23 Popular Places to Find Memorial Artists and Art


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Popular places to find memorial artists and art constantly change in this online world, even though your needs for things like wall art and jewelry don’t. Prices and options also vary, but the need for reputable artists or businesses is constant.

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Below, we’ve found corporate websites and craft artisans ready to help people who’ve just experienced loss. But, even with all the commentaries and reviews that we assess, Cake still wants to know how our clients feel about their experiences. So, drop us a line and let us know! 

Best Places to Find Memorial Wall Art

Check out the options below for memorial wall ideas as a gift or remembrance of a loved one. 

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1. Artfily

Artfily is an American company with an extensive database supplying poems, quotes, and more for sympathy wall art. Many of the canvas prints involve themes of nature, Christmas, and heaven.

2. CafePress

From an insider’s perspective, CafePress is a company that uses small artists trying to make it. Although the designs are not customizable, your purchase supports up-and-coming artists who find progress.

3. Etsy

Etsy is a comprehensive online marketplace where you can find, commission, or customize just about any memorial wall art imaginable. Additionally, you can include names, dates, poems, and other meaningful wording to make your product unique and wonderful.

Communicate with private artists or the more prominent companies now advertising there when searching for barn wood, canvas, or artwork of another medium to remember your loved one.

4. Personalization Mall

You can find various memorial plaques, hangings, and prints available at Personalization Mall.

Unique items include patriotic crosses and plaques with such things as the soldier’s prayer, aluminum wall heart plaques for pets, and canvas print collages for loved ones. 

5. Unifury

Unifury carries sweet but cute cartoon memorials and other wall art options to personalize for your friend or loved one grieving the loss of a beloved pet or family member. Prices are reasonable as they do not offer framing options. 

Choose from various sizes, messaging, and characters like people and dogs. 

6. Vista Stars

If you’re looking for a sympathy gift, then check out the personalized memorial framed canvas and poster options available through Vista Stars. There, you’ll discover loving poems and sayings to accompany photos of pets or human loved ones.

7. Your local frame shop

Buying local is a significant, sustainable trend to support local retailers in your community. Any purchase made continues to have a circular financial benefit to friends and neighbors you see every day at the coffee shop. 

With local and in-person expertise, the end product you seek will have styles and attributes, making your purchase unique. Just ask for sustainable resourcing and products to benefit communities both far and wide.

8. Zazzle

Zazzle carries a small selection of memorial wall art you can personalize—not customize. Look for framed metal, peel & stick posters, and framed canvas options. 

Reasonable prices range from $30 – $90, making this a popular option for sympathy gift giving to friends and loved ones.

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Best Places to Find Memorial Jewelry or Diamonds

You can find jewelry makers to make customizable cremation ash jewelry for your needs, from lockets and pendants to diamonds and artisan glass.

9. Afterlife Essentials

Afterlife Essentials has a wide selection of memorial jewelry from which to choose. Categories of jewelry include pets, cats, dogs, women, men, actual photos, thumbprints, and other customizable options. 

Prices range from $40 to $900, with metal options ranging from silver to gold and gemstone options spanning peridot to diamond. 

10. Artisan Antler Rings

Using ethically sourced natural sheds, Jake at Artisan Antler Rings will customize your memorial ring with sizing selections from 5 to 13 and your choice of widths from 4mm to 10mm. Additionally, you can select from antler, stainless steel, silver, and carbon fiber cores.

Once your ring has been crafted, the artist then stabilizes and waterproofs the ring for daily wear.

11. Blue Dolphin Gold

Blue Dolphin Gold specializes in urn necklaces to carry a pinch of your loved one’s cremains. Choose from meaningful shapes and symbols like the infinity symbol or calla lilies to religious symbology and various animals. 

Metal options include yellow and white golds, with pricing ranges from $1,200 – $1,800.

12. Cara Keepsakes

Cremation jewelry by Cara Keepsakes seeks to honor your loved one’s remarkable life. They offer locket and pendant urn necklaces to suit your personalization needs. Choose from gold, silver, Murano glass, and stainless steel options.

Their website offers both written and video instructions on how to fill and seal each keepsake.

