12 Last Chemo Treatment Gift Ideas to Surprise a Friend


Contributing writer, former long-term care admissions counselor and social worker

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Watching a friend endure chemotherapy and push through the cancer fight can be heart-wrenching.

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End of Chemo Gifts for Good Experiences

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Throughout chemotherapy, you might have sent a card with a positive message for cancer patients or find other ways to support someone with cancer. But when your good friend has achieved that final chemotherapy treatment, how do you surprise that special person? 

Here are practical, helpful gifts to properly celebrate this turning point. 

End of Chemo Gift Ideas for Good Experiences

During chemotherapy, your friend likely had to put some things on the back burner but now they might feel like they can start their life again.

A gift to celebrate this moment can help kickstart his future post-chemo and give them what they needs to do the things he missed most.  

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1. Outdoor items 

Is your friend into sports, fishing, or hunting? Once chemo is over, a new bow and arrow or fishing pole may be the perfect gift.

Pro tip: Don’t skimp on this gift. Get your friend that tennis racquet they always wanted — that last chemo treatment is a big deal.

2. Favorite food or drink

Chemotherapy brings about nausea and doctors’ orders for a specified diet. Your friend may not have been able to go out to the bar for a beer or eat his favorite meal as much as they would have liked during his chemotherapy treatments.

Surprise them with a bottle of his favorite wine or a gift card to a restaurant he loves. Alcohol labels can be personalized, so add a surprise by creating a personalized label (you can purchase them on Amazon) to celebrate their last chemo treatment.

Pro tip: Get the doctors’ permission first, then surprise your friend with a champagne toast to celebrate during their last chemo treatment! (If they feels up to it.) 

3. Tickets to an event

Your friend may want to attend an event they love now that they finally feeling up to it. Whether you offer tickets to a sports game or a concert, invite other people and celebrate your loved ones' return with your group of friends. 

Pro tip: Be sure the event is out a few weeks from chemotherapy to allow your friend to recharge and rest after his last treatment. 

End of Chemo Gift Ideas for at Home

Chemotherapy is painful, nauseating, and exhausting. The last chemo treatment will not mean your friend will be back to normal the very next day; it’ll take a little time to be back at 100%. A surprise gift that helps to heal and get your friend feeling back to normal will be appreciated.

4. Care package

Similar to a chemo care package, a survivor care package is a fun way to include things your friend can use now. Use a basket or a wrapped box, fill it with comfort items, fun items, and everything in between. 

If you want to send a subscription or pre-made box, we like the TheraBox self care subscription box.

Pro tip: Ask your loved ones what they miss doing or eating while undergoing treatment and create a package of all of those things! 

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5. Spa gifts

As mentioned, a final chemo treatment is exciting but your friend won’t be back to normal immediately.

Spa items that can be used long after a final chemo treatment is a great way to celebrate. You can opt for a spa gift card for a full day of pampering or items that help relaxation like candles, a heated blanket, and bath bombs.

Pro tip: Create a spa-themed care package that your friend can use even when cancer is a distant memory. Alternatively, you can purchase a pre-made spa gift basket from Amazon.

6. Shopping trip

Who doesn't love a shopping trip? Your loved one may enjoy a day of shopping for clothes that aren’t just post-chemo loungewear. If you're far away, consider buying them a a gift card to one of their favorite mall stores.

Pro tip: Arrange for your shopping trip to include a break for mealtime at your friend’s favorite restaurant. 

End of Chemo Gift Ideas for a Child

A child will be happy to be done with hours at the hospital and missing out on playdates. Celebrating the end of chemo with something huge will be a memory your child holds close and reflects on throughout life. 

7. A trip

Watching a child go through chemotherapy can be heartbreaking. The final chemotherapy treatment is not just a huge deal for the child, but it is for loved ones as well. This is the perfect time to put life on hold and set off for Disney or another destination. 

If you can't plan the trip for the child (say you're an extended family member or family friend), consider buying the parents gift cards to Airbnb or Hotels.com.

Pro tip: Allow the child to choose where the family goes on vacation! 

8. A party

Finishing chemo and beating cancer deserves a full-on party! This way, time can be appropriately celebrated and family and friends can show their love and support as well. Create a party with all things the child loves. 

Pro tip: The child will look back on this time in the future so be sure to take photos and keep any cards so he or she can see them later on. 

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9. Superhero day  

Beating cancer is nothing short of superhero behavior. Purchase a superhero costume for your favorite mini superhero, or sew a new costume if you know how to run a sewing machine. You can find a ton of inexpensive superhero costumes on Amazon.

Pro tip: Make a superhero day of it — watch superhero movies and buy superhero toys! 

End of Chemo Gift Ideas for a Parent or Grandparent

Parents are the glue that holds the family together. Throughout cancer treatment, you may have felt helpless since it might seem that roles are reversed. You’re used to them taking care of you! The final chemotherapy day is huge for the entire family, so celebrate accordingly! 

10. Video collage 

Consider giving your loved one a video collage. Create a compilation of clips of family and friends sharing their congratulations and happiness with your loved one. Encourage family members and friends to do something fun in their video like throw confetti or cheer for the camera. 

Pro tip: Surprise your parents with this at their last chemotherapy treatment! Bonus points if some of the featured loved ones show up with signs outside of the treatment center after they finish. 

11. Cook and clean

Make your loved one a perfect healing sanctuary by stocking the refrigerator, cleaning the bathroom, and setting up your loved one’s home with all needed supplies. These things might seem small but can allow your loved one to rest. If you can't be there to cook or clean for your loved one, consider buying them a subscription to Amazon Home Services or TaskRabbit.

Pro tip: Meal prep dinners for the next week or plan to come by to make a home-cooked meal for your loved one every so often. 

12. Personalized items   

Commemorate the date of your loved one’s last chemo treatment with an item they can set up in the house or use every so often. This might be a personalized ornament, a paperweight, or a shirt. Look around online for a website that can personalize an item your parents would enjoy.

Pro tip: This can be a DIY gift with an inspirational phrase or saying and the year on a picture frame you paint.

Celebrate Kicking Cancer’s Butt

When it comes down to it, the best gift you can give is the support and assistance your loved one needs. It’s not easy to fully capture the celebration and excitement the last chemotherapy brings.

These last chemo treatment gift ideas are a great way to celebrate, but the best thing is to offer a listening ear and help with getting back to normal. Your loved one has been through so much, and any way you choose to commemorate your friend or loved one’s journey will be meaningful. 

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