12 Types of Memorial Wind Chimes for Pets or Loved Ones


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Although the history behind the tradition is not clear, wind chimes are ideal memorial gifts for people who have lost family members or pets. Perhaps people are drawn to the present because the tinkling sound, always in the background, can act as a constant reminder of the one who died.

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Wind chimes also make perfect additions to memorial gardens. You can personalize them with the name of the deceased, and they can easily hang from trees or shepherd’s hooks. Both the metal or wood varieties add beauty to any garden or outdoor space.

Are you looking for memorial wind chimes as a sympathy gift? Let’s go over your options.

Post-loss tip: Finding a unique way to memorialize your loved one might be just one of the challenges you're facing after a loss—especially if you're the executor of the person's estate. Our post-loss checklist can help sort out what you might need to do next. 

What Are Memorial Wind Chimes?

What Are Memorial Wind Chimes?

Any type of wind chime is an appropriate gift for a grieving friend, but some companies make wind chimes specifically for those who are mourning. 

Here are some characteristics of memorial wind chimes:

  • Many memorial wind chime companies package and label their product as such. A gift recipient who didn’t know of the tradition would understand the item better if labeled as a “sympathy wind chime.”
  • Memorial wind chimes may be personalized. The personalization may be generic and be labeled with the words, “Mom,” “Son,” or “Our Favorite Pet.” The personalization can also be individualized with the name of the deceased etched or engraved on the clanger.
  • Memorial wind chimes often include symbols associated with grief. Examples of such natural symbols may consist of cardinals, butterflies, wings, and feathers. They may also include religious symbols, such as angels, crosses, praying hands, and Bible verses.
  • If you are purchasing a memorial wind chime to honor a deceased pet, you might be able to find one for the specific breed of animal. Some may include images of dog bones, animals with wings, paw prints, or other details.
  • Memorial wind chimes also sometimes include text like, “Listen to the wind and know that I am near” or other similar sentiments. You may also be able to find memorial wind chimes with Bible verses or prayers printed on them.

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Types of Personalized Memorial Wind Chimes

If you are looking for a thoughtful keepsake gift, consider purchasing (or making) a memorial wind chime. Most of the time, such items are personalized either by words or images.

Here are some examples you can get from your favorite online or brick-and-mortar store.

1. Wind chime with name of deceased engraved on clapper

Many companies make personalized wind chimes. Add the name of the deceased, the lifespan dates, or a saying.

You can purchase both wood or metal customized wind chimes. Most online stores allow you to listen to an audio clip of the windchime, so you know the tone before buying it.

2. Wind chime with handwriting of the deceased engraved on the clapper

You can also purchase a wind chime that reproduces the handwriting of the deceased on the clapper.

Whether your loved one signed cards and letters “With Love, Mom,” or “Love You! Dad,” their handwriting will be preserved forever or the commemorative item.

3. Personalized wind chime naming the relationship of the deceased loved one

Even if you don’t have time to have the gift personalized with the name of the deceased, you may be able to purchase a wind chime with a generic personalization. Search for wind chimes that say “Mother” or “Daughter” on the clapper.

You can find wind chimes for specific types of pets as well. You may be able to find a wind chime for German Shepherds, calico cats, or in the shape of a rabbit.

4. Photo wind chimes

Do you have a favorite photo of your loved one? Order a wind chime using that photo on the clapper. 

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Types of Memorial Wind Chimes for Pets

Types of Memorial Wind Chimes for Pets

There are many different products you can purchase for pet memorial gifts, but a wind chime is one of the loveliest options. Since most pets love to spend time outdoors, it is only appropriate that such a commemorative item goes outside.

Wind chimes can hang outside on a tree or hook instead of taking up space on a shelf inside your home. And wind chimes are lovely reminders of those who are deceased. Here are some types of memorial wind chimes you can get for someone who lost a pet.

5. Animal images wind chimes

There are many wind chimes available that depict animal images. Some are explicitly marketed to those who lost a pet, while others are celebrations of cats, dogs, rabbits, or other types of animals. 

6. Rainbow bridge wind chime

Most pet owners are aware of the concept of the rainbow bridge. If your friend recently lost a beloved pet, consider purchasing a rainbow bridge wind chime as a sympathy gift.

These items can be personalized with the name or image of the pet who was lost. They may have a rainbow at the top or on the clapper.

7. Prism wind chimes

Some wind chimes come equipped with a prism at the top. These items add another layer of beauty to an already lovely gift

. This gift would be especially perfect for someone who lost a pet since prisms create rainbows. Rainbow bridges are common ways for owners to describe the death of a pet.

8. Glass bottle wind chime

Wind chimes come in a variety of shapes and styles. Search online for wind chimes made from a wine bottle.

You can personalize these items with painted images on the outside of the bottle. This may also be a great do-it-yourself project.

Types of Memorial Wind Chimes for Babies or Toddlers

Some people give wind chimes to new parents to celebrate the birth of a child. Others give these items as sympathy gifts for those who lose children. Here are some types of memorial wind chimes that are available for babies or toddlers. 

9. Angel wind chime

Consider purchasing an angel wind chime for someone who recently lost a baby or toddler.

You may be able to find companies that personalize the angel with a photo or name of the child. Consider adding the saying, “Gone to play with the angels” or “In loving memory” to the wind chime gift.

10. Wind chime for those suffering from a miscarriage 

Make sure you offer support to couples suffering from a miscarriage or stillbirth.

Many times, these individuals do not receive the emotional support they need. Purchase a wind chime that says, “In God’s hands” or another similar sentiment.

11. Teddy bear wind chime

You may want to avoid purchasing a “baby” wind chime for grieving parents. Most of these gift items celebrate the birth of a child, and happy images of baby footprints, rattles, and pacifiers would remind parents of what they are missing instead of giving them solace for the child’s loss. 

Instead, you may consider purchasing one with the image of a teddy bear at the top or on the clapper. A teddy bear is a comforting item, and you can personalize it with the name of the infant who died.

12. Lullaby wind chime

If you are looking for an item specially made to commemorate the loss of a child, search for a lullaby wind chime.

This product includes the text of a poem called “Lullaby” on the clapper. In part, the verse reads, “If somewhere there in heaven an angel should be free, please have her rock my baby, with a lullaby, for me.”

Other Sympathy Gift Ideas

Not everyone’s living situation is well suited to receiving a wind chime as a sympathy gift. Those who live with neighbors nearby may not be able to use the present, especially if the wind chime is particularly loud. Also, those who do not have a yard or balcony may not have an appropriate place to hang a wind chime. If this describes your grieving friend, you may want to consider other sympathy gift ideas. 

Instead of a wind chime, consider an engraved photo frame, like a pet memorial frame. Personalize the frame with the name of the deceased and add a black and white image of the person.  

You may also consider purchasing a memorial piece of jewelry. Perhaps you can personalize a heart pendant with the initials of the deceased. Maybe you can buy a charm bracelet or necklace in memory of the one who passed away recently. 

Finally, you may also consider purchasing sympathy flowers or plants, providing a meal, or donating to the memorial fund. These traditional gifts are always appreciated, and they tell your friend or loved one that you are thinking of them in their time of grief. 

If you want to honor your loved one in another way, you can start with an online memorial page. An online memorial is a place where family and friends can write tributes and make a donation to a charity organization or funeral expenses. Cake makes it simple and free to create an online memorial page.

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