15 Memorial Scrapbooking Ideas for Pets and Loved Ones


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When death brings grief, one way to begin the healing process is to create something that brings back cherished memories. If you’re looking for a unique and creative way to remember a lost loved one or pet, consider crafting a memorial scrapbook. 

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Scrapbooks can be as simple or innovative as you wish. There are many different styles and mediums to choose from. Fashion a basic scrapbook with pictures, stickers, and words, or consider a digital option that can be viewed by many.

All that matters is that your memorial scrapbook is meaningful to you and your family. These also make thoughtful memorial gifts for close friends who have suffered a loss.

Memorial Scrapbook Ideas for a Loved One

Creating a memorial scrapbook is a great way to keep memories alive after you’ve lost a loved one.

1. Digital memorial book

If you are hosting a virtual funeral, a digital memorial book is a perfect companion. You can use PowerPoint, video editing software, or a platform that makes it easy, such as Tribute.

Pandemic Tip: There are paid services for virtual funeral planning. They often offer assistance in creating digital memorials, including scrapbooks and slideshows, for your service.  

2. Collaborative scrapbook

Crowdsource your scrapbook at your loved one’s funeral. Have family and friends bring pictures, quotes, memories, gifts, and anything else representing your lost loved one. Then, let them get to crafting! 

This is a fun activity for an otherwise somber event and can get guests chatting and sharing fond memories and old family stories

Pro Tip: Provide blank books along with scrapbooking materials on your memorial table. Glue, scissors, colorful tape, tissue paper, magazines, colored pencils, and markers should do the trick. 

You can also send the original book to a printing company, and they can make copies of photo books for you to share with loved ones. Make sure to ask for the original one back for safekeeping!

3. Grief journal

Scrapbooking can be healing. Cuddle up with a beautiful journal, pen, and your favorite warm beverage, and get to writing.

Share your grief in the form of stories, memories, jokes, poetry, and quotes. The world is your oyster! Grab a magazine and cut out images that remind you of your loved one. 

4. Photo album

Photo albums are the original scrapbook. Sometimes, family pictures with or without captions are more than enough to memorialize a loved one. Collect as many old photos as you can find for your album. Don’t forget to enlist the help of family and friends!

5. Heirloom collection

Pull together items that belonged to your ancestors and showcase them in a unique way. Alternatively, take pictures of the items and have photo books printed for family members. Elevate this project by including a family tree!

Memorial Scrapbook Ideas for a Baby or Child

No life event can compare to the loss of a child. Creating a memorial scrapbook may bring some healing and peace to your grief. 

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6. Memory book

No matter how long you knew your child, whether earthside or in the womb, you can create a memory book (like this one) in their honor.

Fill the book with pregnancy and/or developmental milestones. Fill the pages with pictures, memories, and professions of love. There are many beautiful quotes and poems about losing a child you could add. 

7. Digital journal

If your child is battling a terminal illness, consider starting a digital journal now. You can send emails to an account under their name, or you can use an online journaling service such as Qeepsake.

Qeepsake will even send you a daily text message, making it easy for you to fill in the journal piece-by-piece. Daily prompts can help make this task feel less daunting. This is a beautiful memorial that you will be able to look back on and cherish in the future. 

8. Footprint art

Create a scrapbook and add your baby’s adorable hand and footprints. When you miss them most, run your hand over their perfect little hands and feet to bring their memory closer to your heart. 

9. Memorabilia collage

Save your favorite onesie, baby blanket, and other items of your child’s and display them in a shadow box

If your child was a bit older when they passed, consider combining fabric from their closet to create a memorial collage. There are many different mediums for this. You could make a poster board, stuffed animal, or even a pillow to hold. Whatever would feel most comforting is the right choice.

10. Onesie quilt

This can be a DIY project, or you can commission a friend, family member, or artist to create one for you. Onesies work, as do blankets, T-shirts, pants, dresses, pillows, or any other textiles that belonged to your little one. 

Memorial Scrapbook Ideas for a Pet

Losing a pet truly does feel like losing a member of the family. Remember their unconditional love through a memorial scrapbook.

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11. Collection of favorites

Did your pet have a favorite leash? Collar? Toy? Bowl? Create a shadow box to display your favorite items. Include a cutout from the box of their favorite treat. 

Alternatively, take pictures of these items and create a scrapbook to keep your beloved pet’s favorites within reach. 

12. Open-ended book

The love of our pets is unmatched, but they are with us for such a short time. You may have had many beloved pets throughout your lifetime. Create a scrapbook that you can continue to fill with pictures, memorabilia, and stories of every pet who is lucky enough to have been loved by you. 

13. Picture collage

This option is simple and sweet. Create a photo collage to commemorate your pet. Perhaps you have pictures holding them, playing with them, or a favorite picture of them in their tank or bed. Paste them all together and add magazine cutouts, drawings, or even fabrics for a beautiful and memorable collage. 

Pro Tip: Mod Podge seals and glues paper, pictures, and newspaper and magazine cutouts with a glossy, professional finish. 

14. Euthanasia memorial

Sometimes the best gift we can give our best friends is a peaceful send-off. You can find many beautiful euthanasia quotes and poems online.

Include those along with pictures from your pet’s final moments to commemorate their peaceful transition by your side. 

15. Something to snuggle

Have your animal cloned in stuffed animal form so you can snuggle up to their likeness eternally. 

Some companies create real stuffed pets. Others will use hair or other features from your pet to make their clone more realistic.

If that’s not really your thing, but you like the idea of a stuffed animal that shares your pet’s likeness, there are plenty of crochet, cotton, and polyester options to choose from. 

Gift a Memorial Scrapbook

Scrapbooks make for incredibly thoughtful memorial gifts. Here are some steps to get you started:

  • Ensure that this is an appropriate gift. 
    • Do a gut check. 
    • Check-in with a mutual friend. 
    • Ask their family members for advice. 
  • Once you get the go-ahead, take a trip to the craft store and pick up stickers, textiles, markers, and any other materials you wish to use. 
  • Call up family members and friends and collect pictures, memories, and quotes to fill your scrapbook. Handwritten letters make for beautiful and meaningful additions.
  • Make sure everything is dried and sealed. Have a trusted person look it over.
  • Gift to the grieving family at the funeral, wake, memorial, shiva, or on the anniversary of their loved one’s death. If your friend is a private person, choose a quiet moment with just the two of you to give them this special gift.

Craft from the heart and this will be a gift that your friend will cherish forever.

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