What’s McDonald’s Most Current Senior Discount?


Those iconic golden arches, hot black coffee, and crispy fries — they’re so comforting, right? McDonald’s may always be your turn-to restaurant when your tummy rumbles on daily drives, road trips, and more.

McDonald’s is cheap, but your wallet might need

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McDonald’s is cheap, but your wallet might need an even cheaper option. Even if your wallet is flush with cash, it’s always worthwhile to investigate senior discounts. 

McDonald’s Senior Discount Policy

McDonald’s is so big that its business model relies on a level of autonomy. Each franchise runs a little differently. There will always be certain overarching rules that govern McDonald’s, but there’s some room for individuality for senior discounts.

Across the country, seniors have reported different discounts and accommodations at their local McDonald’s. For instance, senior coffees are available. The rest of your meal may be priced normally, but you might get a discounted or free cup of coffee with it.

Other locations may have better senior discounts — including a percentage off your meal. Some discounts aren’t available if you use the drive-through; they’re only an option if you choose to dine in.

In short, you'll need to check with your local McDonald's for a specific senior discount.

4 More Tips for Saving Money at McDonald’s

Here are some great tips to get the most bang for your buck at the golden arches.

Use the McDonald’s app

Using coupons is a great way to save money in theory. But everything’s digital now and coupons are harder to find. If you’ve managed to save coupons, you can easily present them when it’s time to pay. 

Instead of clipping coupons, look online to see which deals are available or use the McDonald’s app on your phone. You may be able to find “buy one, get one free” meals. If you’re buying for yourself and a spouse, this is a great way to save money. 

Sign up for email alerts

Is there a company that doesn’t offer email newsletters these days? Emails are a great way for a company to push out information — and it’s a great way for you to score deals.

You can always find exclusive offers via email. You might save even more on these than the app. 

Fill in surveys

Next time you order at McDonald’s, look for a code at the bottom of your receipt. You can often scan this code with your smartphone.

(Just ask your grandkids how it works.) The link will lead to a survey, which often offers discounts. Check for these surveys and discounts in retirement magazines, too. 

Think about your order

There are lots of little hacks to save money at McDonald’s. Try these tricks when you create your order:

  • Do you really need ice in that drink? (Drinks are usually chilled, anyway.) You can save money by sharing the soda with someone else. If you share, you might not get enough soda if the cup is filled with ice.
  • Where are you ordering? You might be going to the same small-town McDonald’s you’ve visited your entire life. But don’t forget that McDonald’s is also a cheap option when you travel. Overseas McDonald’s often serve regional specialties for a low price.
  • What do you like on your burger? You might like the works, but a Double Big Mac’s expensive. If you’re trying to save money, order a plain cheeseburger instead and add lots of sides for free. 

Saving Money at McDonald's

You can always save money on restaurants like McDonald’s. But did you know there are other ways to get great senior discounts or save money?

Start end-of-life planning or consult books on aging for a full range of ways to save in the future.


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