20 Popular Podcasts About Meditation (Free Meditations)


Are you looking for a medication-free way to reduce anxiety and stress? Some find success by turning to meditation. If you are new to meditation and unsure where to begin, consider listening to a podcast about the subject. 

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We’ve scoured lists of podcasts, looking for those about meditation and mindfulness. Here are some of the most popular right now.

Podcasts About Meditation for Beginners

Most meditation experts have some sort of beginning course or video available for free. However, you might have to look through their website to find such content. Also, search for YouTube videos that offer free instruction to a person new to mindfulness.

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1. Tara Brach

Tara Brach has been in the meditation field for decades. She earned a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the Fielding Institute. Brach’s dissertation explored using meditation as a therapeutic modality in treating addiction. She then continued her studies at the Spirit Rock Meditation Center, where she trained to be a meditation teacher. 

Using this academic background and training, Branch founded the Insight Meditation Community of Washington, DC, one of the largest meditation centers in the U.S.

Brach offers a lot of resources for beginning and advanced meditation enthusiasts. Her website links her podcasts, guided meditations, and instructional videos. Once you have utilized the free content, you might be interested in purchasing some of the online courses offered on her website. 

According to her website, Brach’s teachings “blend Western psychology and Eastern spiritual practices.” 

2. Mindful Minute by Meryl Arnett

Meryl Arnett labels herself as a meditator, teacher, and mother. She records a podcast each week that begins with an inspirational talk and is followed by 20 minutes of guided meditation. Arnett hopes that her instruction and guided meditation will help others focus on living easier, happier lives.

Look for other resources on Arnett’s website. She offers advanced classes and training. 

3. Meditation Minis by Chel Hamilton

If you are new to meditation and the idea of sitting still for even a tiny amount of time gives you anxiety (instead of relieving it), consider listening to the Meditation Minis podcast.

This podcast, hosted by Chel Hamilton, lasts 15 minutes or less. It is designed to give you a small dose of mindfulness to reduce anxiety and stress and build confidence. 

4. 12 Minute Meditation

If you only have time for short meditation sessions, you might also consider listening to 12 Minute Meditation. Various hosts lead each meditation session. 

The podcast’s organization found that twelve minutes of meditation each day helps people improve focus and creativity and leaves people feeling calm, resilient, and compassionate. 

5. Mindfulness Meditation Podcast 

If you are an art lover who wishes to add meditation to your weekly activities, consider the Mindfulness Meditation Podcast presented each week from the Rubin Museum in New York. 

Each meditation session is inspired by a different work of art from the museum’s collection. The podcast begins each week with an “art talk,” followed by a 20-minute meditation session appropriate for both novices and those with more mediation experience.  

Podcasts About Meditation for Anxiety or Stress

Many meditation podcast descriptions state that the practice can help reduce anxiety and stress. However, some of them have a specific focus. For example, you can listen to podcasts (or specific sessions on podcasts) to meditate about death or grief.  

Regardless of the cause of your stress and anxiety, here are some podcasts about meditation that might help your reaction to your situation.

6. I Should Be Meditating by Alan Kilma

More than two decades ago, Alan Kilma studied traditional monastic-style meditation in Thailand, Burma, India, and China. He has also been trained as a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction teacher at the UMass Medical School. In addition, Kilma teaches meditation-based courses at the University of California, Davis.

Now, he works as a teacher and writer and has added the everyday responsibilities of being a husband and father. 

Kilma’s website states that his style of guided meditation and contemplation “attends very closely to our experience, to help keep us curious, interested, and engaged.”

7. The Daily Meditation Podcast by Mary Meckley

Mary Meckley is a certified meditation and yoga teacher. During her podcast, you’ll be guided in a brief mini-meditation. The podcast has a different theme each week. However, each episode is designed to help you sleep better, manage your anxiety, and improve your mental focus. 

You can learn more about how daily meditation will help you feel more confident and joyful by visiting The Daily Meditation website. 

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8. Ten Percent Happier by Dan Harris

Television journalist Dan Harris experienced a panic attack on live TV. Since then, he has transformed his life and has created a project called 10% Happier. Harris’ podcast describes how meditation helped him with his transformation. Additionally, Harris interviews “smart people about whether there’s anything beyond 10%.”

Besides a podcast, the 10% Happier project also has a website full of content and an app. There, you will find a video library that includes meditations on specific themes – ranging from parenting to improving focus. Those with sleep issues may also consider utilizing relaxing meditations that make it easy to fall asleep. You’ll even be able to find quick meditation to complete during your lunch break or commute. 

