Kohl's Senior Discount & Senior Discount Day


Who doesn't love Kohl's? It's a convenient place to go when you need black pants for a funeral or white tights for your five-year-old. Plus, you feel great when you see how much money you saved. 

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How could you save even more money at Kohl's? If you are a senior citizen, keep reading, and you’ll learn how. 

Kohl's Senior Discount Policy & Senior Discount Day

Customers "aged 60 or better" are eligible for a 15% discount every Wednesday at Kohl's. The store requires you provide identification so their sales associates can verify your age. 

The best part? Your senior discount can be applied in conjunction with other discounts. Types of discounts you might be able to use include Kohl's Cash, Yes2You rewards, promotional gifts, and dollar-off discounts. All of these discounts will be applied before the 15% discount. Kohl's Cash and Yes2You are Kohl's customer rewards programs. 

This means if you buy a $50 item at Kohl's, but you have $20 in Kohl's Cash, you will receive 15% off $30 ($50-$20). So for a $50 item, you would pay $25.50. 

Even though Kohl’s offers significant discounts, the logistics of visiting their stores might be problematic, especially if you use a wheelchair. In 2018, a class-action lawsuit was filed against the company. Customers claimed that Kohl's stores violated the American Disability Act. The suit said that the "store's aisles, counters, restrooms, fitting rooms, and parking lots" were not accessible by wheelchair.  

If you use a wheelchair, have a friend check the accessibility of the Kohl's near you. 

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Kohl's Senior Discount Exclusions

Discounts of any kind usually come with some fine print. Kohl’s discount details are online, but they’re not easy to find. Since it is difficult to find those details, here is a clear list of Kohl's senior discount exclusions.

First, Kohl's senior discount is only available when shopping at the brick-and-mortar stores. The discount cannot be used for online purchases. 

Customers over 60 may not add their 15% off discount to another percentage-off discount. So, you cannot combine percentages to receive a higher discount. For example, if women's activewear is 25% off, you cannot add your 15% senior discount and receive 40% off the product. But as we mentioned earlier, you can use your senior discount if an item has a dollar-off discount. 

Kohl's website also says that you cannot use the discount on purchases you have already made. So you need to ask for the discount before paying. And if you forget, the only way to get the discount is to return the item and buy it again. 

Your discount can not be applied to your balance on a Kohl's credit card. It also isn't applied to taxes or taken off on gift card purchases. 

Kohl's has a list of categories of merchandise and brands that are excluded from the senior discount. No discounts or promotional coupons can be used on these items. 

Although this list is rather lengthy, it is not the full list. Go to Kohl's website for a thorough list of brands that are excluded from senior discounts. If you aren’t sure that the item you’re interested in is eligible, ask a sales associate. They should be able to tell you without much trouble. 

3 Quick Tips for Saving Even More at Kohl's

Kohl's customers are offered a lot of incentives. Besides receiving a senior discount, here are more ways to save money when shopping at Kohl's. 

Use multiple coupons

Kohl's allows you to stack your coupons and rewards. According to the retailer's website, the discounts are applied in this order:

  • First, any percentage-off discounts for an entire department will be applied.
  • Second, the customer's Kohl's Cash will be subtracted from the subtotal.  
  • Finally, if there is a store-wide sale, and everything is reduced, this percentage is taken off the total amount due. 
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Sign up to receive Kohl's emails

It can be overwhelming to be on the receiving end of emails from every retailer you have ever visited. But in the case of Kohl's, it might be worth the extra emails. 

Kohl's emails include coupons to use in the store. They also send you notices when significant sales events are occurring. 

If you don’t want to sign up for emails, you may still be able to find Kohl’s coupons online. The best way to do that is to search your favorite retail coupon website for a Kohl's coupon.

The clerk at Kohl's can scan it from your smartphone. If you go this route, try to find your coupons before you go to check out. Nobody likes to wait at the checkout for someone to search through their phone. 

Use price matching to get the best deal

Kohl's allows you to price match. If you find a product listed for a cheaper price on the Kohl's website, Kohl’s will honor the online price. 

Kohl's also allows you to price match other retailers' prices. Of course, there are exclusions to this policy. First, the lower price must be found at a brick-and-mortar store, not an online store. Thanksgiving week prices will not be matched. The products on the discount exclusions list cannot be price matched.

Get a price adjustment

If you buy an item from Kohl's, and it goes on sale within two weeks of you buying it, you can receive a refund.  

You have 14-days to get your refund. Bring the original sales receipt to the customer service department. You will receive a refund for the difference in the prices. 

As always, exclusions apply. It's not valid for prices advertised during Thanksgiving week. The item also cannot have been purchased as a Buy One, Get One (BOGO) or on sale as a BOGO. 

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Shop on Mondays to receive a military discount

If you are an active or retired member of the military or a military family member, you can get 15% off your total purchase every Monday. The discount is not available online. Customers must present the proper identification. A military identification card, a state-issued ID that indicates the status of a veteran, or DD214 form are all accepted forms of ID. 

The servicemember discount cannot be combined with other percentage-off discounts. That policy is the same as the senior citizen's discount. 

Look at the available rebates on the Kohl's website

Purchasing some items at Kohl's may entitle you to a rebate from the vendor or the store.

Look at the "rebate" page on Kohl's website. At the time of writing this, rebates were available for electric shavers and electric toothbrushes. You have to mail in your proof of purchase to Kohl’s corporate office, but the additional discount can be worth the extra steps. 

Receive free shipping to a Kohl's store when you buy an item online

You won't be able to find every product that you see on Kohl's website at a physical store. I

f you are purchasing an online item that doesn’t qualify for free shipping, you may be able to have it shipped to your local store. Once the item arrives, you will be notified so you can pick it up at the customer service desk.

Saving Money at Kohl's

Do you pride yourself on being a savvy shopper? There are plenty of ways to save money at Kohl’s. If you like saving money, think about starting your end-of-life planning. There are a lot of decisions and expenses that go into end-of-life planning. By starting early you may be able to save money on your funeral expenses. 

It can be hard to stay within a budget. Kohl’s senior discount can help you keep your budget on track. And with all these handy tips, you’ll be able to make the most of your dollars. Saving money is something everyone can appreciate, regardless of age! 


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