20+ Celebratory Last Day of Chemo or Radiation Sign Ideas


No one who has gone through extensive chemotherapy or radiation treatments would describe the experience as a “piece of cake.” In fact, most people dread the symptoms that accompany the treatments. Your friend or loved one may experience some uneasy symptoms like nausea and fatigue, on top of a host of other specific symptoms related to their radiation or chemotherapy treatment. Fighting cancer is not easy.

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If your friend is completing the last round of chemo or radiation, help to commemorate the event. Since your friend or loved one may still suffer the side effects from the treatment, they are probably not up to having a party. Instead, consider lining the route home with uplifting signs. Here are some ideas of what to write. 

Here are some ideas, including funny and cheerful messages for cancer patients as well as ones that show encouragement or pride. The more signs, the better! Ask others in your local community to support your friend by making a sign. 

Uplifting Last Day of Chemo or Radiation Sign Sayings or Slogans

Your friend may still have a long road ahead of them before they are completely recovered from the cancer treatment’s side effects. In fact, chances are that your friend will still need to undergo more tests and perhaps surgeries. Completing treatment does not mean that they are cured or in remission, and may need your support and encouragement. 

While you want your signs’ message to be uplifting and positive, they should also avoid celebrating remission or being “cured.” While you are hopeful that the treatment cured your friend, save those signs until you hear the word “remission” or “cured” from the oncologist.

1. “You did it!”

Some people are not able to complete full rounds of radiation or chemotherapy. If your friend was able to complete the treatment, celebrate this! This is not an easy thing to do.

2. “Ring That Bell!”

Many treatment centers celebrate a patient’s last treatment by ringing a bell. Celebrate this milestone with your friend.

3. “Hip Hip Hooray!”

Are you afraid that others won’t understand what you are celebrating? Consider adding the ribbon emblem appropriate for your loved one’s cancer. This will tell others what you are celebrating.

Even though most people associate cancer ribbons with the color pink, each type of cancer is assigned a color. Brain cancer is gray, and uterine cancer’s ribbon is peach.

4. “You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way.” 

Leave it to Dr. Seuss to come up with the right words for any situation. Your loved one may have had to put life on hold while fighting cancer. Celebrate that he or she can climb new mountains since finishing treatment.

5. “Chemo was tough, but (name) was tougher!”

No one describes chemo as being easy. Celebrate that your friend was able to persevere through the treatment. 

6. “After every storm comes a rainbow.”

Your loved one may have experienced the stormiest part of their lives. Remind them that rainbows often follow a severe storm.

7. “I want to be tough - like my mom!”

Get the kids involved with the sign-making. Watching a parent undergo cancer treatment can be traumatic for children. Make sure they are included in the celebration of this milestone.

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Funny Last Day of Chemo or Radiation Sign Sayings or Slogans

Was your friend able to keep their sense of humor throughout the chemo or radiation process? If your friend had funny quips about their treatment, the signs you make to celebrate the last one should be entertaining as well. 

Here are some funny sign ideas to consider using. These may not be appropriate for every situation. 

8. “No Mo’ Chemo”

You can also purchase a shirt with this message for your friend to wear during their last chemo treatment. 

9. “(Name) is a Badass!”

Accompany this message with a photo of your friend looking tough.

10. “You know all the time and money you saved by not having any hair? Sorry to break this to you, but it’s coming back.”

Did your friend have a great attitude about losing their hair? Whether that was easy or hard for them, remind them that their hair will soon return.

11. “If only chocolate cured cancer instead of chemo!”

Wouldn’t that be amazing? We could only dream!

12. “Watch out world!” (Name) has just gone through radiation, and we’re pretty sure that they now have superpowers!”

If we can dream about chocolate curing cancer, we can also dream about how radiation gives us superpowers.

13. “Beware of (name)! They already kicked cancer’s butt, and they might do the same to you.”

Can you compare your loved one to Chuck Norris or some other tough actor? If they completed all their treatments, they must be tough!

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14. “Doesn’t (name) look radiant? They should! They just finished all of their radiation treatments!”

We know this can be more of a punny compliment, but your friend will be able to handle it. After all, they got through all their cancer treatments, so they can handle anything.

You may also consider purchasing a last day of chemotherapy gift for your friend. Consider getting a gift card to a favorite clothing store, a spa treatment, or a bottle of champagne.

Last Day of Chemo or Radiation Sign Sayings for a Child

Watching a child fight cancer is heart-wrenching, especially for the parents. Celebrate the last day of chemo or radiation by displaying these signs on the way to and from the treatment center. You may also want to have signs in the treatment room and in front of the child’s house. 

You may ask the child’s teacher if their class can participate in the sign making. The teacher could use this as a teachable moment to discuss careers in science. Hopefully in this current generation of schoolchildren, someone will finally figure out how to cure this dreaded disease.

15. “Cancer is a big, fat doodie head.”

Sorry for the language, but it had to be said. This message would resonate with any child and will hopefully make them smile. 

16. “I do not like cancer here or there! I do not like cancer anywhere!”

The patient will surely recognize this phrasing as coming from “Green Eggs and Ham.” Decorate the poster with Dr. Seuss’s drawings.

17. “Hip, Hip, Hooray! Chemo ends today!”

Anyone would cheer for a child who has completed chemo or radiation. Don’t be surprised if the child receives hoots and hollers from total strangers because everyone will want to be a part of the celebration. 

18. “Chemo is Complete! (Mic drop).”

Older kids will appreciate this poster celebrating the end of chemo or radiation.

19. “It always seems impossible until it is done.”

Teach the child survivor that nothing is impossible. Surviving cancer may encourage the child to aim high and achieve other seemingly impossible goals. Consider using any encouraging quote on your sign, whether or not it has to do with cancer. 

Other Ways to Support Someone Going Through Chemo or Radiation

Besides giving your friend a small gift of support periodically, there are plenty of ways you can assist someone going through cancer. 

One of the best ways you can help your friend is by providing meals. Talk with your friend about what foods they may be able to tolerate, as chemotherapy may not leave your friend with an appetite. Even if your friend can’t chow down, your friend’s family would appreciate the meals. Cancer puts a financial strain on many families, and providing food can help reduce your friend’s grocery bill.

You may also show support to your friend going through chemo or radiation by giving rides to doctor’s appointments. Even if your friend is married, the spouse may have a difficult time taking time off of work for every appointment. Not only would your friend appreciate the ride, but they may also appreciate the company during the long chemo sessions.

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