17 Ways to Say ‘Merry Christmas in Heaven, Mom’


There’s no way around it — it’s tough to know how to get through your first Christmas without your mom. You might think the first Christmas is the hardest, but unfortunately, grief doesn’t work that way. You may struggle during your third Christmas without her, or maybe you find yourself inconsolable on her birthday. 

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It’s tough to go through the motions when the rest of the world seems to be thrilled about the holidays. It’s especially difficult if others depend on you to organize events, decorate, and continue those family traditions that your mom started.

Here are some meaningful ways you can remember your mom at Christmas.

How to Say ‘Merry Christmas in Heaven, Mom’ in a Social Media Post

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Instead of suffering in silence, you can let others know you’re struggling. You may even be able to help others going through similar problems know that they are not alone. 

When people write “Merry Christmas in heaven, Mom” or “missing you at Christmas” posts on social media, they seem to do it one of two ways. They address the post to their deceased mom, or they write to their friends about their feelings. Here are some examples written both ways.

1. “Merry Christmas in heaven, Mom! Even though I thought that each Christmas would be easier, I find myself really struggling this year. Even though we try to carry on your favorite traditions, things aren’t the same without you. I would give anything to be able to relive Christmas from five years ago — the one where we woke up to a beautiful blanket of sparkling snow. I miss you, Mom.” 

Sometimes it’s best to let out all your feelings. Tell the world how much you miss your mom.

2. “I just heard ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ on the radio, and it made me think of you, Mom. I remember how much you loved that song. Merry Christmas in heaven, Mom.”

Certain things during the holiday season probably make you think of your mom. Maybe it’s a particular type of cookie that you always made together. Maybe it’s certain ornaments that your mom always loved. Share those connections with your friends and family.

3. “I decorated for Christmas today. Even though I look forward to this every year, I was especially excited to pull out my mom’s nativity set from the attic. I spent hours looking at it as a child and having it in my home makes me feel close to Mom.”

Of course, this post is not explicitly directed toward your mom, but it tells others how you feel. 

4. “My Mom LOVED Christmas. We had six themed Christmas trees in our house. Each gift was meticulously wrapped and Mom would play Christmas music constantly from November 1 to January 2 each year. It’s hard to celebrate the holidays without Mom but I’m thankful that she was able to make each season so special.”

Tell everyone why your mom was the best — especially during Christmas. 

5. “Thanks to you, Mom, I am a Christmas music snob. Even though I miss you terribly, I am happy that you are celebrating Christmas in heaven where you are surrounded by a choir of angels singing beautiful melodies.”

Who says your post has to be serious? You can tell others that you miss your mom and still showcase your sense of humor.

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How to Say ‘Merry Christmas in Heaven, Mom’ With a Poem

Whether this is your first Christmas without your loved one or your 21st, you may enjoy reading a poem about missing someone during the holidays. Poets and song lyricists have a knack for putting complicated emotions into words. Reading and sharing their works may help you express your feelings to others. 

Here are some poems about grieving. Some are set specifically in the holiday season, but others are poems that would be appropriate at any time of year. 

6. “Christmas” by Troy Garrison

You may turn to this poem about Christmases past if you’re missing your mom. You may be nostalgic for those celebrations of your youth that this poem describes.

7. “Christmas Eve: My Mother Dressing” by Toi Derricotte

Did your mother wear special jewelry on Christmas Eve? Did she take more time doing her hair? This poem is perfect for someone who remembers Mom’s perfume and red lipstick during each holiday season.

8. “Missing You, Mum, at Christmas” by Unknown

This poem includes the line, “the happy atmosphere only makes it so much harder to accept that you’re not here.”

This sentiment should ring true for anyone who has lost a mother.

9. “Christmas Without You” by Unknown

Instead of focusing on being sad, the speaker in this poem says he or she will celebrate in memory of the deceased. Don’t feel guilty about having a good time at Christmas. Your mom wouldn’t want you to act mournful forever. 

10. “Merry Christmas From Heaven” by Unknown

Every once in awhile, poets write from the perspective of the deceased. Although this may be difficult to get used to, it’s sometimes helpful to imagine what your loved one would say if she could communicate with you. 

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How to Say ‘Merry Christmas in Heaven, Mom’ with Actions

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Are you looking for ways to remember deceased loved ones at Christmas? This is difficult for many people to decide. You may feel that it is vital to continue with family traditions or you might find it too hard to do the same things without their loved ones. 

Here are some things to consider doing to say “Merry Christmas” to your mom.

11. Visit the cemetery

Schedule time to visit the cemetery or another special place that reminds you of your mom. Either sit and meditate in silence or talk aloud to her. 

Some families make this a group event, but it could be something you feel more comfortable doing on your own. Consider decorating the grave with a poinsettia or another holiday flower. 

12. Volunteer at your mom’s favorite charity

Did your mom spend time volunteering at a favorite charity? Consider organizing a volunteer afternoon for your entire family.

You may want to serve food, distribute Christmas meals, or visit the elderly in the nursing home. Your mom would be happy to know that you are continuing her giving tradition.

13. Write a letter

You may feel strange talking to your mom in a cemetery. If that’s the case, consider writing a letter to your mom. Pour out all your thoughts and concerns about life. Share the things that you normally would tell your mom if she were still alive. 

Whether you keep the letter or immediately destroy it is up to you. 

14. Make a memorial ornament

Are you looking for a way to make sure others remember your mom at Christmas? Create a memorial ornament to distribute to the other members of the family. Use her photo on the ornament or create something out of the material from her favorite Christmas apron. 

15. Create a remembrance nook

If you decorate your home for the holidays, create a special nook to celebrate your mom. Place a framed photo, candles, or items that remind you of this special person.

16. Make a photo calendar

Many families make photo calendars each year. Consider making one that features photos of your mom. Your family will love walking down memory lane each month when they flip the calendar’s page. 

17. Write and share your mom’s story

Do you worry that your children will forget all the unique details that made your mom special? Write them down and share them with others. You don’t need to be a professional writer to make a list of special items about your mom.

Include even small details, such as the pet names she would use for your dad, the books she liked to read, and the TV shows she liked to watch. 

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Gone But Not Forgotten

Your mom is never really gone forever if you keep her memory alive. As much as you can, share stories about your mom. Tell members of the younger generation about what kind of person she was and teach them about your family’s traditions. 

You may not feel as if you are able to talk about your mom this Christmas, but perhaps in a year or two, you will feel stronger. So for now, do small things to celebrate your mom. 

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