10 Free Meditation Videos for Grief and Loss


Meditation as a form of guided practice for life after loss is similar to exercising. One way of defining meditation is to calm the mind from the racing thoughts that are typical following a significant loss. There are many ways to meditate, and there isn't any wrong way of doing it. Much like physical exercise that strengthens your body, meditation strengthens your mind while calming it.

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When you choose meditation rather than allowing your mind to focus on anxiety and stress-inducing racing thoughts, you're choosing to become more in control of your grief-related emotions.

Meditation requires training and practice but doesn't require any special equipment, skill, or knowledge. You don't even need to be good at it to benefit your mental health and well-being. 

Grief meditation doesn't change anything that's happened, but rather, it helps you develop a routine of self-care and compassion for yourself. Meditation also helps with different grief-related symptoms such as stress and anxiety. 

YouTube Channels With Free Meditations for Grief

YouTube is an excellent source for gaining access to many videos on meditations for grief, and grief-related information from how to cope with loss to asking for bereavement leave. Meditation videos are an effective way to learn about grief and loss. Through YouTube, you're able to gain access to a worldwide community of others who share in your grief experiences. 

Grief meditation videos are a powerful tool that allows you to gain education and learning without needing to ever step foot outside of the comfort of your home.

On YouTube, you'll find meditation videos with different techniques for calming the mind after suffering a significant loss. The platform encourages you to take advantage of this free resource to help you cope with your loss. We've included some of our favorites below.

1. The Mindful Movement

The Mindful Movement channel was founded out of a passion for helping others grow and live mindful and fulfilled lives. Sarah and Les Freeman experienced profound growth and fulfillment after discovering the benefits of living a conscious lifestyle.

Together they help others enjoy this type of energy while deepening their awareness and sense of gratitude. They strive to help others live authentic lives filled with gratitude, love, and abundance. Their channel offers powerful guided meditations and hypnosis and mindful movement practices to enhance your life quality in numerous and profound ways.   

Try this video: Healing Trauma / Sleep Meditation / Mindful Movement

2. Kernel of Wisdom - Mental Health & Mindfulness

Kernel of Wisdom is a channel geared toward teaching mindful meditation for students wanting to learn grief coping skills for real-life practice. The founder, Joelle, is a registered psychotherapist who also offers grief counseling. She provides evidence-based services to help you examine your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors more holistically.

Her grief meditation techniques center on a realistic approach to mental health. She teaches you specific strategies for coping with your grief. Her self-reflection style allows you to open up to the possibility of transformation through healing. 

Try this video: Meditation for Depression & Sadness: Guided Mindfulness Meditation

3. Live Sonima

Sonima is an online wellness and mindfulness channel dedicated to living a well-balanced and holistic life.

They offer accessible information and videos on topics ranging from meditation, yoga to nutritional health, all recorded by some of the wellness industry's top leaders in their field, including meditation sessions developed by Deepak Chopra. You can find their wellness brand website listed below in our recommended online places to visit for free meditations for grief.

Try this video: Guided Meditation for Grief and Healing

4. Unlock Your Life

Unlock Your Life is a YouTube channel that aims to help you with rapid healing while you sleep. Their guided meditations first focus on the physical part of recovery and then progress to concentrate on emotional healing and releasing emotions trapped in the body.

This channel offers a two-part guided meditation for healing following the loss of a loved one, combining the power of your subconscious and your super conscience along with spoken words to maximize recovery. The channel goal is to bring back connectedness, balance, and calm. You're encouraged to listen for 21 days to ensure the proper healing takes place at a pace that's safe for you, according to their research.

Try this video: Guided Meditation on Grief for Loss of a Loved One

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5. Jason Stephenson - Sleep Meditation Music

Jason Stephenson is the founder of a website called relax me online Australia and has produced meditation and relaxation music for 15 years. He is also a best-selling author, and his YouTube channel, “Jason Stephenson - Sleep Meditation Music,” focuses on meditation sleep music with over 2 million subscribers.

