18 MercyMe Songs for a Funeral or Memorial Service


Music is one of the many things that bring people together. It captures emotions that are hard to put into words, and it helps us understand who we are and what we want from life. One way music is used is to help people grieve, especially at a funeral or memorial service. 

There is an endless list of the best funeral songs. For those who listen to Christian rock, MercyMe is one of the bands that immediately come to mind when you think of religious funeral songs that carry a lot of meaning to the listener. This American band began in 1994, and they have released eight studio albums. 

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Which of their songs, in particular, is a good fit for a funeral? While this comes down to personal choice, this list of MercyMe songs suits any type of memorial event. With well-known favorites like “I Can Only Imagine,” there’s a reason this is one of the most well-known Christian rock bands. 

Happy or Uplifting MercyMe Funeral Songs

Whether you choose a song for a funeral slideshow or a burial, not all funeral songs are sad. Some are happy and uplifting, promising a better tomorrow. These MercyMe songs below offer a positive message of hope through faith. 

1. “Even If” from Lifer

“Even If” is a song about overcoming challenges as a family. Though the world can seem like a dark place, hope can always be found through God. The uplifting build of this song is a reminder that we are all worthy of being saved. 

2. “Almost Home” from Untitled

“Almost Home” is a rallying cry that it’s important to stay strong even when it seems like the world is falling apart. You’re never alone, and you’re never very far from home. Written about a conversation with a tired pastor, it’s important to enjoy the journey even when it never seems to end. 

3. “Greater” from Welcome to the New

In “Greater,” we are all redeemed before God. If you trust in God, you’re always greater than your enemies. There will be times full of doubt and fear, but we can overcome these moments together. 

4. “Flawless” from Welcome to the New

When you believe in your faith, you’re always flawless and brand new. In “Flawless” the words are a reminder that we all question our beliefs from time to time. As long as you’re true in your faith, everything else will fall into place. 

5. “Dear Younger Me” from Welcome to the New

When the lead singer’s father learned he had cancer, he turned his life around and devoted himself to Christ. This song is written to anyone struggling through their younger years, and it’s a promise to have faith in tomorrow. 

6. “Grace Got You” from Lifer

This song is designed to put a smile on your face. When you trust that God has you in his heart, you can live life knowing that you’re always in the light of grace. Because God loves you no matter what, there’s no reason to worry. 

7. “Grace Tells Another Story” from All That Is Within Me

In this song, there is no such thing as running out of time. Everyone lives life with a second chance, and there is always room for grace to save someone’s soul. We can always change, do better, and come together as one.   

8. “Hurry Up And Wait” from Untitled

Sometimes it feels like we’re rushing towards something, only to find ourselves waiting yet again. “Hurry Up And Wait” encourages us to stay strong, even when times are tough. Sometimes you have to wait and go a bit slower, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still be strong.

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Sorrowful MercyMe Funeral Songs

Sad songs can have a strong power to heal. They understand what we’re going through, and they offer comfort when we need it the most. MercyMe has many sorrowful songs, but these are also surrounded by a reminder of faith. 

9. “I Can Only Imagine” from Almost There

“I Can Only Imagine” is MercyMe’s most famous song, and it was written by the lead singer after his father died of cancer. The song describes a narrator imagining what it will be like to meet Jesus for the first time. Though he can only imagine, he knows it will be a glorious day. 

10. “Word of God Speak” from Spoken For

This song is commonly played during church services, and the lead songwriter believes it was written through divine intervention. It’s about trusting that God will speak and act through you, so you need to just with him and trust. 

11. “Finally Home” from All That Is Within Me

About the lead singer’s father passing away, this is a song about grief. When those we love die, it’s okay to mourn their deaths. However, we should still feel happy knowing that they’ve finally returned home with God. 

12. “Fall Down” from Almost There

For Jesus, we all fall down, but this doesn’t have to be a sad thing. This is an opportunity to find rest and comfort. As long as we praise in His name, we have safety, security, and love for all of eternity. 

13. “The First Time” from The Hurt and the Healer

Grace is still as amazing now as it was the first time the narrator learned of Christ. Each day, they learn more and become closer to God. “Just when I’d seen it all,” the song goes. “New mercy breaks the dawn.” There is always something new and hopeful to find in God. 

14. “Homesick” from Undone

“Homesick” is a song for when someone you love is already in Heaven and with Jesus. Though you miss this person and want to be with them in Heaven, God is always there to protect you. Because your loved one is with God, you can trust that you will be reunited soon. 

15. “Here With Me” from The Very Best of MercyMe

This is a song about surrendering to grace. It’s a ballad about getting lost within the beauty of God. Because Christ is omnipotent, we can get lost in the wonder and joy of his world and his influence.

16. “Bring the Rain” from Coming Up to Breathe

Life sometimes brings suffering. Like rain, this is a part of life and being human. It’s through this suffering that we grow closer to God. A little bit of rain—or suffering—only makes us stronger. 

17. “Beautiful” from The Generous Mr. Lovewell

This is a song about finding your self-worth and meaning through God. Though we often feel down on ourselves, we are all beautifully created in the Lord’s image. We are never alone when we’re with him.

18. “Don’t Give Up On Me” from The Hurt and The Healer

God will never give up on you, even when things seem to be at their worst. He always forgives, even when the world “comes crashing down.” This brings us closer to faith, happiness, and love. 

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Finding Faith Through MercyMe

Whether you’re looking for nostalgic songs or something that sparks your own religious faith, MercyMe is a popular choice for funeral and memorial music. These songs above have touched the lives of many, and they’re a form of comfort when you need it the most. 

A reminder of faith and Christ after a loss is sometimes what you need to feel at peace. While nothing can take away the pain of the loss, there is a lot of comfort to be found when you honor life through music. From reminding yourself that God is always there to bonding with others through faith, MercyMe is a powerful choice. 


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