‘Merry Christmas in Heaven, Dad’: 25+ Ideas


When you’re faced with remembering deceased loved ones at Christmas, especially a father or father figure, it can add a level of pain to a typically happy time of year that you may not be used to. That being said, taking the time to reflect on the joy your dad brought to your life and allowing yourself to be vulnerable with your friends and family can help you heal.

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How do you open up to people in your network who you may not catch up with regularly? Posting a poem, saying, or message of remembrance is a great way to start and open yourself up to feedback. If you’re looking for inspiration, below you’ll find some ideas. 

How to Say ‘Merry Christmas in Heaven, Dad’ on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter

When your dad passes away, it may make you feel disillusioned with social media, especially during the holidays. However, it’s understandable if you just need some guidance and encouragement for what to post at Christmas. 

Plus, you never know who’s been through a similar situation or who may want to offer some unique perspective or support. Here are some ideas for what to say on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. 

1. “Merry Christmas, Dad. I miss you every day but love you more every day, too.”

This is an honest and straightforward message. Even if your contacts aren’t aware your father is no longer here, they should understand. 

2. “I hope Christmas is even more beautiful in heaven this year. I love you, Dad.”

Talking about heaven in a hopeful way shows that you’re optimistic about both your future on earth and your father’s future in heaven.

3. “I miss seeing your smile in person and hearing your laugh. Merry Christmas, Dad. I love you.”

Writing a caption for a photo of you and your late father doesn’t have to be complicated. Ending any sentiment with a simple, “I love you,” pretty much covers it all. 

4. “Christmas was your favorite day. Though I wish you were here celebrating with me, I know you’re having a great time up there, too. I love you, Dad.”

This is another option for the caption of a photo of you and your dad.

5. “Thanks for being the best (skinny) Santa around all those years. I love you, Dad, and Merry Christmas. I miss you.”

Christmas is a common time for family photo-ops. Though it may hurt to look through old photographs of you and your father, sharing one in a humorous way may help you cope a bit better. 

6. “Happy Christmas, Dad. Missing the magic you brought me every day.”

If you and your dad shared a love of Harry Potter or other kinds of magic, this is the perfect sentiment. You can keep your message lighthearted by also sharing a photo or GIF. It’s OK not to take your post too seriously. Of course, many dads are known for their unique brand of humor. 

7. “Christmas isn’t the same without you. I love and miss you so much, Dad.”

It’s OK to acknowledge to your friends and family that things will never be the same without your dad. However, this shouldn’t stand in the way of you being able to make new memories and traditions.

8. “Honestly, Christmas just feels like another day without you here. I miss you so much, Dad.”

It’s expected to miss family members more at Christmas. Being honest and open with your loved ones about this can help you all cope. If you don’t feel safe or secure sharing your true feelings with your social media network, perhaps it’s time to evaluate whom you’re connected with anyway.  

9. “Merry Christmas, Dad. I hope you’re enjoying all of your favorite cookies up in heaven with Mom.”

Having both parents looking down on you from heaven at Christmas — rather than with you — can be incredibly difficult. However, you should try to remember that they’re together and find some peace that they’re looking out for you from afar. 

10. “Merry Christmas in heaven to the best coach, friend, and father. I miss you and love you dearly.”

Our dads can be some of our biggest cheerleaders. Try to reflect on happy times with your father when you were younger and post a photo of the two of you doing an activity you enjoyed.

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Poems That Say ‘Merry Christmas in Heaven, Dad’ 

The first Christmas without a loved one can be particularly difficult. Here are some more poems to read if you’re celebrating the first Christmas without a loved one. Perhaps these poems can help you reflect as you share with your friends and family.

11. “Christmas” by Troy Garrison

This poem reflects on times as a child and waking up to toys at Christmas. However, the poem also has an element of sorrow. 

12. “My Wish for This Christmas” by Jamie A. Cirello

“My Wish for This Christmas” also has an element of sorrow, however, it ends on a more positive note. The language in this poem is modern so it may feel more relatable. 

13. “A Happy Man” by Edwin Arlington Robinson

This poem is written from a father’s perspective. He asks that his surviving loved ones refrain from pitying him and instead remember the full life he lived.

14. “When Great Trees Fall” by Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou is one of the most celebrated poets in history. This poem highlights the impact that the deaths of influential people have on us.

15. “Holidays” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

This poem is from a collection of other poems about grief. It references being both sorrowful but also reflecting on fond memories with a loved one.

16. “To Her Father with Some Verses” by Anne Bradstreet

Bradstreet’s poem captures feelings unique to a father and daughter. It can also double as one of many poignant funeral poems for dads.

17. “Father” by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

This poem celebrates the men and fathers in the world who did what they had to do — but without bragging, stirring things up, or expecting much in return. If this sounds like your dad, you’ll likely enjoy this poem.

18. “Those Winter Sundays” by Robert Hayden

On the flip side, perhaps your father was a bit of a risk taker. This poem, written from a son’s perspective, talks about sacrifices fathers make.

19. “A Boy and His Dad” by Edgar Guest

If you and your father fished when you were younger, this is the perfect poem for you. It focuses on the simple, yet extraordinary moments out on the water. 

20. “The Gift” by Li-Young Lee

This poem may appear to be about the removal of a splinter from a young boy’s finger. However, it is instead about dealing with fear and pain and recognizing that healing can occur with the proper steps. 

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Remembrance Ideas That Say ‘Merry Christmas in Heaven, Dad’

Creating a remembrance of your dad — through an action, tradition, or something else — is an important step in recognizing he may no longer be physically here but he’s not entirely gone. Have your friends and family join in on the planning process, too. Involving more of your loved ones will help bring even more positive energy to the celebration of your father’s memory. 

21. Make a special dish your father loved

Even if your father was the main fan of those extra-sweet sweet potatoes with marshmallows, make the dish anyway. Having it to share at the table will make you feel like he’s still there.

22. Listen to his favorite music

Beyond Christmas music, you may feel the need to listen to something else if the same set of songs can get old. If your home feels quieter than normal, play some of your dad’s favorites instead. 

23. Have a game night or competition in his honor

Many fathers instill the spirit of sport and competition in us. Creating a game night or some other challenge for your friends or family members to compete in can honor him in a special way. Try to give the event his namesake or some other creative title. 

24. Visit a place special to him

Many families have an annual Christmas hike or some sort of other tradition. Consider visiting one of your dad’s favorite spots as a way to take a break between cooking or to work off some calories. 

25. Watch one of your dad’s favorite shows or movies

Having a Christmas movie marathon is fun and expected, but if your dad loved the “Jaws” series or something else, consider showing this instead. You can create a new tradition that’s unique to your family and you can continue it for years, or even generations to come. 

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Christmas Without Your Dad Can Still Be 'Merry'

Though difficult, the holidays without our loved ones can still be special. How would your father want you to be celebrating if he were still alive?

If you can, try to think about your time on Earth that way, even if it may feel burdensome. You can make time to mourn yet honor him by being happy, too.

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