He is known for introducing meditation work in prisons across Australia and the USA. His work helps prisoners relax and attain better sleep as well as assisting them to reintegrate into society. He offers a weekly program with new videos released each time. 

One video that helps you cope with grief is a recorded spoken meditation that guides you through the grief healing process. You can find the link below:

Try this video: Coping with Grief: Guided Spoken Meditation for healing after a loss of a loved one

Other Online Places for Free Meditations for Grief

Grief can be unpredictable. Your feelings and emotions ebb and flow from one day to the next. Sometimes you can experience a rollercoaster of emotions all in the same day. Your wanting to suppress or ignore these overwhelming feelings of grief and anxiety, loneliness and depression is a natural grief reaction.

Controlling these different types of grief reactions on your own can be challenging. Meditation helps manage these cycles of grief by helping you calm your mind and releasing some of the pent-up tension your body tends to store after suffering a significant loss. Below you'll find a list of other places where you'll find online resources for free grief meditations.

6. Sonima

Sonima is an all-around wellness brand offering an entire virtual library of meditations and other resources to help you cope with your grief. Whether you are dealing with a loved one's death, a job loss, or a career change, Sonima's experts and contributors can guide you to navigating through your grief. Sonima.com may be a good place to start exploring your journey to healing from your pain and sorrow. 

Try these: Meditation for Change or A Meditation for Healing Emotional Pain

7. Headspace

Headspace is a meditation app with a complementing website that both contribute to helping you deal with grief-related emotions and reactions associated with depression and anxiety. They offer a basic package of free grief meditations that are accessible on their free downloadable meditation app.

Headspace is an excellent app for beginners to meditation to use. It gives you plenty of mental health-related course options to choose from or single meditation sessions according to your needs. 

Try this: Meditation for Grief

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8. Mindfulness and Grief

Mindfulness and Grief is an online resource that offers free grief support, recommendations on books about grief and loss, a podcast, and guided meditations for grief. They also have free access to a grief blog where you can find other resources, education, and information to navigate your grief journey.

Below, you’ll find links to a particular book of interest for those who need emotional healing following the death of a loved one and of the tools to successfully get through their Grief while honoring their deceased loved one. 

Try these: Mindfulness and Grief book or Meditations for Grief

9. Yoga Journal

Yoga Journal has been the number one go-to resource for yoga and the yoga lifestyle for over four decades. It was founded by members of the California Teachers Association and offers all meditation and yoga practitioners a free resource to live a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life.

Yoga Journal is a resource for bow beginners and more advanced yoga practitioners. Yoga journal it's updated daily, providing a comprehensive variety of yoga and wellness videos, meditation health and nutrition information, and the latest trends promoting a more natural and holistic approach to grief recovery and well-being. 

Try this: A Guided Meditation on Grief

10. Jack Kornfield

Jack Kornfield is a clinical psychologist, Buddhist monk, and author whose books have sold over one million copies worldwide. He was trained as a Buddhist monk in the monasteries of Thailand, India, and Burma.  He is internationally known and recognized as a top leader in his field for over four decades.

Jack is also credited as one of the pioneers who brought the Buddhist practice of mindfulness to the U.S. before it was popular. He is one of the Insight Meditation Society co-founders here in the U.S. who continues to teach at mindfulness centers and universities worldwide. 

Try this: A Meditation on Grief

11. Sahaja

Sahaja is an online resource for meditation and self-discovery. They offer free online access to videos, blogs, educational resources, and meditations, all based on self-realization and Thoughtless Awareness theories and philosophies. They also make available personal coaching and an online community of like-minded people to coach and guide you through your grief journey.

All of their resources are free, and they promise never to sell you anything. Their online website and resources are funded through private donations and volunteers. 

Free Online Grief Meditations 

When going through the grief process following the death of a loved one or other significant loss, you might find it challenging to cope with the overwhelming emotions that follow. There are many free online resources to help you get through your grief as you struggle to make sense of what’s happened.

Grief meditations help calm your mind so that you can regain control of thoughts, feelings, and emotions associated with your loss. You don’t have to be an expert in grief healing or meditation. All you need is the determination to help yourself heal from the pain of loss. 


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