9. Untangle by Patricia Karpas and Ariel Garten 

During the Untangle podcast, Patricia Karpas and Ariel Garten interview authors, experts, and thought-leaders about mindfulness, meditation, brain health practices, and leadership. New podcasts are available each Tuesday, but you might want to go through their archived productions to listen to interviews with psychologists, neuroscientists, nutritionists, storytellers, Buddhists, and doctors.

You can purchase additional content and resources on the Untangle website.

10. Meditation in the City

The Meditation in the City podcast is produced each week by The Shambhala Meditation Center of New York. The organization’s roots go back to 1971. As a part of their services, the organization offers this podcast, which explores topics related to mindfulness and meditation. 

Learn more about The Shambhala Meditation Center by visiting the website. There you can find more information on training, weekend retreats, and in-person classes. 

11. Mindfulness Mode by Bruce Langford

Host Bruce Langford hopes to “make entrepreneurs into winners” with his podcast. Langford uses mindfulness and meditation techniques to get listeners grounded and centered. As a result of becoming more relaxed, listeners can earn more money and become happy and content. 

Langford interviews entrepreneurs, executives, business owners, teachers, and parents on his podcast. He also offers corporate consulting and coaching. 

12. Insights at the Edge by Tami Simon

During her podcast Insights at the Edge, Tami Simon interviews writers, teachers, and “living luminaries” about their work and challenges. 

Those wishing to learn more about grief and meditation may search through archived episodes of her podcast. 

13. Anxiety Slayer by Shann Vander Leek and Ananga Sivyer

Shann Vander Leek and Ananga Sivyer host Anxiety Slayer. Both work to assist people whose life has become overshadowed by stress and anxiety. The podcast offers supportive messages and guided relaxations designed to reduce stress. 

Visit the Anxiety Slayer website to learn more about additional courses and coaching that are offered to help “slay” your anxiety. 

14. Mindfulness and Grief Podcast

If your anxiety or stress results from grief, consider listening to the Mindfulness and Grief podcast. Author and thanatologist Heather Stang does a deep dive into the topic of loss and grief by interviewing meditation teachers and grief professionals. 

15. The Daily Still by Cindy Helton

Some Christians shy away from meditation. However, The Daily Still is a Christian-based meditation podcast. The host, Cindy Helton, has led Christians in meditations and devotions for over a decade, and her passion is “helping others notice and become more aware of the Presence of God.”

Each podcast begins with a devotion followed by instructions on finding a quiet, comfortable place where you can focus on your breathing. Once the listener’s physical body is addressed, the meditation turns to a time of prayerful focus, where the listener is instructed to pay attention to matters of the heart. 

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Podcasts About Meditation for Sleeping

If you suffer from bouts of insomnia, you might consider using meditation to help. While many of the previously-listed podcasts have episodes that focus on sleeping, here are a few that you also might want to consider.

16. Sleep Meditation for Women

Sleep Meditation for Women is part of the Women’s Meditation Network. Like the title implies, the podcast is designed to help women with insomnia – no matter the cause.

17. Meditation Station by Stin Hansen

Stin Hansen is a thought coach. Her podcast currently has 35 episodes, and in them, she offers affirmations and visualizations to help people combat sadness, pain, anxiety, and unhealthy urges.

Even though Meditation Station has had over 100 million downloads, there has not been a new episode since 2021. 

Podcasts About Meditation for Children or Young Adults

There are several different types of child-focused meditation podcasts. Some are designed for parents seeking solutions or searching for peace within the havoc of daily life. Others are designed for children to give them a tool to battle anxiety. 

Here are some parenting and child-focused meditation podcasts to consider. Of course, we recommend that parents review the messages and material introduced in the podcasts before allowing their children to listen alone. 

18. Mindful Parenting in a Messy World by Michelle Gale

Parents can learn how to meet conflict with compassion, use family time as a catalyst for personal growth, and find peace in everyday life with this podcast hosted by Michelle Gale. Besides offering practical wisdom to parents, the podcast also offers meditation sessions. 

19. Peace Out Relaxation Stories for Kids

Peace Out is designed to help children calm down after their busy day by guiding them through visualization and breathing exercises. There is a new story introduced every two weeks. 

20. Like You 

Like You is a mindfulness podcast for kids that utilizes breathing techniques, affirmations, music, and imagination “to explore feelings, relieve anxiety, encourage self-esteem, and grow empathy.”

Other Ways to Reduce Anxiety and Manage Stress

Suppose you feel overwhelmed with daily life or struggle with a stressful situation. In that case, you might also consider reaching out to a local minister or religious leader or reading a book about spiritualism

You might also consider your reading list to make sure the content is as uplifting as it can be. Consider adding books about gratitude to your bedside table instead of reading books full of conflict and strife.


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