How to Create a Memorial Bookmark: 6 Services to Use


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When planning a loved one’s funeral, you’ll be faced with many decisions. One of those is whether to make funeral programs and bookmarks. Both of these items are frequently distributed during funerals, providing a tangible reminder of the event and final words for attendees to remember their loved ones by.  

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Memorial bookmarks, just like funeral programs, certainly aren’t required. But they are appreciated by those who attend. They’re also gratefully received by friends and family members who are too far away or are prevented from attending. 

If you have the extra time or you can delegate the task, having these memorable items to hand out will be well worth the effort.

What You’ll Need to Create a Memorial Bookmark

Creating a memorial bookmark may require some time, but the finished product will be worth it. All memorial bookmarks have the same essential elements, making it easy to gather the needed supplies before you begin creating. Here are several items you’ll want ready before you sit down at your computer.

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Most bookmark templates have room for one to two pictures. If you’re putting together a funeral program that features your loved one’s picture on the front, it can be a good idea to use the same picture for your bookmark. If you choose a different picture, be sure to choose one that is iconic or easily recognizable by recipients.

Name and dates

The front of the bookmark is where you’ll place your loved one’s full name, as well as their birth and death dates.

A theme

Most memorial bookmark websites offer templates with ready-made themes or allow you to craft your own look. When choosing a theme, consider what your loved one would have enjoyed. If they enjoyed the ocean, go with a beach theme. If they loved the forest, choose a bookmark with trees. Were they gardeners? Pick a bookmark with a lovely bouquet of their favorite flowers.

Pro tip: If you plan to create an online memorial site, you might want to coordinate the bookmark, webpage, and funeral programs to contain the same or similar themes.

High-quality cardstock

If you plan on printing your bookmarks out at home, be sure to purchase some high-quality cardstock. It should be thick enough that it resists bending and wear.

A laminating machine

A laminating machine is another must-have if you’re planning on printing your bookmarks yourself. To make the bookmarks waterproof and resistant to bends and tears, they’ll need to be laminated. Even on thick cardstock, bookmarks are apt to bending and becoming dog-eared with use. If you don’t have a lamination machine, most stores that feature print centers can do it for you.

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What Should You Write on a Memorial Bookmark?

Bookmarks can be one-sided or double-sided, and either option will have room templated for a poem, verse, or note. This is where you can write a tribute to your loved one, include a favorite scripture verse of theirs, or place a poem that reminds you of their life. 

Choosing the written portion of your loved one’s memorial bookmark might be the hardest part and take the most time. That’s OK! Take your time with this decision until you’re happy with your choices.

When picking a poem

Many popular funeral poems easily fit on a bookmark. If you can’t find one you like, consider writing your own poem, instead.  Writing a poem is just one of many special things to do in memory of a loved one

When choosing a verse

There are many verses for funerals that are fitting to add to a memorial bookmark. However, if your loved one had a favorite verse, consider adding that as a final way to honor their legacy.

When writing a tribute

If you write a tribute, be sure to keep it short and concise. Bookmark templates only have enough space for around 100-150 words. Anything more than that and you’ll make it too hard to read for those who receive the funeral favor.

Where Can You Order Custom Memorial Bookmarks Online?

There are many places online where you can order custom memorial bookmarks. Each option has pros and cons. Look at several and choose the option which best suits your time, budget, and creativity.

1. Canva

Canva is an online creative playground containing dozens of bookmark templates, hundreds of thousands of stock photos, and tons of customization options. When crafting a bookmark, you can choose from readymade templates and themes, or start with a blank bookmark and create your own from scratch. All bookmark templates are completely customizable and allow you to upload your own pictures and text. 

Once you’ve created the bookmark and saved it to your computer, you can print it with your home printer. You can also order prints through Canva and have them delivered to your door.

Canva is free, though some of their better templates and pictures are only available for pro users. A pro trial is available for free for thirty days.

