12 Miscarriage Gift & Care Package Ideas to Send


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Experiencing a miscarriage can come with crushing grief, and the grief can be made worse if you don’t feel like you can talk about it.

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Gift Ideas for Someone Who Had a Miscarriage

Care Package for Someone Who Experienced a Miscarriage

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When someone trusts you with the information of a miscarriage, you can be supportive by offering condolences. Being a good friend at a tough time like this can be a way to go the extra mile. Here are a few ideas for gifts that would be both appropriate and appreciated by someone who has had a miscarriage.

Gift Ideas for Someone Who Had a Miscarriage

Gift ideas for someone who had a miscarriage

Sending or giving a small gift can be a way to acknowledge that you want your friend or family member to feel better. Here are some ideas to get you started shopping for a gift after a miscarriage. Of course, consider your friend or family member’s likes and dislikes before settling on a particular gift.

1. An elegant necklace or bracelet

If you know your friend or family member’s taste in jewelry, you can purchase a necklace or bracelet with a subtle significance.

You can choose one with the birthstone that their baby would have had, or a simple motif like an angel or star—something significant but subtle, which your friend or family member won’t have to explain. A delicate gold or silver chain completes this simple gesture.

2. Cooking supplies or meal kit delivery

Not everyone loves cooking, but losing yourself in something necessary can be a distraction from acute grief. If your friend loves to cook, pull together some spice packets (or this gourmet seasoning set) or new cooking equipment for a gift.

For less passionate cooks, a meal kit delivery service can be a great in-between: it offers well-portioned, whole meals without requiring a lot of shopping, chopping, and planning. To meet your friend’s practical needs and give them a potential activity, this can be a great option.

3. A beautiful journal with a set of nice pens

For the friend who may have more words to share in private, a beautiful journal or notebook and a set of high-quality pens can be a great gift.

They don’t have to write only about grief, but there are grief journals in particular if you think your friend or family member would like one. Having a private place to pour out your worries and sadness can be incredibly freeing.

4. A book that helped you through grief

Giving books about grief is usually best when it’s a personal, from-experience recommendation. If you’ve experienced miscarriage, or have had another source of loss in life that prompted you to read a particular book, that book is a great gift idea.

Of course, let your friend or family member decide whether or not to read it—not everyone is at the same place in their journey, and not everyone is ready or interested in a book. But as a gift, it’ll be more special if you were helped by it personally.

5. Small artwork or figurines

From a picture frame to a wall hanging to a set of angel figurines, there are a variety of subtle, simple pieces of artwork that can convey the message of remembrance for a past pregnancy.

Aim for something portable and small, so that your friend or family member can choose where to display it without limitation.

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6. Mug and tea sampler

Hot beverages hold a comforting place in our hearts, and most of us can make use of a beautiful mug. If your friend or family member drinks tea, pick out a sampler of flavors for them and a mug that will make them smile.

Many craft shows and art festivals will have handmade pottery mugs, a nice option if you want to be able to support a local craftsperson while also finding the right gift for your friend.

Care Package for Someone Who Experienced a Miscarriage

Care Package for someone who experienced a miscarriage

More so than a single larger gift, your friend or family member might love a care package full of treats and comforting items during this sad time. Put some of these items together into a sympathy gift package to let them know how much you love them and want them to feel better.

7. Soothing lotion, hand cream, or foot cream

Skincare can bring comfort at a time when not much else does, so add a soothing lotion, hand cream, or foot cream to your miscarriage care package.

Unless you know exactly what your friend or family member likes, aim for a light scent, something like lavender or peppermint. If it’s winter where you live, consider something moisturizing.

8. A cozy pair of house slippers or socks

Most of us get cold feet in our homes at some point, so a new pair of thick, comfortable socks is a welcome addition to a care package. Cute house slippers that make your friend or family member smile are also a great option for when someone is recovering from a miscarriage and spending a little bit more time at home.

A nice fact about socks and slippers is that they’ll most likely be used for quite a while after you gift them. Your generosity and thoughtfulness will continue to be a reminder of your care in the future.

9. A favorite food or homemade treat

It may be a cliche, but lots of us love a great bar of high-quality chocolate! Consider a food that your friend doesn’t eat often but really enjoys and add it to the care package.

Another option is to make your signature home-baked treat and add it to the box. Yet another option is to make an entire meal as your care package, possibly as part of a meal train while they recover.

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10. Eye pillow or sleep mask

Falling asleep while going through a loss can be tough. Creating a calming routine before bed is one way to sleep better.

An eye pillow or smooth sleep mask can help block out light and signal your friend or family member that it’s time to sleep. Put one of your favorite styles into the care package.

11. Small scented candles

Whether they’re used for a luxurious bath night or just to create a nice smell in the home, candles are a really nice option for your care package. If it’s going through the mail during the summer, make sure the candles come with tight-fitting lids in case of melt.

12. Soaps or bath salts

If your care package is going in a “soothing spa” themed direction, soaps or bath salts can be a great addition. It can be nice to include small, sample-size items so that your friend or family member can try them and get more if they like a particular type.

Conveying Friendship and Love to Someone After a Miscarriage

The aftermath of a miscarriage can be a lonely road, so if a friend or family member has shared this personal information with you, make sure to extend heartfelt expressions of how sorry you are for their loss. If your friend or family member has a pressing need, consider gifting it to them. Most of the time, gifts for friends who have experienced losses are focused on showing how much you care and want them to feel better. 

Another great way to give a gift is through the gift of your time, doing an activity or just listening to your friend. These acts of generosity are especially remembered when your loved one is dealing with an acute loss.

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