28 Unique Memorial Lockets for Cremation Ashes


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Mourning jewelry and mementos date back to Roman Civilization. Back then they took the form of lockets when Queen Victoria lost her beloved Prince Albert. Hers was a wooden locket that would eventually transform into what we’re familiar with today. You can keep your loved ones forever in your heart by keeping a remembrance urn close to your heart.  

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Whether you’re looking for something more or less conventional for a loved one, you’ll find several unique and beautiful options from which to choose. Take a look below to find a memorial locket that can be filled with just a pinch of ashes and an enormous amount of love.

Tip: If you're looking for something very unique to display (think a game, their motorcycle, or instrument of choice), you can custom order an urn from a store like Foreverence. You submit a design idea or sketch, then the company designs and 3D prints your urn, so you get a 100% unique container. Another unique option is turning your pet's ashes into cremation stones with Parting Stone.

What’s a Locket for Cremation Ashes?

Known as cremation, remembrance, or memorial jewelry, lockets for cremation ashes act as pendants you can wear to keep your loved one near your heart. These lockets come in many shapes and metals, fitting your personal needs and budget. 

Though many consider these pendants to be lockets simply because they hold ashes, some have hinges and can hold pictures or locks of hair, as with traditionally defined lockets.

These lockets come designed with an inner compartment commonly used to hold the cremated remains of a human, or in some cases, a pet. The tubes are accessible via a screw located either at the top of the back of the piece.

Most remembrance lockets also arrive with a kit, which includes instructions, a funnel, and some glue. You’ll only need a pinch of ashes to fill one of these lockets, giving room for additional family members to choose their own memorial jewelry. 

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How Much Do Lockets for Cremation Ashes Typically Cost?

Cremation lockets for ashes vary in size, metals, and stones used, which means their prices can range from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars, with averages somewhere between $70 and $250. But let’s break down the differences in cost so that you know what to expect when making a purchase.

Unfortunately, lockets costing just a few dollars won’t have a desirable quality to them and will likely have issues within a few weeks or months of wear. These can be found almost anywhere on the Internet, but don’t expect them to last, let alone come with a warranty. Still, these might work if you plan on wearing the locket only on special occasions.

Lockets in the low mid-range include a variety of metals, crystals and may come with warranties—not to mention the customer service available to you when purchasing. Metals include stainless steel, titanium, and Sterling silver. Some of these are engravable but at an additional cost.  

Those in the upper mid-range offer similar metals but with optional rhodium or vermeil plating. The price increase also offers a more vast selection of motifs such as thumbprints, angel wings, and Celtic crosses. Necklaces, personalized engravings, or Swarovski crystals may come at no additional charge.

The most expensive remembrance jewelry includes precious metals like rose gold and gemstones, matching chains or necklaces, and customer satisfaction warranties. Further and more unique features are also available, such as handprints or footprints. 

Lockets for a Loved One’s Ashes

Choices for lockets for loved ones have blossomed from flora to fauna and symbols to shapes. No matter what their interest, you’re bound to find something that speaks of their nature, but also speaks to your heart.

1. Steampunk locket

If you’re looking for something as unique as your loved one, then choosing between bees, clocks, and roses is just the beginning.

Talk with the jewelry artist, and you might even be able to commission something one-off. There might even be an option on Etsy you may find interesting.

2. Bronze tree of life memorial locket with inner orb

If you don't wish to see the ashes through the filigree tree, there are alternative options. However, it's recommended that you then use glue to seal the latch on the locket for safekeeping.

3. Sunflower urn necklace

A sunflower might be the perfect choice for a loved one who was full of life. As you know, the sunflower tracks the sun throughout the day, seeking any ray of light.

If your loved reminds you of that search for warmth inside beauty, the sunflower will be a perfect choice.

4. Sterling silver dragonfly

Embracing the dragonfly means that you likely embrace something more rooted in the meaning of life. It's an especially right choice for a loved one who, like you, believed one must be malleable to events as they come.

