18 Simple Husband Memorial Tattoo Ideas


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A tattoo is a meaningful and creative way to honor someone you’ve lost. And when that person is your husband, you want to make sure the tattoo is just right. Your memorial tattoo should perfectly represent you, your husband, and your relationship. It can also signify what it feels like to have lost your beloved partner and other complex emotions. 

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So how do you fit all of that meaning into a single tattoo? You might not be able to do it all, but many memorial tattoos come close. The memorial tattoo ideas below are meant to offer inspiration if you’re considering one of your own. 

Tip: If you are the executor for a deceased loved one, it isn't just deciding on how to memorialize them that can cause stress. Handling their unfinished business can be overwhelming without a way to organize your process. We have a post-loss checklist that will help you ensure that your loved one's family, estate, and other affairs are taken care of.

Small Memorial Tattoo Ideas for a Husband

Not every tattoo has to be large or elaborate. Depending on your style and preferences, you might want a smaller memorial tattoo instead. So here are some small memorial tattoo ideas for remembering a husband. 

Tip: If you're looking for something really unique, consider getting a tattoo made out of your loved one's ashes.

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1. Infinity symbol

Your love for your husband doesn’t vanish just because he’s passed away. The feelings you have for him stay with you forever, and the relationship you built is still there, in many ways. An infinity symbol represents the eternal quality of love and marriage. 

2. Dandelion

A delicate dandelion puff tattoo easily represents floating from this life to the next. You can even have the tiny florets transform into flying birds or stars. 

3. Lovebirds

If you and your husband were like a couple of lovebirds, a pair of birds might be a great tattoo design option. You could have two small birds sitting, in silhouette, on a branch, one representing you and one representing your husband. 

4. Signature

Chances are, you have a document or a piece of writing with your husband’s signature on it. If you find a tattoo artist who’s confident transposing that signature and possibly enlarging it a little bit, you could have it inked onto your body. In this way, you truly have a piece of your husband with you all the time. 

5. Hourglass

It never feels like you had enough time with your spouse when they pass away before you. An hourglass that’s halfway emptied of sand might help you represent that sentiment. 

6. Key

You might feel like your husband held the “key to your heart,” or that he was the key to your happiness. You might feel like the two of you just fit together like a lock and key.

A key represents the marriage relationship in many different ways, and you might find a small key design meaningful as a memorial tattoo. You could also add a second key to represent yourself or even a lock.

7. Wedding ring

It’s very common for a widow or widower to continue wearing their wedding ring after their husband’s passing, especially just afterward. But you might not know what to do with your husband’s ring. If you buried your husband, you likely buried the ring with him. But if you chose cremation, you’ll have the ring somewhere at home.

Either way, a small representation of a wedding ring, somewhere like your wrist or ankle, can forever memorialize your relationship with your husband. You can have it look like your husband’s wedding band or not, depending on your preference. 

Tip: Honor your loved one's memory with a custom urn. Foreverence specializes in making something truly unique and remarkable to keep your husband's ashes close. 

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Medium or Large Memorial Tattoo Ideas for a Husband

Another memorial tattoo option is a medium-sized or large piece. If you’re an old hand at getting tattooed, or you’re just feeling brave, you might go for larger memorial artwork.

One of the benefits of a larger tattoo is that there’s more room for intricate and meaningful design, as well as script. Here are some ideas for medium or large memorial tattoos for remembering a husband. 

8. Vocal visualization

You know the little up-and-down lines that sometimes appear on an audio player as a visual representation of the sound you’re hearing? That’s music (or audio) visualization. And for an especially unique tattoo design that represents your husband, you can have an audio snippet of his voice visualized and translated into tattoo form. 

You’ll need a voicemail or another piece of audio that contains your husband’s voice saying something. It could be as simple as, “Hello,” or as meaningful as, “I love you.” But whatever you choose, it should be relatively short so that it can be more detailed. 

9. Feather and birds

A tattoo of a feather floating in the air, gradually transforming into birds in flight towards the end, represents the transformation from this life to the next.

The feather and the birds can be any size you’d like, and in any color you choose. 

10. Heartlines

A heartline, the line you’d see on a heart monitor, can represent your husband’s heartbeat.

This tattoo design is meaningful for many people who lost someone close to their own hearts. It can also be a thoughtful representation of loss due to heart disease or heart failure. 

11. Heart hands

A unique alternative to the classic heart tattoo is a tattoo design with two hands put together, forming a heart together.

You and your husband might have even taken a photo like this at some point if you liked posting pictures together on social media. If you have such a photo, you could bring it in to your tattoo artist for reference. 

12. A rose

A rose is the classic representation of love and romance. It’s also a flower commonly given to those grieving a loss. Roses are emotional, and they evoke memories for many people.

If a blooming red rose represents your feelings toward your husband or your relationship, or how you feel about his loss, it might be the perfect memorial tattoo. 

13. A tree of life

Together, you and your husband may have brought new life into this world. If you and he were as strong as the roots of a tree, a tree of life tattoo might suit you as a memorial tattoo for your husband. 

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Short Memorial Tattoo Sayings and Quotes for a Husband

A picture can say a thousand words. But sometimes, words do just the trick. A few short words can convey exactly what you want to say about your husband and what he meant to you.

Whether it’s a simple “rest in peace” message or a quote you love, you have quite a few options when it comes to memorial tattoo sayings and quotes for a husband. Here are just a few of those options. 

14. “I’ll see you later.”

Saying “goodbye” is sometimes just too hard. It might be easier to simply say, “I’ll see you later,” instead. If that resonates with you, or if you and your husband always said, “See you later,” rather than goodbye as often as possible, this might be a good memorial tattoo quote. 

15. “I love you more.”

Many couples have a phrase that they repeat to each other again and again. A common one is, “I love you more,” when one partner says, “I love you.”

If this is a phrase you and your husband loved to tell each other when you said goodbye, it might be the perfect quote for a memorial tattoo. 

16. “Always in my mind, forever in my heart.” 

Thoughts of your husband are probably never far from your mind. There are countless places, things, and events that make you think of him, no matter how long it’s been since he passed away. He’s always in your mind. And your love for him will be in your heart forever. 

18. “We only part to meet again.” 

If you believe you’ll reunite with your husband after death, you can have this quote, or a similar one, tattooed as a memorial.

That way, you’ll remember the happy reunion to come every time you see your tattoo. 

19. “A true love story never ends.” 

Most traditional love stories and fairy tales end with “happily ever after.” But many real-life love stories—the true ones—go on even after one partner has passed away. This quote reminds us that true love stories don’t have an end. 

More Ways to Honor a Husband

More and more people are choosing memorial alternatives to honor their loved ones. From tattoos to memorial diamonds from Eterneva, there are no limits to how you express your love for your partner in life and death. 

If you're looking for more ways to honor or memorialize your husband, read our guides on funeral songs for husbands and how to write an obituary for a husband.

If you would like to create an online memorial to honor your departed husband, doing so is easy and free with Cake's online memorial pages

In Memory of a Husband

Figuring out what to do in memory of someone you love is never easy. But if you’re interested in the idea of a memorial tattoo, we hope the ideas above have helped spark inspiration. 

The memorial tattoo design you choose should be catered to how you feel about your husband. It should represent everything you shared together and remind you of the person you held so dear. And while the designs above are good examples of memorial tattoo designs, you should never be afraid to incorporate your own unique ideas and designs.

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