16 Popular Malayalam Songs for a Funeral


India is a company full of rich culture and history. As one of the world’s largest countries and most populous, it should come as no surprise that India is also home to a diverse tradition of music and songwriting. However, not all music in India sounds the same. In fact, there are over 100 languages spoken in India by groups of over 10,000. While Hindi is the most popular language, you can also find a number of popular Malayalam songs. 

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Malayalam has its roots in the Dravidian language. It’s most often spoken in the Indian state of Kerala by the Malayali people. Spoken only by around 2.8% of Indians, it’s considered one of the Classic Languages of India. With Hindu funerals amongst the most common in India and across the globe, more people are looking to honor their unique languages with the best funeral songs

With that in mind, what are the most popular Malayalam songs for a funeral or memorial service? While many of these depend on personal preference and the tone of the service, we will highlight some of the most common across genres. The right funeral song or funeral playlist creates a particular tone for your event. Whether you’re grieving as a family or celebrating someone’s life well-lived, don’t underestimate the power of music. It’s the voice of emotion. 

Popular Contemporary Malayalam Funeral Songs

Contemporary songs are of the current era, and they convey many of the themes important to us today. Perfect for those who wish to honor someone in a unique way, these contemporary Malayalam funeral songs are ideal for a funeral service. Though contemporary, these songs still evoke a sense of beauty and togetherness. 

1. “Samayamam Radhathil” by Kester

This contemporary song is based on the Christian faith. Through the Malayalam language, the narrator describes finding peace as he travels back home to Jesus in Heaven. Though this is his final journey, he is not afraid. 

2. “Vidavangunnen Naswaram Ulakil” by Fr. Severios

Meaning “Goodbye Mortal World,” this is a Christian song saying goodbye to friends and family. Through God, we can all find salvation. Though this is the end of one’s life, it’s also a time to reflect on the good times they had. 

3. “Mahabharatham” by Asianet

Though less traditional, this song is a well-known way to honor Karna, also known as Vasusena. One of the main protagonists of a famous Hindi epic, this is a song of rebirth, change, and growth. 

4. “Neeyilla Neram” by Sooraj Kurup and Deepa Palanad

Created for the romance film “Luca,” this is a song about losing a loved one. Even though the one you love is gone, you still feel them in your heart and around you. Sometimes grief feels similar to darkness, and it’s hard to find your way out. 

5. “Oduvileyathrakkayinnu M” by Vijay Yesudas

Lastly, this song is about the living and the dead. Though death is the end, it’s also a reminder that you can die long before your final day. It’s important to express your feelings and your love while you still have the time to do so. You don’t want to die with regrets. 

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Popular Traditional Malayalam Funeral Songs

Traditional funeral songs also have a strong place within the Malayalam funeral tradition. These songs survived generations, and they pave a way back through time to honor today and yesterday as one. When a song is popular, that means it’s well-loved. 

6. “Maranam Varumoru Naal” 

This song literally translates to “Someday Death Will Come.” Though this might sound somber and alarming to outsiders, it’s a source of peace to those in the Hindu religion. Death is a natural part of life, and it simply means the cycle is repeating itself. 

7. “Vidavangunnen” by Great Abel Achan

Another popular Malayalam funeral song is “Vidavangunnen.” Even those who don’t understand the language can relate to the somber tones, and this song has a way of reaching deep into your soul. Translated to English, this song is about praying for peace in God’s image. To die is to become immortal, and this is a time for reflection. 

8. “​​Ormakal Mathramayi” by Kester

This heart-touching song is about the definitive truths of life. Though death is certain, it’s important to face these transitions with reflection. We will all face our own ends, so we should make the most of the time we have today. 

9. “Aliveni” by Kalyani Menson

This song is easily one of the most traditional in the Kerala region. It’s been redone time and time again, and each version puts a unique spin on this classic. A song of reflection, familiarity, and family, this is the perfect way to honor anyone’s life. 

10. “Nalla Devane” 

Finally, “Nalla Devane” is a traditional Malayalam Christian and devotional song. All about finding love and faith through Christ, this song brings joy to followers everywhere. If you’re planning a memorial service, this is a natural choice. 

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Popular Malayalam Songs for a Parent or Grandparent’s Funeral

Honoring a parent or grandparent is an important part of the funeral process. In Indian tradition, these ties are the foundation for communities. These Malayalam songs below are perfect for a funeral slideshow honoring our first teachers and caregivers. How will you say goodbye when it matters the most?

11. “Malaghapole Makale”

Translated to “Mummy and Me,” this is a song about the relationship between a mom and child. A mother’s hands are always there to help us when we fall down. Even when she’s gone, we still feel her strength. 

12. “My Big Father” 

In the famous Malayalam movie “My Big Father,” a father with a physical disability struggles to raise his son. This song is a reminder that a father’s love is stronger than anything. No matter the father’s background, his love lives on.

13. “Aattuthottil” by P. Jayachandran

A song about a father’s love for his growing daughter, “Aattuthottil” describes the idea that it’s hard for parents to let go of their children when the time comes. Though times aren’t always easy, there are so many memories to recall when times get bad. The bond between parents and children can’t be understated. 

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Popular Malayalam Songs for a Child or Adult Child’s Funeral

Lastly, these popular Malayalam songs are for a child or adult’s funeral service. They honor the innocence in us all. Whether taken from the world too soon or a child at heart, these songs touch on what’s unique in all of us. Nostalgia and childhood are universal themes that relate to everyone far and wide. 

14. “Kurumbi” by Sreya Jayadeep

First, this song is an ode to childhood. These days of simplicity go by so quickly, but they’re important to cherish. No matter how brief, childhood is a special blessing for families. 

15. “Minungum Minnaminuge” by M. G. Sreekumar

A song about the beauty of home, “Minungum Minnamingue” is steeped in nostalgia. Music truly has no language, and that’s true for this song. Though children grow older, they will always return to the childhood memories they cherished so much.

16. “Vavavo Vavurangu” by K. S. Chithra

Last but not least, this is a famous Malayalam lullaby. The heart-wrenching composition is about finding peace at the end of a long day. Most importantly, it’s a song of hope and togetherness. Finding strength in dark times isn’t easy, but you are capable of more than you think. 

Celebrate a Life Through Malayalam Music

Whether you’re honoring someone who speaks Malayalam or you’re simply attracted to the beautiful music, these songs above are perfect for any final send off. Music transcends culture, timelines, and geography. It bridges gaps between people no matter how far or wide. 

You don’t have to speak Malayalam to understand the beauty of these songs above. From film soundtracks to devotional prayers, there are so many ways to say goodbye to those you love. As long as the song is meaningful to you, you’re on the right track. A funeral playlist sets the tone for the event, whether you’re celebrating a life or mourning as a family. 

Have you given any thought to what music you want at your own funeral? There are no easy answers, but it’s important to ask the right questions. You can create your own end-of-life plan for free today. Don’t forget to share it with trusted loved ones! 

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