16 Michael Buble Songs for a Funeral or Memorial Service


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Music has the power to offer comfort during life’s most painful moments. While no song may be able to completely heal the fresh wound of a loved one’s death, the right song can serve as an expression of emotion beyond words.

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That’s why so many funeral services include songs. Of course, you want to take time with the difficult task of choosing funeral songs. You want to express the right emotions and still honor the memory of the deceased.

Music from artists the deceased liked makes the best source of funeral songs. For example, maybe you’re planning the funeral of someone who adored Michael Bublé. If so, consider playing one of these Michael Bublé funeral songs during the service.

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Uplifting Michael Buble Songs for a Funeral

A funeral song doesn’t necessarily need to be sad. Sometimes, it’s best to play songs that focus on uplifting emotions. If that’s the type of Michael Bublé funeral song you’d prefer, check out a few examples to keep in mind:

1. “Feeling Good” from “It’s Time”

The lyrics of “Feeling Good” describe how appreciating life’s simple pleasures can help a person maintain an optimistic outlook in any circumstances. It’s a song you might play if you believe the deceased would want you and other mourners to face the future with a positive outlook. Or you might choose to play it over a funeral slideshow featuring images of happy memories.

2. “Lost” from “Call Me Irresponsible”

Like many Michael Bublé funeral songs, death isn’t this song’s topic. However, it’s certainly easy to interpret it as a song about a loved one’s passing.

The lyrics straddle the line between uplifting and sad. They express very genuinely painful emotions, exploring how the happy times we spend with those we love can’t last and ending on the positive message of “Baby, you’re not lost.” Consider playing it at a funeral if you want a song to address the hurt you and others feel, but still offer comfort.

3. “Forever Now” from “Love”

“Forever Now” may not be an ideal Michael Bublé funeral song for everyone’s tastes because it’s not about death at all. Instead, it’s about the joy Bublé felt when he became a father.

However, he did struggle with deep worry when his son was fighting cancer. His son, fortunately, made a full recovery, but knowing this song is the work of a man who loved being a father and feared he might lose a child could make it worth playing at a child’s funeral.

4. “Everything” from “Call Me Irresponsible”

This song describes how a loved one can inspire a person to live a joyful life every single day. You might consider choosing it as a funeral song if you want to express the idea that even when someone is gone, the role they played when in our lives when they were here can be so powerful that they continue to lift us up even after they’ve passed.

5. “That’s Life” from “Call Me Irresponsible”

This track doesn’t shy away from the fact that life offers many trying experiences. However, it also states an intention to continue living life to the fullest regardless.

As with many popular Michael Bublé songs, “That’s Life” is a cover. Frank Sinatra’s recording of the song may be the most popular version. It’s a tune worth keeping in mind if you’re also looking for nostalgic songs that will appeal to older funeral attendees.

6. “How Sweet It Is” from “It’s Time”

This is another song that isn’t actually about death. However, because its lyrics simply but emotionally thank a romantic partner for love, it may be the right choice for a funeral if you want to express gratitude for the love someone gave you when they were alive. Your loved one may no longer be with you, but you can still celebrate how he or she made your life more fulfilling.

7. “Smile” from “Caught in the Act”

Like “That’s Life,” this tune acknowledges that there are times in life that make us feel the urge to cry and give in to despair, but if we continue to face each day with a brave face, we can find the strength to overcome.

8. “Ave Maria” from “Christmas”

“Ave Maria” is a common song choice at many Catholic funerals. If you want to include it at your loved one’s funeral, but you also want to acknowledge a love of Michael Bublé, go for his recording of it.

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Sad Michael Buble Songs for a Funeral

Although uplifting funeral songs certainly have their place, some feel it’s important to not bury their genuine feelings when mourning a lost loved one. If you’d rather play a Michael Bublé song at a funeral that doesn’t shy away from grief, consider one of the following:

9. “Hold On” from “Crazy Love”

“Hold On” isn’t inherently sad. Its lyrics highlight the way having someone to share life with can make coping with life’s challenges much easier.

However, at a funeral, its lyrics could take on a new meaning, mourning how the loving support someone once offered is now gone. You could choose this song to express both appreciation for that support and sadness that you can no longer share it.

10. “Blue Christmas” from “Christmas”

Naturally, you might choose this song if a loved one’s funeral is during the holiday season, but you can play it at a funeral any time of year to express the sadness that comes with knowing you’ll never get to spend an important holiday with a lost loved one again.

Tip: If you are looking for more holiday-specific music to help you through your grieving process, consider our list of Christmas songs on death and grief.

11. “Stardust” from “Crazy Love”

Although “Stardust” is a sad song, it’s also somewhat comforting, exploring how we can somehow “be with” our lost loved ones in our dreams.

12. “Always on My Mind” from “Call Me Irresponsible”

Sometimes, when a loved one passes, we look back with regret for the way we may not have shown them as much appreciation as they deserved in life.

If you’re struggling with those feelings, this song could help you express them. It evokes the regret you may feel, while also making your love clear.

13. “When You’re Not Here” from “Love”

“When You’re Not Here” is a hauntingly beautiful expression of the degree to which life can feel dull and empty when you’re apart from someone you love. That said, the lyrics also describe the way life is joyful when you’re with such a person. Playing this song could allow you to simultaneously express your sorrow over a loss and your gratitude for the happy times you shared with the deceased.

14. “End of May” from “Crazy Love”

Again, one of the main reasons you may choose a sad Michael Bublé funeral song over a more uplifting one is simply because you think it’s healthy and necessary to admit you’re grieving. For example, this song honestly and starkly describes how simply getting through the day is an arduous task when you miss a lost loved one. 

That said, it doesn’t wallow in excessive grief. The lyrics do touch on an understanding that happier days will reappear, while still pointing out that, when you’re in the midst of this experience, it can be difficult to feel optimistic.

15. “Home” from “It’s Time”

This song is technically about the painful emotions Michael Bublé wrestled with when being away on tour kept him from his fiancée at the time. However, the way in which it describes the sense of disconnection and sorrow that comes with not being able to see a loved one also makes it a perfect choice for a Michael Bublé funeral song.

16. “Georgia on My Mind” from “Crazy Love”

This song is sad in a delicate way. It touches on how, even when you’re away from a place (or person) you love, you can take some comfort simply in thinking about what you miss, even though you still feel the pain that comes with such an experience.

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Michael Buble Funeral Songs: A Musical Goodbye

As these tracks prove, Michael Bublé has written some of the most touching modern funeral songs ever. One of them might be the perfect choice for your loved one’s funeral.

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