Does Marshalls Have a Senior Discount or Discount Day?


Marshalls is a discounted clothing and home goods store known for excellent deals. With excellent styles and a wide variety of options, Marshalls is a go-to shop in many communities for high-quality clothing at a low price point.

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They also offer home goods, often at prices much lower than traditional department stores. As a senior citizen working to save money on a fixed income, you probably want to know whether a senior discount could make your Marshalls bill even lower. 

A little persistence and a few promotions can help you get the best possible deal at Marshalls on home goods and clothing. Here’s what to know.

Marshalls Senior Discount Explained

Unfortunately, Marshalls doesn’t have a senior discount at the time of writing. 

They also don't have company-wide discount days, like some other retailers. 

However, not offering a senior discount doesn’t stop Marshalls from being an excellent source of high-quality, low-price clothing, especially if there’s a location near you.

3 More Ways to Save at Marshalls

Marshalls is a treasure hunt—it’s up to you to move along the aisles to find the best deals. Shopping bargain stores carefully can be a really fun and rewarding hobby in retirement, saving money while accomplishing something practical and exciting.

Not every item will be a winner in your sense of style. That said, persistence rewards those who are willing to be patient and work through the clearance and markdown racks.

Use Marshalls comparison prices to verify deals

Marshalls is known for its price tags that show you a comparable price you would pay at a traditional department store. They try to show you just how much you save by shopping at Marshalls. 

One strategy to save is to see which items have the highest difference between their comparison price and their Marshalls price. This gives you an idea of the deal you’re getting.

Always compare to your internal compass, though. Make sure that you agree that the Marshalls price is a good one relative to what you like to pay for this type of item. Sometimes, even a big discount won't bring a price to your range.

Sign up for a TJX Rewards Credit Card

T.J. Maxx and Marshalls are owned by a parent company that, together with other brands like HomeGoods, offers the TJX Rewards credit card. This card’s current benefits include 10% off of an initial purchase, making it a good credit card to sign up for alongside a large purchase at Marshalls.

After that, the credit card comes with a 5% discount at all TJX-associated stores, including Marshalls. Perhaps, you’re in the market for a credit card anyway. If you love shopping at Marshalls with additional savings, this can be a great way to boost your savings across the board.

Shop clearance and markdowns in-store and online

Beyond the regular daily good deals, Marshalls offers a variety of clearance and markdowns in-store and online. Selection is less certain with these items, so plan to spend a little longer hunting the aisles. But when you find a perfect item that hasn’t found the right owner yet, you’ll be thrilled with the savings. 

Online, you can shop at your leisure for great deals without getting fatigued by the in-store hunt.

Saving Money at Marshalls

Marshalls is a discount clothing store that offers high-quality, brand-name clothing at lower prices than conventional department stores. 

Even without a senior discount at Marshalls, it’s possible to shop the sales and use patience to find a great deal on a budget. The key involves using your own metrics for whether an item is worth the price, not only relying on the comparison prices. Don’t be afraid to wait for a better deal—new clothing arrives frequently so the store always has new things to explore.

Saving money and planning ahead doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. Cake has tools for your future in retirement and beyond that can benefit you and your family.


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