Masculine Cremation Jewelry: Types & Costs


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There are a lot of options these days when it comes to honoring the cherished memory of your loved one. You can choose to set up a memorial or altar in your home, plant a memorial tree, dedicate a bench in their honor, and donate in their memory. But if you want to keep their memory with you at all times, another option is to wear a piece of cremation jewelry.

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If your loved one has been cremated, you may be wondering what to do with cremation ashes. There are many ways you can incorporate ashes into memorial items. One of the best and most popular options is to carry a small amount of them with you in cremation jewelry. 

What Is Cremation Jewelry?

There are many ways to honor the life and memory of a loved one or friend after they pass. One option that has been popular since Victorian times is mourning jewelry. Today, this type of jewelry is often called cremation jewelry

Cremation jewelry is a jewelry item that provides you with the ability to keep some of your loved one’s ashes with you at all times. These are typically pendants with a small hollow inner compartment that can be sealed permanently once ashes are placed inside. Pendants come in all sizes and shapes and can be worn on necklaces, bracelets, and keychains. 

Some cremation jewelry is made from the ashes themselves. Memorial diamonds, for example, are real diamonds created in a lab from your loved one’s ashes. These diamonds can be set into a piece of jewelry such as a ring, necklace, or earrings.

A final category of cremation jewelry is crafted by incorporating ashes into the jewelry piece. These are often made by infusing resin or glass with ashes before the resin or glass sets and hardens. These types of jewelry pieces are often made into necklace pendants, rings, earrings, and bracelets.

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What Are Some Different Types of Masculine-Looking Cremation Jewelry?

If you’re looking for masculine cremation jewelry, you might be surprised to learn that there are plenty of options out there. From necklaces and bracelets to other types of cremation keepsakes, you’ll have styles to choose from. Here are the best styles we’ve found that fit a masculine look.

Cylinder urn necklace pendant

A cylinder pendant is a simple yet elegant statement piece that provides you the ability to carry a portion of your loved one’s ashes with you wherever you go. Cylinders are typically gold or silver, and the top unscrews to reveal a small compartment for ashes. When the cylinder is closed and worn on a chain, it simply appears to be a pendant. 

A cylinder necklace pendant is multi-purpose and can be worn for anyone you wish to honor.

We like the Men's Stainless Courageous Cylinder Cremation Pendant from Jewelry Keepsakes.

Bullet urn necklace pendant

Bullet pendants open by unscrewing the top so you can insert a small amount of ashes inside. When closed, it looks like you’re wearing a bullet on a chain. Styles for this pendant range from a solid silver or gold bullet to a silver-toned bullet with a cross or other symbol engraved on the front. These can also be engraved with your loved one’s name.

A bullet pendant is a fitting tribute for a marksman, military member, hunter, or gun enthusiast. 

We like the Men's Silver Bulleted Cremation Pendant from Jewelry Keepsakes.

Dog tag urn necklace pendant

Though dog tags are normally thin, a dog tag pendant is a 3D version that provides a small amount of space to hold the ashes of a loved one. The front and back can be engraved to appear like a traditional dog tag.

A dog tag cylinder pendant is ideal for honoring a loved one who was a member of the armed forces.

We like the Dog Tag Pendant | Free Custom Personalized Engraving 316L Stainless Steel Minimalist Classic Necklace Charm Keychain Keyring Lobster Claw from Etsy.

Rectangular urn necklace pendant

A rectangular necklace pendant is a simple statement piece that would go unnoticed by observers while holding special meaning for you. The rectangle has a space inside to hold a portion of ashes, and the front can often be engraved. 

The rectangular pendant is an all-purpose pendant and can be worn to honor anyone special in your life.

We like the Men's Stainless Steel Running Rectangle Urn Pendant from Jewelry Keepsakes.

Diamond urn necklace pendant

A diamond necklace pendant is crafted from metal in the shape of a diamond. It has an interior space where you can store a small amount of ashes. This is another all-purpose pendant that can be worn in honor of anyone you wish to keep close to your heart.

We like the Steel Men's Beloved Diamond Cremation Pendant from Jewelry Keepsakes.

Military medallion urn necklace pendant

If you want to pay tribute to a loved one who served in the armed forces, you might consider wearing a military medallion pendant. These pendants can be customized for every branch of the military, so you can choose the correct seal that reflects your loved one’s service.

These pendants are ideal if you want to honor someone who served in the armed forces.

We like the Gold Plated over Stainless Military Medallion-Army Urn Pendant from Jewelry Keepsakes.

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Fire and police medallion urn necklace pendant 

Honor a loved one or friend with a firefighter or police medallion. These medallions feature a fire or police insignia and have a small hollow area in the middle of the pendant to store ashes. 

