20+ Traditional Latter-Day Saints (LDS) Funeral Songs


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Mormon funerals can certainly vary, but with all types of services, they are designed to bring mourners together for a final farewell. With any type of religious service, it is fairly common to have some traditional music to guide loved ones through the service and offer opportunities to reflect and come together as a community. After all, it is said that music touches the heart in ways that words can’t. 

As with all religious-based services, funerals for Latter-day Saints Church members tend to focus on the deceased’s relationship with their faith. So, it’s expected that the playlist would reflect that relationship. Below, we have combed through some of the most popular hymns found in the Church’s official music playlist to find the most appropriate for any in-person or virtual Mormon funeral. Read ahead if you are planning a funeral for a loved one, or looking for information on what to expect at a Mormon funeral.

Many of the songs here are religious funeral songs that may be heard during church services as well. These songs not only serve as a gentle reminder that God is there, but they can each bring peace and love during a challenging time of mourning and loss. 

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1. "Nearer My God to Thee"

When you lose someone near and dear to your heart, it can feel overwhelming. This song signifies getting back to the root of your faith to help relieve your pain and offer some comfort. 

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2. "Children of Our Heavenly Father"

At the end of the day, the LDS faith is based on a simple premise: that all people are the children of God. This song tells people we are all promised a place with God so long as we choose to do so. A message such as this will go a long way in providing some relief. 

3. "I Need Thee Every Hour"

When you lose someone close to you, it can feel incredibly isolating. This song reminds you to lean on your love for God to get you through such a harrowing time. It is simple, yet so very uplifting. 

4. "Oh, What Songs of the Heart"

Music and singing can help remedy the heart. This song is a terrific reminder of love, hope, and peace. It’s a beautiful song that many people adore. 

5. "For all the Saints"

This is an excellent hymnal to add to a traditional LDS funeral music playlist. It is a popular option that many people are drawn to when it starts. You will likely have heard this during a church service at some point. 

Tip: Creating a funeral playlist is just one of the difficult tasks you might be responsible for after the death of a loved one. Our post-loss checklist can help you sort out the rest. 

6. "Be Still, My Soul"

Peace is what so many people strive to find when they lose someone close to them. This song reminds us to take a moment to breathe and find a small piece of calm. With its sweet and inspiring, many Mormon church members select this song to be added to their playlist. 

7. "Abide with Me!"

This beautiful song is a popular addition to LDS funerals because of its religious theme and moving lyrics. 

8. "Each Life That Touches Ours for Good"

This song is especially a good choice for a funeral because it highlights how people come into our lives and change them for the better. When a person you love passes away, it’s certainly nice to remember the amazing influence that they have had on you. 

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9. "My Redeemer Lives"

When grief brings doubt, many people rely on their faith as the true constant in their lives. This moving song provides a gentle reminder that even through difficult times, God is there. 

10. "Lead Kindly Light"

Grief can make a person feel lost and confused. However, this song reminds people that it’s okay to rely on the leadership of God to get them through the darkest days. 

11. "Jesus, Lover of My Soul"

This lovely melody will stir feelings of peace and comfort as you mourn the loss of a beloved family member or friend. It helps people feel at peace and surrounded by love. 

12. "The Lord is My Shepherd"

Sometimes being reminded of the basics of your faith will go a long way in comforting you throughout the grief process. This simple song is often heard during church services so it will be familiar to those who listen to it. 

13. "Come Ye Disconsolate" 

In this song, based on the title alone, you can sing about how God is there for those who need him the most. If you’re unhappy, feeling alone, or simply need a bit more comfort--this is the song for you. 

14. "Oh My Father” 

Relying on your faith in God can make a difference during your darkest moments. This is a terrific option for a Latter-day Saints Church funeral song because its message is simple and clear. It’s a traditional song that many people will readily recognize. 

15. "Though Deepening Trials” 

Through difficult times, people can learn a lot about themselves and their faith. This song reminds people to rely on their faith even when times are hard. This song is not only about God, but the fact that you can get through even the most challenging times. 

16. "Guide Me to Thee”  

During the most difficult times, many people rely on their faith. When coping with the loss of someone, sometimes people simply needed to be reminded that God is there for them. Adding this to your playlist will give people a bit of hope that God with them as they mourn. 

17. “What is this Thing that Man Calls Death?”

If you’re searching for a somber religious song to include in a memorial service, then this tune will definitely fit that description. The lyrics send a message of hope despite the tears of losing a loved one, and the strength that emerges after enduring such sadness.

18. "A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief” 

Grief is a familiar part of the funeral process. This particular song tells the story of grief and normalizes that emotion that so many of us feel when the person we love passes away. It’s not only a touching song, but allows people the opportunity to reflect on their grief and understand that it is a process. 

19. “I Will Come Unto Christ” 

“I Will Come Unto Christ” is beautiful melody symbolizing Christ as a guiding light, and the lantern providing guidance for those who are blind, and those who are blinded from the lack of faith. With this song, mourners can focus on the journey of their loved one being fully in the presence of the Lord. This can be an uplifting message for those that are struggling with the acceptance of the death of their loved one. 

20. "As the Shadows Fall” 

This hymnal offers hope during a trying time. “As the Shadows Fall” depicts the importance of turning to God when times are troubling. It is said to be one of the most comforting funeral songs by those who have listened to it. 

Songs that Speak to the Heart

Funerals are personal experiences. Each service offers something unique based on the wishes of the deceased and their family. Considering the smaller details such as music will go a long way in helping people through the mourning process and adding those final reminders of what you believed in your life. 

When considering which songs you should add to your funeral playlist, think about the tone you want to create for everybody in attendance. If you want a traditional and religious ambiance, then the songs here are an excellent choice. For some mourners, songs such as these are small reminders that they need that grief doesn’t have to be experienced alone. 

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