Memorial Diamonds: Cost, Purpose & Process

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Cremation jewelry can be defined as jewelry that carries a small amount of a loved one’s cremated remains or a piece of hair in a locket, a pin, or even a ring. It has become quite popular for people who want to carry their loved ones close by.

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Memorial diamonds, made from the cremated remains or a lock of hair of a loved one, is the newest creation of cremation jewelry.

What Are Memorial Diamonds (Or Cremation) Diamonds?

A memorial diamond, also known as a cremation diamond or eternal diamond, is made from a small amount of human cremated remains, a lock of hair, a beloved pet’s cremated remains, or fur.

Creating memorial diamonds started about 20 years ago, and is a relatively new method of creating physical memorials. The oldest company in the United States is Chicago-based LifeGems, which started in 2002. Nowadays, there are companies across the globe making memorial diamonds.

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Why Do People Decide to Turn Their Ashes into Diamonds?

Most people have simple reasons for turning their loved one’s ashes into diamonds. Some of the following reasons include:

  • To carry a small piece of someone they love with jewelry that can be worn.
  • To memorialize someone loved.
  • To have a remembrance that sparkles and shines.

In the case of one company, Eterneva, it combines the diamond-making process with several grief support options including homecoming parties for the diamond and tribute videos. 

How Much Do Memorial Diamonds Cost?

The price of a colorless memorial diamond can range from $2,999 to $7,899.

In theory, the bigger the diamond is, the more expensive it is. Colors can be added in the process, raising the price up to $24,999 for a 1.50 carat. 

What’s the Process of Turning Ashes Into Diamonds?

Simply put, memorial diamonds are created with a small amount of cremated remains or a lock of hair, about two tablespoons to two-thirds of a cup of cremated remains, or half a cup of human hair or fur from a pet.

  • The carbon is extracted from the cremated remains or lock of hair,
  • The carbon is then heated to extremely high temperatures, which converts the carbon into graphite.
  • The graphite is then placed in a diamond press that replicates the natural forces of heat and pressure used to create real diamonds. The more time in the press, the larger the rough diamond crystal will be.
  • The process can take about 24 weeks, though some colored memorial diamonds can take up to another 12 weeks to make.
  • Lastly, the diamond is then polished and cut. 

A Shining Reminder of Your Loved One

Creating a memorial diamond from the cremated remains or hair of a loved one and/or a favorite pet may not be for everyone. But for those who believe that this is a way to memorialize and remember the life of a family member or beloved furry companion, this is a unique and special way of expressing love.

Since memorial diamonds only use a small amount of cremains, if you're interested in something equally unique for rest of your loved one's ashes, you can custom order an urn from a store like Foreverence. You submit a design idea or sketch, then the company designs and 3D prints your urn, so you get a 100% unique container.

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