20 Best Kenny Chesney Songs for a Funeral


One of the most influential American country music singers, Kenny Chesney is known for his Billboard hits and country classics. His songs range from party songs to love ballads, each evoking the raw emotion of rural American living. When it comes to the best funeral songs, Kenny Chesney is a popular pick. 

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However, with so many songs and playlists to choose from, where do you begin? If you’re planning a memorial service for a country music lover, a Kenny Chesney song might be the right fit. In this guide, we share the best Kenny Chesney songs for a funeral or memorial service. Perfect for the dreamers and lovers of the world, these songs will have you tapping your foot and getting up to dance. 

Sad or Sorrowful Kenny Chesney Songs for a Funeral

First, it’s common to choose a sad or sorrowful song for a funeral service. These songs help set the tone for funerals, and they can be a much-needed source of emotional release. Here are the top sad or sorrowful Kenny Chesney songs for a funeral service. 

1. “The Good Stuff” from No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems

To begin, “The Good Stuff” is one of Kenny Chesney’s most moving songs. Written about a man lamenting the loss of a relationship, the song questions what really counts as “the good stuff.” 

Hint: It’s the little, real moments that are easy to overlook. 

2. “Somewhere with You” from Hemingway’s Whiskey

After the pain of losing a relationship, it’s hard to deal with the aftermath. Chesney isn’t a stranger to expressing these complex emotions, and he grapples with these lost memories of someone who’ll never see again. 

3. “Come Over” from Welcome to the Fishbowl

One of Chesney’s later albums, “Come Over” is a solemn song about a universal experience. In the lyrics, the narrator tells the story of two lovers who share a broken relationship. Though they aren’t meant to be together, they continue to run back together. 

4. “When I See This Bar” from Life on a Rock

Chesney leads a very private life, and Life on a Rock gives a glimpse into his life on the island where he lives. “When I See This Bar” is a tribute to the bar he frequents, but it’s also a metaphor for all of life’s changes. These experiences and people shape us, even as they change themselves. 

5. “You and Tequila” from Hemingway’s Whiskey

Lastly, “You and Tequila” is recorded as a duet with Grace Potter, and it’s a simple, pure love song. Some people make life better, even if they drive you crazy along the way. As he says, “One is one too many, one more is never enough.” 

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Uplifting Kenny Chesney Songs for a Funeral

Whether you’re making a funeral slideshow or a special memorial playlist, who said funeral songs had to be sad? These uplifting Kenny Chesney songs are a reminder that hope is always closer than you think. 

6. “American Kids” from The Big Revival

What does it mean to be an American kid? According to Chesney, it’s about working hard and persevering, even if things don’t work out. It might not be glamorous, but it’s still a celebration of togetherness and fun. 

7. “When the Sun Goes Down” from When the Sun Goes Down

There are few songs as uplifting and motivational as “When the Sun Goes Down.” One of the most famous country songs of all time, the meaning behind this one is simple. Though there might be tough moments and times in life, it all gets better when the sun goes down. 

8. “How Forever Feels” from Everywhere We Go

A tropical ode to warm summer days, this is a catchy song about what it feels like to live life to the fullest. It’s about the warmth of the sun and finding your own paradise. Still, there might be something (or someone) missing.

9. “Summertime” from The Road and the Radio

Possibly the most recognized of Kenny Chesney’s songs, “Summertime” is a testament to the beauty of summertime. An anthem to warm days, lazing around, and connecting with friends, there’s something absolutely magical about this song. 

10. “She’s Got It All” from I Will Stand

Finally, this classic country song is about a woman who truly “has it all.” She’s captured her lover’s heart, soul, and life. He’ll spend the rest of his life devoted to her, and they share endless sweet memories. 

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Kenny Chesney Songs for a Parent’s Funeral

Next, honor a parent at their funeral with these Kenny Chesney songs. Much of Chesney’s songs focus on the importance of family, making him the perfect artist to honor this special bond. 

11. “Never Wanted Nothing More” from Just Who I Am: Poets and Pirates

This up-tempo song might not be what most think of for a funeral, but it has the magic touch of remembrance. It’s all about remembering the best parts of your life and living with no regrets. As the song says, “I’ve lived and loved and laughed a lot, that’s all I need!”

12. “Setting the World on Fire” from Cosmic Hallelujah

A collaboration with Pink, this is a song about what euphoria feels like. Though the story itself is blurry, it’s about finding the ultimate love, pain, and experience. 

13. “Don’t Blink” from Just Who I Am: Poets and Pirates

If a parent was to leave behind a message for a child, it would be found in “Don’t Blink.” In this song, the narrator shares what he learns from a man who just turned 102. If you blink, you might just miss your life as it passes you by. He says it best: “A hundred years goes faster than you think.” 

14. “Out Last Night” from Greatest Hits II

Another song from Chesney that isn’t afraid to take big topics and paint them in a light tune, “Out Last Night” is about the truth of life. Life is hard. You can either laugh it off or get lost in the darkness. You can imagine which one he chooses!

15. “The Boys of Fall” from Hemmingway’s Whiskey

If you have a parent who’s in love with football or grew up playing, this song is for them. It’s an ode to teamwork, camaraderie, and enjoying the best parts of game day. There’s a special magic to being on the field in front of all the fans. 

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Kenny Chesney Songs for a Child or Adult Child’s Funeral

Lastly, these country funeral songs are perfect for a child or adult child’s funeral. Losing a child is never easy, but they’ll be a part of you forever. Honor their legacy with these beautiful tributes from Kenny Chesney. 

16. “Half of My Hometown” from Kelsea

Sung with fellow Tennessee native Kelsea Ballerini, “Half of My Hometown” is all about growing up in a small town. Though everyone takes their own paths once high school is over, each journey is important. A part of the narrator will always stay in their hometown. 

17. “There Goes My Life” from When the Sun Goes Down

This song is about someone learning that their girlfriend is unexpectedly pregnant. Though they still feel like just a kid themselves, they have to learn to change their life’s path. When he meets his little girl, however, it was all worth it. She becomes his entire life. 

18. “Don’t Happen Twice” from Greatest Hits

Sometimes life blesses us with extremely important people. It’s strange when they’re no longer a part of your life, but you still cherish every special memory. No matter how brief, every relationship makes an impact on you. As Chesney says, “That’s something that just don’t happen twice.” 

19. “Wild Child” from The Big Revival

For a child who has a spirit that can’t be tamed, “Wild Child” is a beautiful tribute. Though she never stays in one place for long, she’s always closer than you think. She’s a kaleidoscope of colors, crazy hair, and the feeling of the wind. 

20. “Who You’d Be Today” from The Road and the Radio

Finally, “Who You’d Be Today” is about loss. Kenney Chesney wrote this song about the loss of a dear friend who passed away suddenly. He thinks of her often, wondering who she’d be today. Though it’s hard, when the sky is blue, he feels like she’s right there with him. 

Create a Legacy with Kenny Chesney

Ultimately, honoring a loved one is a highly personal process. Music has helped people heal for thousands of years. There’s a reason our favorite songs bring memories to life and connect us with those we love. If you’re honoring someone who loved country music, these Kenny Chesney songs are a natural fit. 

How do you want to be remembered? Create your own end-of-life plan today to make sure your wishes are met. While our time might be limited, our memories last beyond a lifetime.

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