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