30+ Surprise or ‘Just Because’ Card Messages to Share


Are you looking for different ways to make someone’s day? Maybe you want to send them a gift, or flowers, or even a quick little note? If so, check out these random notes of kindness. 

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Below you’ll find opportunities to interact with friends, loved ones, and relatives in a number of circumstances from flowers to gift cards, even a note in the mail that stands apart from the junk we all receive. You might even find that when your message comes out-of-the-blue and into someone’s day, you change a frown into a smile.

‘Just Because’ Messages for Flowers

If flower-giving can elegantly communicate or amplify emotions, then adding the right message will only add dimension to the sentiments. Below are a few quick messages for just about anyone on your list. 

1. “We’re your biggest fans.”

Does your son or daughter really need to know their team is behind them? If so, then here’s a sweet, but powerful statement to send them when they need a cheery note and a boost to get them through their day. 

2. “Because it’s Wednesday.”

Here’s your chance to get creative and funny. So, whether it’s because the sun is shining, or that the day of the week is Wednesday, you’ve got all you need for a random occasion to send flowers.

3. “Thank you for being you.”

There’s a luxury in knowing you’re accepted and loved for being yourself. Every so often, it sends a warm feeling to be able to highlight that for people in your life. 

4. “I was thinking of you today.”

If you’re looking to be sweet or romantic, here’s a little note to add to the bouquet of flowers for your sweetheart. After all, a little flirting goes a long way.

5. “A little birdy told me these were your favorite flowers.”

Does your mother-in-law need a little cheering up? If so, then these words will help send love in her direction, especially if she’s recently been convalescing or recovering from a tough illness. 

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‘Just Because’ Messages for a Gift Card

Gift cards don’t just have to be for things or items. Gift cards can also be for experiences and events. Whichever you choose, the recipient will be glad to receive something that comes from your heart.

6. “I saw this, and it made me think of you.”

Have you ever been out and about when you saw an item that reminded you of someone? Next time consider purchasing it, adding a quick note with where you found it, and then popping it in the mail for them.

7. “I hope this brightens your new home.”

Housewarming parties are a waning tradition. So, why not tweak the idea to suit a just-because gift? With that, here’s a little note to attach to whatever gift card you find for their new living space.

8. “Hope this brightens your day.”

This timeless sentence will attach itself to any gift card you have in mind. Plus, the sentiment is spot on for encouragement.

9. “I know you’ve been coveting something from here.”

People often wait for a sale to go back and buy something they’ve been coveting. If you have caught wind of this, then here’s the perfect note to surprise your friend so they can get it now rather than later.

10. “I couldn’t resist.”

Small acts of kindness can live for years in people’s hearts and minds. So, if that’s your intention, then this short note is the perfect topper to whatever gift card spoke to you most.

‘Just Because’ Messages for Him

Most everyone can say that they love to get thinking of you messages. So, if you’re on the hunt for a few that offer impact and love, see below for one that might suit your needs today. 

11. “Everything in my life has improved since the day I met you.”

Are you looking for something short, but poignant to send to him? A little dose of romance is always the perfect choice.

12. “You make my day better every day.”

If this is the truest thing you can think of saying to him, then why not write it down and let him in on the secret?

13. “Because of you, everything seems possible.”

Simple and sweet sentiments carry so much weight. Here’s one that tips the scales for impact.

14. “I just wanted to make sure that I told you that I love you today.”

Even when you know you have spoken these words ten times already today, sentences like this are impactful for all the right reasons.

15. “Nothing makes me prouder than to call you my brother.” 

Are you looking for something that says you support him no matter what? Here’s how to say it in a way that amplifies that sentiment with some oomph.

‘Just Because’ Messages for Her

Most people are fans of random acts of kindness, particularly when they are on the receiving end of them. This section offers you a few ways to send those kind messages her way.

16. “Nothing makes me prouder than to call you my sister.”

Has your sister just passed an amazing milestone in her life? If so, here’s that brotherly way to send love without getting too sentimental.

17. “It warms my heart to know you’re my wife.”

Do you like to leave notes everywhere to be found at later times? Imagine slipping this one into her jacket pocket before she leaves for work, so that at some time during the day, she finds this little treasure.

18. “Some days we need to know that we’re not alone. I’m here for you.”

Words of encouragement can prop someone up on days that they need it the most, especially in times of adversity and struggle. This one gives that impression of solidarity or strength in numbers.

19. “From the moment I saw you, I knew my life would change.” 

Romance is always the perfect message when you want to encourage someone to have a great day. This one may keep that smile going from 9 to 5. 

20. “I love your laugh.”

How do you compliment her when you get those random moments throughout the day? You can do it in writing, so she doesn’t have to guess.

‘Just Because’ Messages Email or Text

Out-of-the-blue words of support and kindness, or even sympathy messages, can lighten people’s emotional loads. You may not be curing the ill but showing that you are there for someone can go a long way.

21. “I’m on your side.”

Do you know someone who is going through some tough times and adversity? If so, here’s a short, but full pronouncement of their value.

22. “Hey friend, you popped into my head today for some reason, so I just wanted to send you the smile you put on my face. Hope all is well.”

Are you the type of person that has trouble saying what’s on their mind? If so, here’s one way to pretend like you don’t. 

23. “I know life has been a little (a lot) wonky lately, but I thought I would just send some good thoughts your way.”

If you want to express some disdain for life-at-hand, check out this message. Replace “wonky” if you need to, so that it suits your personality, but keep it PG so that you can keep your composure.

24. “You’re in my thoughts today.”

If you know someone who has a big day ahead of them, here’s a thought that covers just about anything you can imagine. It works because you are showing support through difficult times. 

25. “You’re my hero.”

Or, if you know someone who’s had a lot of big days behind them, try this message out. It works for those people who have achieved milestones of any kind or run the gamut of emotional stress no matter what that may be.

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Funny ‘Just Because’ Messages for a Greeting Card

Are you in a funny mood? A sarcastic one? No matter what your mood is, share it with those you love and spread the joy. Just make sure your audience knows your heart to avoid offending anyone.

26. “Greetings! The people are really nice here, but the food is kind of bland.”

Next time you are at an antique shop, pick up ten postcards from faraway places and send them to all of your close relatives. They’ll appreciate the confusion better if you neglect to sign the postcard, especially when it arrives postmarked from your location.

27. “One of the biggest lies I tell myself is that I can remember important dates. Sorry this is late, so happy birthday nine months early.”

If life has become so busy that you need to consider buying a bolt of strings for your fingers, but can’t even remember that, here’s a way to make light of those missteps.

28. “Thinking of you.”

Intentionally mix up greeting cards. The idea is that if you have a random leftover card that says, “get well soon” or any type of holiday card, use it to send out a “thinking of you” message any time of the year. 

29. “Happy summer!”

Choose cards that are completely the opposite of the season. For example, send a Mother’s Day card to your dad in October, wishing him a happy summer, but then also sign your sibling’s name to it.

30. “Do you remember that time when…”

Next time you are on vacation with your partner and some hysterical events unfold, pull out your phone to type who said what. Then randomly write this conversation in a card to tuck it into their gym bag so that when they find it, they laugh out loud in public.

Random Acts of Kindness 

If you’re like me, you love to put a smile on someone’s face. Hopefully, you’ve discovered a few extra ways with the options from above to make sure that smile happens for anyone in your circle.

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