12 Loving Care Packages Perfect for Long-Distance Couples


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When you love someone, you just want to be with them all the time. But unfortunately, that’s not always possible.

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Long-Distance Care Package Ideas for Her

Long-Distance Care Package Ideas for Him

DIY Long-Distance Care Package Ideas

Digital or Virtual Long-Distance Care Package Ideas

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Thanks to the internet, people are falling in love with each other from halfway across the world. Or sometimes you’ll enter into a relationship with someone, but circumstances will conspire to keep you apart.

One partner may need to move away for school, work, or to care for a family member. Not every relationship survives this kind of distance. But when you really care about someone, you do whatever it takes to make it work. 

One way to keep a relationship strong, even over long distances, is to send each other sweet care packages. Here, we talk about some care package ideas to send to a long-distance love. 

Long-Distance Care Package Ideas for Her

If your wife or girlfriend is living far away, she may need some comfort. Not only is she without you, her partner, but she may be missing out on support from family and friends. Here are some ideas for thoughtful care packages to brighten her day.

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1. Comfort items care package

When you’re far from home, it can be really isolating. Certain comfort items can help us feel cared for. Pull together a gift basket with luxurious items that feel like a warm hug. This can include things like:

When your partner is feeling sad or down, they can reach for these items. They’ll feel cozy and cared for.  

2. Home spa in a basket

We all need to take time to relax. But we’re not always good at remembering to do that. Send your special lady all the things she needs to have a relaxing spa day at home. This way she can unwind and take care of herself in her own space.

This kind of care package should include things like:

If you don’t know where to begin, pop into a bath and body store and ask for help. They can help you pull together a gift basket with sample-size items. Your partner will love getting a chance to play with fun new products while they relax. 

3. Arts and crafts care package

If your girlfriend or wife likes unwinding with craft projects, pull some together into a care package for her. Pay attention to what she likes.

If she’s a knitter, for instance, you could get her some high-end yarn. If she prefers cross-stitch, purchase some fun patterns for her to try. If she aspires to be crafty but isn’t trained in anything, get an adult coloring book and some colored pencils. Whenever she indulges in her hobby with these supplies, she’ll feel closer to you.  

Long-Distance Care Package Ideas for Him

Men need to feel comforted and cared for just as much as women do. If your husband or boyfriend is far away, a care package can help lift his mood. Here are some thoughtful care package ideas for the special guy in your life:

4. Grill gift basket

Does your guy love to cook out? Put together a thoughtful grill-themed care package for him. Even if he already has all the grilling tools he needs, you can get him fancy marinades and seasoning blends.

You can even get a box sent with nice cuts of meat! Just make sure he knows he owes you dinner when you’re back in the same place again.   

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5. Plant package

If your partner has to go away for an extended period for work or school, they might not just be missing you.

If you have a pet, they might be missing having a living thing to care for, too. You can send them a plant-themed gift basket. Succulents are fairly hardy and easy to care for, and they even add a cute decorative touch to your partner’s living space.

6. Self-care basket

Women aren’t the only ones who need self-care. Men need to take care of themselves, too. Pick out a nice shampoo and body wash and send it in a box along with some skincare items. Every time your partner takes a shower, he’ll think of you. 

DIY Long-Distance Care Package Ideas

Sometimes the most meaningful gifts aren’t ones that you can buy. They’re something that you make yourself. These thoughtful DIY gifts are the perfect way to show someone you care from afar.

7. Snack basket

Sometimes when someone moves far away, they don’t have access to all the things they really love. This might include snacks that are only available locally or regionally.

For instance, if your partner is spending a semester abroad, they might be missing certain foods they can only get where you live. Go around and pick up as many nonperishable items as you can, package them up, and send them to your partner. They’ll be grateful for a literal taste of home.  

8. Family photo album

If your partner is away from both you and their family members, they may feel very alone. You can help bring them comfort by preparing a care package that reminds them of all their loved ones.

Gather up artifacts from your own relationship, like photos of the two of you together. You can also reach out to their other family members to get photos of them with their loved ones. Put these all together into a photo album they can look at whenever they feel alone.    

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9. Book of letters

Pictures of friends and family members can bring comfort, but it can be fleeting. Pictures don’t take that long to flip through, after all.

Go an extra step and get friends and family members to write letters to your partner. They can write chatty missives filled with information about their lives, or they could write an open-when letter for times when your partner is feeling down. They can also talk about things that they love and admire about your partner. This can help your partner feel more connected to the people they care about.

Even if they’re far away from the people they love, they’ll get a firsthand glimpse into what’s happening in their lives. They’ll also be able to go back and look at the letters when they need a boost in self-confidence.    

Digital or Virtual Long-Distance Care Package Ideas

We all lead busy lives. It’s not always easy to go out and buy a gift and then wrap it up and send it out. But you can simplify the gift-giving process while still sending something thoughtful.

Digital gifts can get sent out in a fraction of the time as a tangible gift but can have just as major of an impact. Here are some great gift ideas for a digital care package for your partner.  

10. Streaming service membership for virtual watch parties

When you live near your partner, it’s easy to connect over pop culture. You might have a weekly movie night, or hang out on the weekends to binge-watch shows together. Things like that are more challenging when you live far apart from one another.

But some streaming services are making it a little easier. Netflix, Hulu, and some other services offer virtual watch party options. They allow two or more people to start a show or movie at the same time, even thousands of miles apart.

You can pause the movie or show simultaneously to talk about it or take a snack break. If you can’t curl up on the couch with your partner to watch a movie, this is the next best thing.   

11. Audiobook membership for a virtual book club

TV and movies aren’t the only pop-culture artifacts you can share with a partner. Learning what kind of books your partner likes can be a great way to understand them better. Sign both of you up for a service that allows you to access audiobooks. You can pick a book to listen to, and then chat about it together.

When we’re far apart from a loved one, we need to make an extra effort to find things to bond over. Pursuing a shared goal like this is a great way to connect.   

12. Create a playlist

Music can provide a soundtrack for our lives. It can also provide a soundtrack for our relationships. Put together a playlist for your paramour featuring songs that mean something to you both. They could include a song that played on your first date or a song you danced to at someone’s wedding.

If your entire relationship has been online, you can still find songs that mean something. If you both like certain bands, you could put together a playlist of their best songs. A playlist is a great way to commemorate certain life events or just show that you pay attention to your loved one’s interests.   

Show Long-Distance Partners You Care With Thoughtful Care Packages

When someone you love is far away, it’s can be difficult to show them you care. All the little things you can do when someone is there with you aren’t possible. But you can still make special gestures that strengthen your relationship, even if there are miles between you.

Take time to send sweet thinking of you messages. Combine that with bigger gestures, like curating thoughtful care packages. Even if you and your partner can’t be together, you can still connect in a special way. 

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