Memorial Diamonds: Cost, Purpose & Process


After a loved one dies, how do you keep their memory close? One popular idea in modern days is memorial jewelry. Memorial jewelry is a way to honor a loved one, whether you incorporate something important to them or turn their ashes into a meaningful memento.

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One unique concept today is memorial diamonds. A memorial diamond is a type of lab-made diamond created using human remains. There are a variety of service providers that specialize in cremation jewelry, including memorial diamonds, and these are a gorgeous way to honor someone’s life and memory. 

Since this is a relatively new process, you might be wondering: what exactly are memorial diamonds? In this guide, we’ll uncover their cost, purpose, and the process of turning remains into a beautiful diamond. If you’re looking for a way to create a lasting tribute, a memorial diamond might be the right fit for you.

What Are Memorial Diamonds?

Scientifically speaking, a memorial diamond is a type of real diamond that’s created from the carbon taken from cremated ashes, hair, or both. When diamonds are formed in nature, they’re created using high pressure over a long period of time. This process has been recreated in a lab for the process of memorialization. 

Also known as a diamond burial, this is an alternative to storing the ashes in an urn or another container. The process creates real diamonds with the same appearance, chemical makeup, and physical properties as natural diamonds.  

They’re graded according to the same “4 C’s” you’re familiar with for traditional diamonds: cut, clarity, carat, and color. Memorial diamonds are an alternative to an urn necklace or other urn jewelry that holds someone’s ashes within a secure container. Instead of holding ashes, it’s created from the ashes themselves, transforming them through a pressurized process. 

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Can memorial diamonds be made with pet ashes?

It’s important to note that you don’t need to use human ashes to create a memorial diamond. It’s also possible, and popular, to turn pet ashes into a diamond using the same process. 

Ashes and hair can both be used for the carbonization process that turns remains into diamonds. It’s up to you how you want to memorialize your loved one or pet, but this option is available either way.

Why Do People Buy Memorial Diamonds?

Why are memorial diamonds so popular? There’s a big question of what to do with cremation ashes after losing a loved one. While you can always scatter the ashes, store them in an urn, or even bury them, you might prefer to see them transformed into something entirely new. 

People buy memorial diamonds for a number of reasons including:

  • Beautiful memorial: A diamond or piece of jewelry is a beautiful way to honor someone’s life. While an urn can be a gorgeous tribute, it’s not the same as a physical diamond, which shines as brightly as someone’s memory.
  • Wearable: The appeal of a memorial diamond is also that it’s wearable. Many people find peace knowing that they can carry their loved ones with them physically through jewelry.
  • Versatile: There’s also a lot of versatility to a memorial diamond. It can be used in a ring, necklace, bracelet, or other piece of jewelry to create something completely unique.
  • Heirloom: Lastly, a memorial diamond becomes a long-lasting heirloom that you can pass down for generations. It’s something designed to be durable for years to come.

Memorial diamonds are a powerful form of remembrance. They’re as stunning as they are heartwarming, and it’s easy to see why many choose this as a way to honor their loved ones after death. 

How Are Memorial Diamonds Usually Made?

Unless you’re a professional jeweler, it’s normal to be a bit confused about how memorial diamonds are made. This process is similar to the creation of lab-made diamonds, but it’s still not well-known to the general public. 

Diamonds have been created in labs since the 1950s, and science and technology have come a long way since those early days. Diamond laboratories use a process that’s technically known as High Pressure High Temperature, or HPHT. 

Adapted from nature itself, the process follows these steps below:

  • Carbon isolation: Carbon is the basis for everything on earth, and diamonds are no exception. Cremated ashes contain between 1-5% carbon. The lab assigns a reference code to each individual sample to ensure it’s easy to recognize.
  • Graphite conversion: The ashes are then filtered using a high-temperature process again and again until a high-carbon sample is reached. Then, heat and pressure are used to create a graphite structure.
  • Diamond growth: Next, high pressure is applied to the graphite to transform it slowly into a diamond. The longer it remains in this stage, the larger it becomes.
  • Cut and polish: Like a natural diamond, this lab-grown one needs to be cut and polished by a professional to create that unique shine.

This is a highly technical process, and it can take multiple weeks or months to complete depending on the size of the diamond. Each diamond takes a unique color and shape depending on the unique makeup of the carbon within the individual’s remains, as well as chemical components added in the lab. The end result is something truly spectacular.

How do you send the ashes or hair?

Aside from the process to transform the ashes or hair into diamonds, you might also wonder how you actually send the sample. All of the service providers have a similar process. You’ll need to purchase a starter or welcome kit. The kit comes with everything you need to safely package your loved one's ashes or hair.

The welcome kit you receive will also include more information about the process and how to ensure your loved one’s remains are safe and secure. The last thing you want is an accident or leak during transportation. 

You’ll also have the option to select the carat size and, sometimes, the setting or additional aspects of the diamond’s appearance. Most importantly, you’ll receive a container for your loved one’s ashes or hair. The specific amount of sample you’ll need to provide depends on the size of the diamond you wish to receive. 

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Where Can You Buy Memorial Diamonds?

There are many unique jewelers that specialize in creating memorial diamonds. There are different styles and options no matter your budget or wishes, so browse through these diamond creators below. 


With diamonds starting at $2,999, Eterneva is a lab-grown diamond specialist that wishes to make this process as accessible as possible. 

They see diamonds as a way to tell someone’s life story with something wearable and beautiful. With a full range of customization options, Eterneva is an easy choice for someone looking to turn their loved one’s ashes into something unique. 


Algordanza is another word for remembrance. Their memorial diamonds are made in Switzerland, and they’re well-known for their commitment to quality and style. 

By delivering memorial diamonds to over 30 countries, they help people of all backgrounds find their own legacy. Algordanza is the only memorial diamond producer that is ISO certified. 


Recognized by the Gemological Institute of American (GIA), each and every LifeGem diamond is authentically made by established craftsmen. 

With over 6,000 people having already used LifeGem to create their memorial diamonds, this is an easy option for creating something that lasts a lifetime and beyond. 

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LONITÉ diamonds are made using human or pet cremation ashes or hair. They vow to use no heavy metals, artificial colorings, or unstable chemicals. As a pioneer of this process, you know your loved one’s remains are in trusted, capable hands. 

With LONITÉ, the process of turning ashes into a diamond takes upwards of 3 months. They’re available in the UK, Australia, Germany, the USA, and Canada. LONITÉ diamonds start at $1,4000 and go upward from there. 

Saint Diamonds

Last but not least, Saint Diamonds undergo the same process to transform a loved one’s ashes or hair into a beautiful gem. Founded in 2018, the founder of Saint Diamonds strives to bring positivity from loss. 

What makes Saint Diamonds different? They have one of the fastest turnaround times between 20-65 days. They also offer free jewelry settings so you can find the perfect setting to honor your loved one’s diamond. 

Memorial Diamonds and Wearable Remembrance

Remembrance comes in all shapes and sizes. There’s no one-size-fits-all journey through grief and healing. It’s important to find the ways of remembrance that are meaningful to you, whether you opt for a traditional urn or memorial jewelry. 

Memorial diamonds are the latest in memorial technology. They’re proof that someone’s legacy can be a beautiful, lasting thing. Like diamonds, someone’s memory is strong and built by nature. Having your loved one’s presence literally with you all the time means you carry their love. For those healing after a loss, this can mean the world. 


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