What's Kroger's Senior Discount Policy?


Getting old has its perks: wisdom, respect from the youth (sometimes!), and—of course—the senior discount

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Many stores around the country pay respect to their elders in the form of a 10–20% discount for seniors. Some stores give even more! Let’s have a look at senior discount benefits at Kroger, a beloved grocery chain hailing from the American midwest.

Kroger’s Senior Discount Policy

In the past, Kroger featured a national senior discount program. However, a few years ago, Kroger discontinued the program

That said, some local stores may still offer a senior discount. The best way to find out if a senior discount is offered at your local Kroger is to give them a call.

When I called my local store, I discovered that seniors get 10% off on the first Tuesday of the month on all private brands, including apparel, shoes, accessories, home and garden, toys, electronics, auto, and jewelry. However, health and beauty no longer apply. The discount also does not apply to the lottery and liquor departments.

Most importantly, you'll need to ask the cashier for the discount. They made sure to tell me that it's up to the customer to initiate the savings.

Your local Kroger may or may not have a similar program for seniors. To find out, just call them up and ask.

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3 Other Quick Tips for Saving at the Grocery Store

There are more ways to save at Kroger than the senior discount. 

You’ll find great value by signing up to receive weekly ads online. By becoming a premium customer, you’ll receive special promotional information about upcoming events as well as coupons or freebies just for you. The key is to sign up online for a digital account. The rest is easy.

Digital coupons

Digital coupons are just like paper coupons, but they are much easier to get. Here’s how:

  1. Create a Shopper’s Card online.
  2. Reference the items on your grocery list to see if there is a coupon available.
  3. Add that coupon to your digital account. (You have a limit of 150 coupons to use at any one time.)
  4. Purchase your item either in the store or online.
  5. Scan your Shopper’s Card at the register.
  6. Your coupon will automatically be applied.
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Discount fuel program

Kroger also offers a discount fuel program that works on a point system. For every dollar you spend at Kroger, you get one point (excluding on items like alcohol and tobacco). Every time you earn 100 fuel points, you'll receive a 10 cent discount on fuel. 

There's no limit to how many discounts you can get during the month. However, the discount only lasts for 60 days and does not have a rollover. So, if you are having a big gathering coming up at your house, it would benefit you to shop in a Kroger Family Store, not only for the savings inside but also at the pump. 

Kroger’s discount fuel program works like this:

  1. Purchase your item either in the store or online.
  2. At the register, scan your Shopper’s Card.
  3. Rewards will automatically show up on your card, and you’ll see them listed right on your receipt, too.

Any time you can save a few bucks on fuel, you can add that cash straight into your retirement bucket list fund.

Look for digital coupons that give you 3x the fuel points, and you’ll be on your way to a faster 10 cent discount at the pump.

Cash Back Program

If the last two ways to save money haven’t convinced you already, this one definitely will. The Cash Back Program is actually about getting money back, and it’s super easy. 

Here’s how to reap the benefits:

  1. Make sure you’ve signed up for your digital account.
  2. Start loading offers on participating items directly to your Shopper’s Card.
  3. Purchase your item either in the store or online.
  4. Scan your card at the register.
  5. View the rewards in your online digital account.
  6. Select the amount you would like to cash out.
  7. Redeem your money right on your Shopper’s Card or through a PayPal account.

If you don’t have a PayPal account, don’t worry. They can help you sign up for one. But PayPal does have some hidden fees, so be careful not to lose your money to them.

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Save Now on Things You Already Buy

If you’re like me, then you love a bargain and don’t like to pay full price. Kroger makes it super easy to put more money back into your pocket at the end of the month to make room for those perks.

So, next time you see that birding or retirement magazine you’ve been eyeing, go ahead and get it. Then, you can learn how to invest and save even more money.


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