Best for people who:

  • Are highly creative individuals
  • Have plenty of time to design

2. Zazzle

Zazzle is a printing company that has become known for its user-friendly templates and variety of customizable print products. Its memorial bookmarks are all templated for ease of use but can also be customized by uploading your own pictures, changing background colors, and adding text. You can further customize the look of the bookmark with different borders, icons, and filters.

Once you’re satisfied with your design, layout, and text, you can order them directly from the website. They are priced per unit and discounted as you purchase more. An order of ten receives a 10% discount and an order of 100 will give you 40% off.

Before you add your order to the cart, the website will ask you to confirm your loved one’s name and dates for accuracy.

Best for people who:

  • Are pressed for time
  • Want some design freedom

3. Etsy

Best known as an artisan online marketplace, Etsy has become a haven for all things unique, custom-made, and artistic. Here, you can find several sellers who offer custom-made memorial bookmarks. There are two types of bookmarks you can find offered: customizable ready-made batch bookmarks and digital downloads.

Ready-made bookmarks

Sellers with ready-made bookmarks offer several designs to choose from and limited customization options. Customization includes uploading your loved one’s picture, adding their name, including birth and death dates, and choosing a tassel color (if included). Many sellers have in loving memory templates and wording to provide ideas for customization.

If you have special instructions, you can include those in a note to the seller or during a conversation if you message them before purchasing. Purchases are made in batches starting with a minimum of 20. 

Best for people who:

  • Have limited time
  • Need minimal customization

Digital downloads

Some sellers offer digital downloads with a specific design or theme. If you find one you like, you’ll pay for the download, which is made instantly available. The download is completely customizable and editable on your home computer. Once you’re satisfied with the file, you’ll need to print them out on your home printer or through a print center.

Best for people who:

  • Want customization options
  • Can print at home
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4. Celebrating Life Bookmarks

This bookmark company is completely dedicated to providing bookmarks that celebrate or memorialize important life events, from births and weddings to funerals and memorial services. 

The selection of bookmarks is kept simple to provide a fast and easy ordering process. All bookmarks are on a white background and can be customized with a photo of your loved one, a border style, one symbol, and text. They have over 40 poems to choose from, or you can upload your own poem or text. Poems are placed on the back of the bookmark, and a custom obituary or tribute can be added to the front.

Pricing depends on the number of bookmarks purchased, optional tassel, and photo upload.

Best for people who:

  • Want a simple bookmark
  • Want limited customization options 

5. Funeral Prints

Funeral Prints is an online company that provides all things printed for funerals and memorial services including cards, programs, posters, and bookmarks.

The company offers customizable templates, providing the ability to upload a picture of your loved one, add text, and edit the background color. One side contains a poem or tribute to your loved one and the other side contains a picture or theme you’ve chosen. There are many pictures to choose from such as sunsets, mountain scenes, ocean scenes, and religious symbols.

All orders submitted before 3:00 PM Monday through Friday are printed and shipped out on the same day as your order. Most orders are delivered overnight. If there is a delay, you’ll be notified during the checkout process.

Best for people who:

  • Want basic customization options
  • Like the look of a prominent picture or scene on bookmarks

6. Cherished Prints

Cherished Prints is a well-known company for providing elegant programs, booklets, and other items for funerals and memorials. 

Every bookmark they offer is thoughtfully themed with room for customization. Customization options include background color, photo upload, bookmark size, and text. You also have the option to purchase a PDF and print the bookmarks at home or have the company print them for you. Lamination comes at an extra charge

Best for people who:

  • Want elegant ready-made themes
  • Want basic customization options

Paying Tribute to Loved Ones

Memorial bookmarks are a special way to honor a loved one’s life while providing a tangible gift for friends and loved ones to keep. Take your time choosing designs, poems, and sayings that pay tribute to your loved one, and you’re sure to craft a bookmark worthy of their smile.


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