Military Cremation Urns: Types, Cost & Where to Buy


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Whether they died in combat or not, the passing of someone who served in the military is often a particularly significant occasion for their loved ones. Those who knew a deceased member of the armed forces often wish to ensure they mark their passing in a manner that’s appropriate given the nature of the sacrifices they made. Most do so by arranging military funerals.

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However, there are sometimes steps loved ones can take even after a funeral to continue demonstrating their gratitude for a deceased member of the military. For example, if you choose to cremate a loved one who served, you might also choose to store their ashes in a military cremation urn.

This guide will explain what a military cremation urn is, what one might cost you, what types are available, and where you can find one.

What Are Military Cremation Urns?

When you choose to cremate a loved one who served in the armed forces, you may want to ensure every element of the process honors their service. For example, you might want to look into arranging military honors for cremation early.

You might also want to store a loved one’s ashes in an urn with a design that reminds you and others of their service in the military. This is all a military cremation urn is. However, as you’ll learn, there isn’t necessarily a standard type of military cremation urn.

How Much Do Military Cremation Urns Cost?

The cost of a military cremation urn will vary depending on a number of factors. They include the following:


Urns may consist of a range of materials. Popular materials for cremation urns include:

  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain
  • Wood
  • Granite
  • Stainless steel
  • Glass
  • Marble

Those are just a few common examples. The more expensive the material, the more the urn will cost.


Many urns come in a standard size that’s ideal for containing all the ashes of a cremated loved one. However, you can also find smaller keepsake urns that are about the size of large paperweights. There are tiny urns that hold a small portion of ashes and usually serve as pieces of jewelry. Naturally, larger urns will usually cost more than smaller urns of the same material.


Military cremation urn suppliers often allow customers to personalize their urns with such additional features as engravings. If you choose to customize an urn, you should expect to pay more.

Shipping location

This is an important factor to keep in mind when ordering a military cremation urn (or any other sort of urn, for that matter). If the supplier you order an urn from is far from your location, shipping will cost more than it might if you ordered from a closer supplier.

That’s not meant to discourage you from ordering the urn you want if the supplier is far away; it’s simply meant to remind you that you’ll have to account for shipping costs if you order an urn online.

Again, there’s no way to say for certain how much you’ll spend on a military cremation urn. They usually run between $100 and $1,250.

What Are the Different Types of Military or Military-Themed Cremation Urns?

Military cremation urns can come in numerous styles. The following are a few noteworthy options to consider:

Wood boxes

Many military cremation urns are essentially basic wood boxes. Their design may not be as ornate as that of other types of urns, but that might be the point. The design reflects the discipline of members of the military.

These types of urns often feature emblems representing the branch of the military in which a deceased person served. They may also feature engravings.

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Marble boxes

These urns are of the same shape and design style as wood box urns. As you likely guessed, the only major difference is that they are marble. Some people prefer the appearance of marble urns over those made of wood.

Vase-shaped urns

Although their designs are still typically minimalist, you can find military cremation urns that more closely resemble traditional vase-shaped urns. These urns are often metal. Brass that mimics the appearance of silver is a common choice.

Like many other types of military cremation urns, these may also feature such images as the emblem for a branch of the armed forces, an American flag, a bald eagle, and other images we tend to associate with military service and patriotism.

Ammunition can urns

In general, urns for ashes can take numerous forms. Military cremation urns are no different. For example, some military cremation urns resemble ammunition cans or crates. 

The appearance of such an urn might not appeal to everyone (it can remind some of the violence a loved one may have witnessed during their time in the military). But others may appreciate such a stark reminder of the sacrifices a member of the armed forces made.

Military boots urns

This is another unique type of military cremation urn that some suppliers offer. This style resembles worn military boots. It might appeal to those who want to store their loved one’s ashes in an urn that reminds them of their service in an artistic way, but doesn’t have the same violent connotations as an urn that resembles an ammunition can.

Keepsake urns

Again, keepsake urns can be about the size of a paperweight. Their designs may resemble any of the other designs on this list.

Small urns such as this are often ideal when multiple family members would like to keep a loved one’s ashes in their homes. They can distribute the ashes across several small urns, satisfying everyone.

There are also even smaller urns that are about the size of a necklace pendant. In fact, it’s possible to use these urns in jewelry, although you can also simply choose to keep one in your pocket or purse if you wish.

Like the somewhat larger keepsake urns, these come in many of the standard styles for military cremation urns. That said, there are some unique styles available, such as urns that resemble bullets.

These urns can’t store large portions of ashes. However, they may appeal to those who travel often because they allow someone to keep at least a small amount of a loved one’s ashes with them at all times.

Flag urns

Because serving in the armed forces requires discipline and commitment, many military cremation urns are not very colorful. If they do boast a color, it will typically be one that represents a branch of the military.

However, many consider serving in the military to be the ultimate patriotic deed. As such, they look for urns that reflect a deceased loved one’s passion for their country. 

Such people may prefer military cremation urns that are red, white, and blue. These are very easy to find and can come in a wide variety of shapes.

Flag case urns

When someone who served in the military passes away, it’s not uncommon for their loved ones to receive an American flag that symbolizes the nation’s gratitude for their service. Families often fold these flags according to the Flag Code and store them in triangle-shaped cases with transparent facades, similar to photo frames.

Some of these flag cases sit atop relatively large rectangular bases that can also serve as urns. This is an option to keep in mind if you plan on displaying a flag in your home to memorialize a loved one.

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Semper Fi urns

This type of urn is only for the ashes of someone who served as a Marine. It’s an impressive design that resembles the symbol of a bald eagle sitting atop a globe with an anchor through it. This symbol often accompanies Semper Fi stickers, prints, and other items celebrating the Marines.

Where Can You Get Military or Military-Themed Cremation Urns?

Although you may choose to purchase a military cremation urn from a local supplier, you might prefer to buy one online. Purchasing military cremation urns through the internet allows you to browse a wider range of options. This makes it easier to find one that fits your budget and your vision.

Places to buy military cremation urns online include the following:

Perfect Memorials

Perfect Memorials is among the most popular online suppliers of urns. Their selection of military cremation urns is fairly large. Additionally, Perfect Memorials sells such items as cremation jewelry, outdoor memorial items, photo memorial cards, and more. Check their online shop to see if they offer anything that calls out to you.

Stardust Memorials

Stardust Memorials is another online urn supplier with a generally positive reputation among customers. Their military cremation urns include everything from basic wood box urns to pendant-sized keepsake urns. Stardust Memorials also offers flag cases and similar items.

As the name suggests, specializes in providing urns for cremated ashes. They offer a strong selection of military-themed and patriotic urns, including bald eagle keepsake urns, flag case urns, standard wood box urns, and many more.


Don’t overlook Etsy when buying a military cremation urn! The popular DIY platform offers a wide selection.

Etsy may also be the perfect site from which to buy an urn if you have very specific ideas about how a loved one’s urn should look. You can likely find an artist on Etsy who will make a custom urn using your design ideas. This might cost you a little extra, but it’s nevertheless an option worth keeping in mind if you are struggling to find an urn that matches your vision.

Just be sure to research an artist’s reputation before ordering a custom urn from them. You want to be confident you’re ordering an urn from someone who will deliver a finished product that satisfies you. 

Military Cremation Urns: Honoring a Loved One’s Service

If you choose to cremate a loved one, storing their ashes in a military cremation urn is one way to honor their sacrifices for years to come. For more information on what to do when a loved one who served in the military passes away, check out our guide on securing veteran death benefits.


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