Pro tip: If you want to choose the specific insignia for your loved one’s station, you can choose a round urn pendant instead and have the front inscribed with the insignia. 

We like the Stainless Fire Department Medallion Urn from Jewelry Keepsakes.

Cross urn necklace pendant

Cross pendants are classic and can be worn in honor of someone close to you who was religious or was a person of great faith. The top of the cross unscrews so you can place ashes in the interior compartment.

When closed, the pendant appears to be a regular necklace pendant, making this a unique and discrete way to keep a loved one close to you.

We like the Men's Steel Modern Cross Cremation Pendant from Jewelry Keepsakes.

Animal urn necklace pendant

There are a variety of animal urn necklace pendants available. This allows you to choose an animal that best reflects the person you’re honoring. Choose a dog pendant to honor someone who was into rescue animals, or to keep the ashes of a beloved pet.

A horse pendant can be worn for someone who loved riding or owned a ranch. An eagle pendant can be worn to honor a member of a Native American tribe or on behalf of someone who enjoyed eagle watching. 

We like the Eagle Hologram Pendant with Infused Cremation Ash from Spirit Pieces.

Ring urns

You might be surprised to learn that there are cremation urn rings available, in addition to necklace pendants. These rings contain a small compartment inside to place some of your loved one’s ashes. Ring metals range from sterling silver to 14k gold.

Bracelet urns

There are also bracelet urns available to keep a portion of your loved one’s ashes with you. The options for these bracelets range from stainless steel and titanium to gold plated.

How Much Does Cremation Jewelry Typically Cost?

The price for cremation jewelry varies widely depending on what type of cremation jewelry you purchase. Here is a general breakdown to help guide your budget.

  • Stainless Steel: This is going to be the most affordable option. You can purchase a nice-looking pendant in a variety of styles from around $15–$50.
  • Sterling Silver: Sterling silver will provide you with a higher-quality item and better craftsmanship. These pendants range from $50–$500.
  • Gold-Plated: Gold plating is an upgrade on sterling silver pendants and will increase the base sterling silver price by $50–$100.
  • Solid Gold: Solid gold pendants are typically made with 14-carat gold to ensure long-term durability and wearability. A higher carat is prone to wear down faster and is typically less durable. The price for solid gold pendants ranges from around $900 to $2,500. The price is similar for yellow, white, or rose gold pendants.
  • Diamonds: Memorial diamonds are lab-created using a small portion of your loved one’s ashes. The process takes months and the price varies from around $1,200–$5,000 depending on the size, cut, color, and clarity you choose.
  • Glass or Resin: These items are handmade and require the skill of a crafted artisan. While the material itself isn’t expensive, the time, expertise, and labor required to make these pendants are factored into the cost. These typically cost in the range of $100–$400.

Where Can You Buy Masculine Cremation Jewelry Online?

There are many places to purchase hand-crafted, quality, and customized jewelry online. Here are a few of the most popular websites where you can purchase cremation jewelry.

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Amazon is one of the most popular online marketplaces with sellers from all over the world offering their goods for sale. You can find a wide variety of cremation jewelry including necklaces, stand-alone pendants, bracelets, and keychain urns.


If you’re looking for a unique, customizable, or artisan piece of cremation jewelry, Etsy may be the place for you. This online marketplace features sellers from around the world who specialize in offering one-of-a-kind pieces that honor your loved one. Nearly any product can be customized or engraved, making it ideal for adding extra details like your loved one’s name, dates, or a special phrase.

Jewelry Keepsakes

Jewelry Keepsakes specializes in providing a wide array of cremation jewelry and keepsake items. They offer quality items that fit a range of budgets and a variety of style preferences. You can shop online or call the customer service number for help when you order.

Pro tip: Jewelry Keepsakes ships internationally, making this an excellent option if you live outside of the US.

Everlasting Memories

Everlasting Memories has been providing cremation jewelry for over fifteen years. They offer a wide variety of products from sterling silver to 14k gold that fit a range of budgets. Products ship within 24–28 hours of ordering and overnight shipping is available, making this an ideal vendor for products needed with a short turnaround time.


Eterneva is one of the most popular options for purchasing a cremation diamond crafted from your loved one’s ashes. They offer several colors, cuts, and sizes of diamonds that can be placed into jewelry settings for rings, earrings, or necklaces.

Spirit Pieces

Spirit Pieces offers a wide range of hand-crafted cremation jewelry. Their specialty is infusing blown glass or resin with the ashes of your loved one into the jewelry piece or pendant. Each piece is customizable.

Honoring a Loved One with Jewelry

There are no right or wrong ways to honor a loved one or dear friend who passed away. If you want to keep them with you no matter where you go, you might find it comforting to wear a piece of cremation jewelry. With the variety of options available, you can choose a piece of jewelry that fits your style and honors your loved one’s memory.

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