18 Best Mariachi Songs for a Funeral or Memorial


You may associate mariachi music with strolling musicians who make drinking margaritas even more of a celebratory event than usual. However, mariachi describes a type of Mexican folk music that can be appropriate for many different occasions, including a funeral. 

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Here are some mariachi songs (as well as a few other Spanish-lyric songs) to consider for a funeral or memorial service. 

Mariachi Funeral Songs for Mom or Grandma

Are you trying to find a song that describes the loss of a mother or special grandmother? Consider reading the lyrics to these pieces to see if they explain how you are feeling. You might also search for a list of Spanish funeral songs,

1. “Tengo Madre” from 16 Bandazos de Oro

This song would be bittersweet to play at the funeral of a mother or grandmother. It is a simple celebration of mothers and includes the lines: 

"I'm happy
very happy at your side
I have a mother
who cries for me."

2. “Mi Novia Se Me Está Poniendo Vieja” from Independiente

The speaker in this song sings about his "girlfriend" and remarks how, although faithful, she is getting older and having a difficult time walking. The last stanza of the song reads, "And although the analogy is already so obvious, You will know that I am speaking about you mom."

3. “A La Sombra De Mi Madre” from Independiente

This sorrowful song sings the praises of a special woman. The middle of the song has a speaking section, which reads:

"If ever mother
You are going to heaven
Take me dear mother
Do not leave me 
Do not leave me
I love you."

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Mariachi Funeral Songs for Dad or Grandpa

Several Spanish funeral songs would be appropriate for the loss of a father or grandfather. Here are some funeral songs for Dad that you might hear at a Mexican funeral. 

4. “Mi Viejo” from Mi Viejo 

The speaker in "My Old Man" describes the sadness of a male figure in his family. One stanza reads:

"I have the new years
And my father has the old years
He carries the pain inside
And its history is timeless."

5. “Que Falta Me Hace Mi Padre” from 15 Exitos Con Banda

The title of this song translates to "How I Miss My Father." The lyrics in this sweet song are beautiful in their simplicity. The piece includes a stanza that reads:

"He showed me how to work
he advised me to be a decent man,
he showed me the right path
and to live like everyone else."

6. “Cuando Yo Quería Ser Grande” from Alejandro Fernández

This song is unique because the speaker comments on how difficult it is to see his father aging. The last stanza reads:

"When your steps grow weak
I want to be the one that takes care of them,
for now give me your arm
and we'll see what it is you have to say to me."

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Slow or Sad Mariachi Funeral Songs

It's hard to say goodbye to someone you love. Thankfully, songwriters and poets are able to put into words what we are all thinking and feeling. Here are some sad funeral songs for your loved one's funeral. 

7. “Cuando Un Amigo Se Va” from Coincidencias

This sad-sounding song's title translates to "When a Friend Goes Away." The song describes what it feels like to lose a friend to death. One of the stanzas reads:

"When a friend goes away
galloping his destination,
the soul begins to vibrate
because it is filled with cold."

8. “Amor Eterno” from Amor Eterno: Los Éxitos

You didn't have to be in Honors Spanish to figure out that the title of this Mariachi song translates to “Love Eternal.” Not surprisingly, this song is about the death or loss of a spouse, partner, or lover. The first line translates to:

"You are the sadness in my eyes.
That weep in silence for your love."

9. "Déjame Ir" from Trece

Andrés Cepeda’s “Déjame Ir” is about the loss of romantic love. It may describe the end of a relationship for a reason other than death, but it would be poignant to play at a funeral, as well. 

10. "Mariachi Funeral" from Lost in Translation

We included this song on the list because of the title. Even though it is a song without lyrics, it may or may not have the right tone for your loved one's funeral. You might consider using it as background music or to accompany a funeral slideshow.

11. "El Amor De Mi Vida" from Ricky Martin

Even though we aren't sure if this would technically be considered a mariachi song, you could consider using it at the funeral of a loved one. The title translates to "The Love of My Life." Although it might be talking about a breakup, it could also refer to the loss of love caused by the death of an individual.

12. “Las Golondrinas” from En Vivo Para Ti

This heartbreaking song's title is translated to "The Swallow." In it, the speaker is sad because he cannot return home:

"My life today is wandering, anguished." 

13. “Te Vas Angel Mio” from 20 Exitos

The person telling this story is so heartbroken over the loss of his lover that he doubts he will be able to continue with his life. It includes the stanza:

"But there when you come back you will not find me here
You will go to my grave and there you will pray for me
You will see some letters written there
with the name and date
and the day I died."

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Happy or Uplifting Mariachi Funeral Songs

Don't shy away from playing a happy or uplifting song at your loved one's funeral, especially if the deceased lived life to the fullest. If you are sure that your loved one would have wanted a fiesta instead of a funeral, here are some songs to consider. 

14. “No Me Dígas Adíós” from Dios Siempre Tiene el Control

The lyrics of this song are told from the deceased's perspective, who is leaving instructions to their survivors. It begins:

"Do not say goodbye but see you later
God determined that I am better in heaven.
Do not say goodbye, but see you later.
I have to go to a place where I will not suffer."

15. “Mis Ultimos Deseos” from Mis Ultimos Deseos

Was your loved one the life of the party? This upbeat mariachi song would be a great way to celebrate such a life. One lyrics sums up the theme of the song:

"I'm happy and I enjoy life
and so I will continue until my last day."

16. "Eres" by Café Tacvba

Are you looking for a love song to play at your loved one's funeral? People may not expect to hear one on such an occasion, but we understand why you might make this decision. Instead of playing a song that focuses on the death of your loved one, why not pick one that celebrates your love?

17. “Despedida Con Mariachi” from Los Cadetes de Linares

Are you looking for a funeral song to include in your funeral plan? Consider this one. It has an upbeat sound and contains the following line:

"I want my people gathered to give me my farewell
May they remind me of how happy I was in this life."

The title of this song translates to "Farewell With Mariachi."

18. "Un Puño de Tierra" from Antologia de un Rey

Yes, this song title translates to "Handful of Dirt." It is a Carpe Diem song that includes the lines:

"And I'm like the gulls,
Flying from port to port
I know life is short."

Did You Find the Right Mariachi Song?

Making decisions for a funeral is even harder when you’re grieving the loss of a loved one. It is common for people to suffer from brain fog during times of pain, and even selecting the type of flowers for your mom's funeral or a funeral song for your dad may feel like an impossible task.

That's why you might want to consider making an end-of-life plan. You will have peace of mind knowing that your preferences have been recorded, and your family members and friends will be able to focus on sharing memories and comforting each other.

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