Lock of Hair Keepsake Ideas for a Deceased Loved One


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When loved ones die, it is often helpful to have mementos in honor of their memory. These things become a type of family heirloom, a beloved treasure that’s passed down for years to come. One common keepsake when it comes to a deceased relative is hair. While it might sound unusual at first, humans have used hair as a type of keepsake for hundreds of years. 

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Because hair doesn’t decompose like other parts of the body, it’s become a symbol of eternal life and legacy. In Victorian times, hair was a common medium for creating unique works of art. Today, many parents keep strands of their children’s hair as a type of baby keepsake.

Hair is a very versatile reminder of a life passed. If you’re considering saving a lock of your loved one’s hair, these 12 ideas below might help your search.

Post-planning tip: If you are the executor for a deceased loved one, finding ways to memorialize them like this won't be the only thing you have to consider. Handling their unfinished business can be overwhelming without a way to organize your process. We have a post-loss checklist that will help you ensure that your loved one's family, estate, and other affairs are taken care of.

Lock of Hair Keepsake Jewelry Ideas

Lock of Hair Keepsake Jewelry

People used hair in jewelry for generations. It’s a versatile, easy way to keep your memory of your loved one close and with you at all times. 

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1. Hair locket

The easiest way to keep a lock of hair is in a hair locket. This is a small locket, not unlike a photo locket, but it’s designed to hold something small.

Because you can easily snip a small section of hair, it’s easy to secure this safely inside. A hair locket is a discrete option that’s very wearable for years to come. 

2. Hair memorial diamond

If you have a deceased loved one's lock of hair, you can send it in to be turned into a memorial diamond. After several months, you'll have a custom diamond that you can get set on a ring, necklace, or other jewelry.

Companies, like Eterneva, create lab-grown diamonds with about a half a cup of hair and allow you to pick from several cuts and colors for your gemstone. Even if you don't have enough hair to make a diamond, most companies offer cremated remains to diamond services as well.

3. Hair necklace

A hair necklace uses either metal or resin to seal the hair inside a medallion. This medallion is then used as part of a necklace, creating a stunning statement piece that always reminds you of your deceased loved one.

There are a variety of options to choose from, so there’s something for every taste.

4. Small ring

A more subtle option is to opt for a ring. Whether the hair is within the band or in a small focal point, a ring is a simple way to share your love. When combined with flowers, designs, and gems, this is a stunning work of art. 

5. Locket bracelet 

Another way to keep your loved one’s hair close is with a locket bracelet. Similar to the necklace, this locket encloses the hair of the deceased in a small container, typically in the shape of a heart, circle, or another symbol.

Feeling the bracelet’s presence on your wrist is a reminder that their memory is always with you. 

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Lock of Hair Keepsake Ideas for Your Home

Lock of Hair Keepsake Idea for Your Home

Having mementos in your home is a great way to remember a family member. Whether you choose something understated or an artistic piece, you’ll always feel your loved one’s presence. 

6. Photo album

If you have an album honoring your deceased loved one, you don’t have to limit your pages to just photos. Including other mementos like a lock of their hair and some of their favorite things helps present a clear picture of their life.

Just ensure you secure the lock of hair safely to the page with strong tape, a container, or glue. 

7. Small jar or container

A small jar is all you need to display a lock of your loved one’s hair. There are a number of clear decorative containers to choose from, and you can find something suitable to your existing decor.

Better yet, create your own jar or container to make something really personal and customized. 

Tip: If you're looking for something very unique (think a game, their motorcycle, or instrument of choice), you can custom order an urn from a store like Foreverence. You submit a design idea or sketch, then the company designs and 3D prints your urn, so you get a 100% unique container.

8. Suncatcher

If you like to leave the windows open to the sun in your home, why not include the hair in a suncatcher?

Having the lock shimmer with the morning’s sun in the window is a great way to feel your loved one’s warmth. You can encase the lock of hair in glass, hanging it with a simple chain. Though simple, this is a beautiful way to remember someone special. 

9. Artwork

If you’re artistically inclined, create artwork with your loved one’s hair. Scroll through some of the Victorian hair designs to see how people used hair to create some impressive artwork throughout the years.

While some might require advanced hair skills, other designs are relatively simple to master. 

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More Lock of Hair Keepsake Ideas

More Lock of Hair Keepsake Ideas

Finally, it sometimes pays to get a bit creative. This is a deeply personal memento, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Whether you’re intending to keep the hair for yourself or to use it as a memorial gift, these are some more ideas. 

10. Satchel

Because it’s so common to keep a strand of baby’s hair, there are a lot of satchels you can purchase just for storing hair.

These are personalizable with the name of the deceased, and they come in many sizes. Storing the lock of hair is as easy as slipping it inside and securing the clasp. 

11. Pillbox

Since most people only need to store a small lock of hair, you don’t need anything extensive or fancy. Pillboxes are the perfect size, and they’re also discrete.

You can leave this by your bed, in your office, or anywhere you want. For a unique look, choose an antique or vintage-inspired design. 

12. Use a frame

If you have a clear frame, you can use this to secure the hair and display it somewhere special. Place it next to a beloved photo or on its own.

To help the strands of hair stand out, use a clear, standing frame that sits upright without needing a surface. This is a simple but very powerful way to preserve these strands of hair that matter so much. 

13. Keepsake box

Last but not least, store the hair of someone special in a keepsake box. This can be a box that only has the lock of hair, or you can include other mementos that matter to you or your loved one.

Some other things to add to the keepsake box are photographs, the funeral card, handwritten letters, and poems your loved one liked. Invite other family members to add to the box as well.  This is a great way to create something that pays tribute to their memory. 

If you're looking for more ideas for times, read our guide on baby memory boxes.

Save Your Loved One’s Legacy

There’s no right or wrong way to remember someone important to you. For many, it feels helpful to have a part of them close to you after they pass on. A small lock of hair is an easy way to keep them near without worry. Because hair lasts forever as long as it’s kept somewhere safe, you don’t have to worry about it fading over time. Like our memories, it’s a strong reminder that we leave a lot behind when we die. 

What type of legacy do you want for yourself and those you care about? These ideas above are simple, no matter what you have in mind. Keeping a lock of hair can be a highly personal thing. Honor the memory of your special someone with one of these unique ideas above. Whether you choose to have jewelry created or you build your own keepsake box, know that their memory is alive in you and your actions. 

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