7 Memorial Tree Seedling Ideas to Gift or Plant


Coping with the passing of a loved one is never an easy process. However, you can take steps that may help to ease your pain.

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Some people choose to honor the memory of lost loved ones by planting memorial trees. A memorial tree serves as a natural monument to someone’s life. Because it grows and flourishes, it can also offer comfort by giving you a sense that in some way, your lost loved one’s spirit still lives on.

If this idea appeals to you but you’re not sure how to plant a tree in memory of someone you’ve lost, keep reading. The process starts with buying memorial tree seedlings. This post will offer memorial tree seedling ideas and list some places where you can purchase them.

Memorial Tree Seedling Ideas

Before you purchase any memorial tree seedlings, make sure you’ve researched the type of tree you wish to plant. Many trees can only grow in certain climates and conditions. You want to choose one that will thrive in its environment. If you’re giving memorial tree seedlings as a gift, consider whether the recipient will be able to care for the tree properly.

Tip: Depending on the circumstances, you may need to secure permits to plant a memorial tree in a certain location. Research your local statutes to learn more.

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1. Spruce tree

You may choose a variety of spruce trees to honor the memory of your loved one, especially if your loved one enjoyed the beauty of evergreens. You can also find a spruce relatively easily. 

That said, spruce trees tend to reach fairly tall heights. You need to consider this when planting one. 

2. Fig tree

Did the person in whose memory you’re planting a memorial tree love to cook? If so, you may consider buying memorial tree seedlings in the fig tree family.

The delicious fruit your tree bears will remind you of the delicious meals your loved one created. Many types of fig trees remain short enough that you can grow them indoors, at least during their early years of life. This is an option worth keeping in mind if you’d like to keep a memorial tree in your home.

3. Olive tree

An olive tree is another option to keep in mind if you would like your memorial tree to represent your lost loved one’s appreciation for food. Although olive trees can eventually grow to great heights, you can start growing an olive tree in your house. You can transplant it later when it becomes too big.

An olive tree may also have symbolic meaning for you. Traditionally, many cultures have associated olive trees with peace and friendship. You might choose to plant an olive tree in memory of someone who embodied these values.

4. Pink dogwood

Some memorial trees blend in with their surroundings. As a result, passersby may not realize a memorial tree has any greater significance than any other tree on your property.

That might not be a concern for you. Maybe what matters most is that you know the tree serves as a memorial to a lost loved one. It doesn’t matter if no one else notices it.

On the other hand, if you’d prefer that your loved one’s memorial tree stand out, you might choose to plant a pink dogwood. As the name implies, this tree’s flowers draw the eye right away, with their colorful and vibrant flowers. Because many consider pink to be a symbol of romantic love, you may consider a dogwood if you’re planting a memorial tree for a deceased partner or spouse.

5. Oak tree

Oak trees can grow tall. Planting a memorial oak tree on your property may not be an option if local laws place restrictions on the types of trees you can grow in certain areas.

However, if you do have the legal right to plant an oak tree, you could choose to do so if you want to plant a tree that will stand tall and proud. If you can’t plant an oak on your own property, you may still be able to plant one in a memorial forest instead.

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6. Southern magnolia tree

The best memorial trees often reflect some characteristic of the person they’re memorializing. Consider that when choosing which type of seedlings to purchase.

For example, maybe you want to plant a memorial tree in memory of someone who had a deep love for the beauty of the American south. If so, southern magnolia tree seedlings offer an ideal option. The southern magnolia immediately reminds you of the parts of the country where it thrives.

7. Magnolia ‘Ann’ tree

Do you want to plant a tree that boasts the natural beauty of something like a southern magnolia but you live in a colder part of the country?

In this case, you may prefer to buy Magnolia “Ann” memorial tree seedlings. The Magnolia “Ann” can withstand colder temperatures and feels particularly at home in northern states. 

The tree doesn’t grow extremely tall, but what it lacks in height it more than makes up for with its striking reddish-purple flowers.

Where Can You Buy Memorial Tree Seedlings?

If you want to buy memorial tree seedlings, you won’t have any trouble finding them. A quick Google search leads to many sites that offer numerous types of memorial tree seedlings. 

Seeds of Life

Seeds of Life, a popular online shop, specializes in memorial trees. It offers a wide range of tree types. Browse the site to see if you can buy the variety you’re looking for.

That said, Seeds of Life doesn’t technically sell memorial tree seedlings. Most of the company’s products include small trees that you can continue growing indoors or transplant to another location outdoors.

Seeds of Life offers a convenient service if you’re in the market for multiple types of gift trees. Along with memorial and sympathy trees, they also offer trees for such occasions as housewarming parties, birthdays, and more. 

The GreenWorld Project

A love of the environment is at the heart of the GreenWorld Project. Its founders started the company in 1990 with the goal of encouraging people to plant more trees.

If you share those values, you may want to support the company by purchasing its memorial tree seedlings. Because the GreenWorld Project’s team has greater than 30 years of experience cultivating and selling memorial tree seedlings, you can expect to receive a quality product and reliable service.

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The Arbor Day Foundation

Is growing a memorial tree in your home impractical? Is planting one on your property not an option either? Or are you considering giving a memorial tree as a sympathy gift, but you’re not sure whether the recipient will want to tend to it?

No worries if this is the case. You can still “plant” a memorial tree to honor someone’s memory through the Arbor Day Foundation. You can send a donation and depending on how much you donate, the Arbor Day Foundation will plant a certain number of memorial trees in a particular forest. If this is a gift, you can print or order a card featuring a basic memorial tree poem explaining to the recipient the nature of the gift.

It’s worth noting that the Arbor Day Foundation, a nonprofit, has promoted conservation for decades. You may wish to buy a tree from this organization.

Plant a Memory

Plant a Memory primarily sells wedding gift trees. However, the company also offers memorial tree seedlings. It offers a range of ribbons, tags, bags, and boxes as well, giving you the freedom to create a customized gift.

Oklahoma City National Memorial Museum

You don’t necessarily need to buy memorial tree seedlings to honor the memory of someone you personally knew. You can instead choose to memorialize those who lost their lives in a national tragedy.

The Survivor Tree is one of the Oklahoma City National Memorial Museum’s most popular attractions. It stands as a testament to the resilience of those who moved on with strength and hope after the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in 1995.

One of the ways the museum raises funds is by selling Survivor Tree seedlings. Consider buying one to both support the museum and participate in a national act of remembrance.

Memorial Tree Seedlings: A Fitting Tribute to a Life

Once more, you can easily find memorial tree seedlings. Just remember, there’s no one “right” tree to plant in memory of someone. This is a personal choice, and you should carefully consider your options to determine which type of tree fits your goals, space, and budget.


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