13. Eterneva

Eterneva makes lab-created memorial diamonds for pets and humans. To start, order their welcome kit. When you receive the kit, it’ll detail the steps you need to take with your loved one’s cremation ashes or hair. Then send it back.

Once the lab receives the kit, they’ll start the process of isolating the carbon from ashes. After that, your diamond will begin to grow. Watch online videos to see just how the process takes place, then view pictures of the results of artisan cut, colorization, and engraving.

14. Etsy

Through marketplaces like Etsy, you’ll find the most unique and exciting memorial jewelry ranging from thumbprints or handwriting to cremation beads using a pet or human cremains. 

When working with Etsy designers, you’ll also get personalized service and communication directly with the designers. Most shops are owned by small businesses with just a few people on staff, though larger companies have started advertising on the site.

15. EverDear™

EverDear™ makes cremation diamonds and offers selections for jewelry as well. Once your loved one’s diamond is complete, choose from bracelets, earrings, pendants, and rings to display your precious stone. Prices start around $695.

Check out their website for the latest brochure, instructions, and options you have available. If you have any questions, just click the “Contact Us” link and fill out your message.

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16. Everlasting Memories

For a selection of memorial jewelry, check out Everlasting Memories. They offer cremation jewelry, as well as engraved photo and thumbprint jewelry. The company phone number is listed at the top of the homepage for personal assistance or support for added benefit.

You can even add a laser inscription of your loved one’s signature to specific thumbprint options to capture their unique style.

17. Heart in Diamond

Not only can you order various cuts and colors of diamonds at Heart in Diamond, but you can also choose your settings, metals, and carat weights up to 2 carats. 

You’ll discover that some ring styles do have carat weight limitations, but there are exciting options such as Cathedral, Vintage, and Contemporary from which to choose. Also offered are earrings and pendant options. Keep them simple, or add accent diamond halos to enhance them.

18. Jewelry by Johan

Jewelry by Johan also offers a small assortment of cremation jewelry, including various metals, precious stones, and specialty woods. Making their collection unique is the additional offering of stardust, meteorite, horse hoof, antler, and dinosaur bones.

They’re a Minnesota-based, family-run company that makes all of their jewelry on-premises to ensure quality and monitor customer service. 

19. Jewelry Keepsakes

Designing jewelry to support your loved one’s memory is the heart of the mission at Jewelry Keepsakes. They, too, have experienced loss, so they understand that your memories are precious. 

The team works diligently to create lasting creations for you, including a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

20. LifeGem

LifeGem makes ashes or hair into diamonds for pets and humans using carbon growing technology.

Diamonds are available in green, red, colorless, yellow, and blue. Prices range from $2,999 to $24,999 and up, with carat weights ranging from .10 to 1.50. For pricing and carat sizes above 1.50, call them to discuss your needs. 

21. My Pet Memorial Diamond

My Pet for Life specializes in turning pet ashes into diamonds. Unique to this business, you’ll find that besides cremation ashes and fur, they can also work with feathers when separating carbon to grow the diamonds.

They specialize in yellow and white-blue diamonds but can make any number of colors using elements such as nitrogen and boron.

22. Saint Diamonds

For eco-friendly diamonds, look to Saint Diamonds. They advertise working with genuine diamond crystals without any additional chemicals, heavy metals, or artificial colors.

Color options include yellow, green, black, blue, and colorless diamonds, with pricing for a .25 carat stone starting at $1,249. Cuts or shapes include Round, Princess, Emerald, Asscher, Radiant, and Heart. Your loved one’s diamond will arrive with GIA certification.

23. Spirit Pieces

If you’re searching for glass art jewelry pieces, then click the link for Spirit Pieces. Like the blown glass art pieces you’ve seen before, you’ll discover similar but much smaller options to fit rings, earrings, pendants, and bracelets.

Spirit Pieces creates most of their jewelry is using silver metal, but you can select from a few gold-plated options should you have an allergy to silver.

Where to Find Artists for Your Memorial Art

There’s nothing easy when you’re in the space of grief. Even key search words are tough to maneuver. That’s why we’ve done our best to find memorial walls and jewelry artists to match your needs. 

If you’ve found others that have provided stellar service at a reasonable price, drop us a line. We want to know! Here at Cake, we’re looking to support all our viewers and their needs.

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