5. Sterling silver angel’s wings

Silver angel wings will hold a pinch of ashes from a little one who passed much, much too soon. Choose from a heart-shaped or a simple angel-shaped option.

6. Heart-shaped silver necklace with forget-me-not flower

The heart represents love, while the forget-me-not flower represents truth, honesty, and devotion. Both of these combine to make an appropriate and beautiful necklace for someone who has lost their life partner. 

7. Infinity symbol

The infinity symbol, or lemniscate, would work well for the mathematician, engineer, or IT professional.

Although these have a wide range in cost, particularly if you’re seeking out one in precious metal, you can find some affordable silver-plated options.

8. Torus-shaped pendant

Not everyone is looking to announce their grief with an obvious piece of mourning jewelry. So, consider a discrete torus, or ring-shaped pendant. Most people will assume it's something handmade and original, but nothing more.

9. Faux turquoise teardrop locket

Discretely conceal your mourning pendant with a teardrop-shaped dyed howlite (a white stone that is often sold as a representation of turquoise). If you're interested in another shape, just communicate with the artist for alterations on their design.

10. Feather with a small glass orb for ashes

Was your mom an ornithologist or retired birder? If so, here's a lovely pendant idea with her career (or hobby) in mind.

You can choose the color for the orb, including green, blue, yellow, pink, or purple. Choose one that will remind you of her.

11. Patriotic silver eagle for military member

Are you looking to represent the spirit of your loved one through a memorial pendant?

Even if your loved one didn't serve in the military, the bald eagle would work for anyone extremely patriotic. You can wear it with as much pride on your chest as they held in their heart.

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12. Seashell with sea star memorial locket

If you and some loved ones are planning to scatter ashes at the beach, consider this pendant a potential keepsake for close family members. You could also grab a small vial of sand to mix with their cremains to have a layer of memories to hold near your heart.

13. Sea turtle locket

This pendant is for anyone who adored sea turtles or was an advocate for ocean health and sustainability.

Just a tiny pinch of ashes fits snug inside and will continue to be airtight for generations. If you follow the care instructions, your locket will remain beautiful.

14. Real dried flowers necklace locket

Consider drying a petal or two from that unique wildflower garden that took up most of your loved one's time and energy. If the locket is glass, you'll see the cremains along with the colorful petals inside. You can also find one on Etsy.

15. Biological heart for your beloved

Wear this silver biologically accurate heart right above your own by choosing the correct necklace length. If the artist you’re working with does not have multiple chain options, then determine if you can buy the locket by itself.

That way, you can purchase the right size somewhere else.

Lockets for a Pet’s Ashes

There’s no need to feel constrained by stereotypes or spending limits with pet memorial jewelry. There are fantastic options out there if you let your imagination go for a while. To get you started, here's a shortlist of options.

16. Hourglass urn necklace

An hourglass makes for a unique cremation jewelry option because we often measure time and distance with loved ones.

Choose from silver, copper, gold, and black metals and then flip it up or down when you’re thinking of them the hardest. 

17. Wolf locket

The wolf is a loyal pack animal that can teach and learn from pack mates in their inner circle. They’re also ambitious, adept, and form lifelong bonds. So, whether your pup was a big or little howler, inside was most certainly the wolf's spirit.

18. Disc-shaped glass vial for ashes wrapped in silver 

Rather than filling the vial necklace with ashes alone, consider an additional contribution of hair or some dried flowers. When you look at the vial, you see more than the ashes; you know the life they loved and the things they loved to do.

19. Memorial diamond pendant

Some companies, like Eterneva, create lab-grown memorial diamonds from your pet's ashes instead of filling a locket with loose cremains. You can choose from a few colors (clear, red, blue, green, yellow, or black) and several sizes (0.1 to 3.0 carats). The sticker price will probably shock you, but it'll be worth it.

20. Infused artisan-blown glass pendant

Not all glassblowers will offer this option. But if you live in a large enough area, you'll find a local artist specializing in cremains or ashes.

When you're able, you'll want to meet them to go over their portfolio and discuss your options.

21. Blue sandstone constellation locket

Blue sandstone looks like you're holding a million stars in the palm of your hand, which makes for a memorial locket that is big, bold, and unique. You'll discover sizes, ranging from choker (14") to lariat (33"), to suit your needs.

Choose this to remember the loyal dog who joined you on all of those camping trips.

22. Locket for pet ashes with photo

If you're like me, you've probably got hundreds, if not thousands, of your furry kid's photos on your phone.

If the artist assembles everything for you, choose a photo with a high enough resolution to fit a small frame. They'll send you instructions for an email after the purchase.

23. Silver locket with pawprints

Those muddy paws and countertop prints probably don't matter anymore, do they? That's why paw prints make for a sweet reminder of both cats and dogs.

There are several options available online, which may include personalization or engraving.

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24. Green crystal urn

A tiny pinch of ashes can be kept safely inside this beautiful structure. The artist may not have options for a larger size, but you should choose an appropriate chain style and length to suit your needs.

25. Celtic trinity knot

When choosing a Celtic knot, read the reviews to find one of quality; otherwise, you may be disappointed.

Once you've found the artist you'd like to work with, choose a shape that fits your needs best. Options include round, oval, tubular, square, cylindrical, and triquetra.

26. Silver personalized round locket

If you think of this in terms of a dog's name tag, sometimes the most straightforward or simple option is the best.

Pro-tip: Once you personalize an item, it becomes non-returnable. Make sure you have excellent communication with the seller or artist to get exactly what you want.

27. Heart-shaped nose print locket with a chamber for ashes

Nose prints make for both heartwarming and creative urns for your doggo. Because technology is so amazing, you should snap a photo of your little one's nose for this project.

Not only that, but you should also be able to personalize the pendant with their name.

28. Dog tag urn with a chamber for ashes

Indomitable guardians of the realm come in sizes ranging from teacup to giant. No matter what size your little protector might have been, they deserve a memorial befitting their character, not their size.

Consider a dog tag that you can engrave and personalize with your tough little snuggler’s name and birthday.

Where Can You Purchase Memorial Lockets for Cremation Ashes Online?

Shopping online for memorial lockets offers you a greater opportunity to share ideas and gain support from family and friends. Plus, when you’re shopping from the comfort of your home, you’ll be in a safe, private space to cry and reflect on your lost loved one.

The funeral home

Funeral homes have been increasing their online presence over the last few years to accommodate the needs of society and the way it’s been changing. Ask your funeral director if they have an option to search through their inventory from the comfort of your home.


Etsy has long been the go-to marketplace for artisan-made goods, including cremation lockets and other memorial jewelry. You’re bound to find better pricing and comparable customer service to a funeral home as most “shop” owners are well-versed crafters.

Bonus: Shops leave room for customer reviews so that you can be sure of your purchase and satisfaction.

Mainely Urns and Memorials

Mainely Urns is a company located out of Gloucester, Maine, offering a wide range of lockets for pet and human ashes with various available themes such as Celtic, military, nose, and paw prints. 

Look for metals ranging from brass to 14k gold and locket prices from $34.00 to $2,700. 

Perfect Memorials

Perfect Memorials is based out of Eden Prairie, MN, a suburb of the Twin Cities. They offer a unique selection of cremation lockets, from crosses or cylinders to awareness ribbons and glass vials. 

Metals include stainless steel, gold, platinum, and more, with prices up to $3,900. 

Stardust Memorials

From the shores of Lake Michigan comes Stardust Memorials, offering products with 90-day returns and exchanges for any reason unless ashes have been placed inside or the item has been engraved.

Lockets vary in material, theme, and range in price, but you can find median prices of roughly $100.

Keeping Your Loved One Near Your Heart

Hopefully, this list has helped you discover a range of options for memorializing a loved one with a pendant. From conventional choices to unconventional ones, it's essential not just to think about how they lived, but also how their spirit thrived.

Pro-tip: Most funeral homes welcome you to use any memorial jewelry you like for your loved one, whether that purchase is made with the funeral home or not. But don’t be surprised if you incur a small fee for using more than one urn. 

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