33 Beautiful Miscarriage Memorial Ideas: Indoors & Outdoors


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Physically recovering from a miscarriage takes time. Not only that, often, it also makes a debilitating and anguishing toll on one's mental health. That's why it's essential to create something beautiful for your child, which will eventually help you be present with thoughts of them in a meaningful way.

Through the process of creating this memorial, perhaps you'll be able to manifest your feelings toward something tangible. Or, at the very least, be able to sit with them in thought.

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Below, you'll discover some ways to help your spirits inside and outside your home, or at the funeral service. The ideas are intended to honor your child, but also your grief as you find a path to a fitting memorial tribute for your little one.

Miscarriage Memorial Ideas to Have in Your Home

Are you looking for a memorial to hang in your window, on your wall, or sit atop a mantle? If so, we’ve listed some beautiful ideas from online artists and retailers to commission or customize your project. Check out these options for art, music, and sculpture.

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1. Stained glass

Stained glass adorning a morning window makes for a beautiful greeting to any day. And commissioning one is easier than you think. Just run a quick search online for a local artist and give them a call. You’ll collaborate on designs to create a unique reminder of your little one. 

2. Keepsake music box or musical water globe

Are you looking for a special box for the baby keepsakes you bought? We discovered several online music box retailers that offer personalization. Some may even provide the option of song choice.

Alternatively, if you’re trying to find a sweet gift for your partner, consider a customizable water globe to honor your child.

3. Moon with sleeping baby

Sculptures of a moon and sleeping baby come in a variety of mediums. Some are designed to sit upon a mantle, hang in a window, or adorn holiday trees

With that, online marketplaces showcase artists who offer handcrafted and custom pieces in silver, porcelain, or wood. Those artists might even be able to help you design something one-off.

4. Angel sculpture

If you’re searching for an angel sculpture on the internet, you’ll discover that the options are seemingly endless. Just typing in the words “angel sculpture” will give you too many pages to count — there are options for angel candle holders, crystal angels, and more. So, consider scrolling through some images to get an idea, first. Then filter the search by the material, brand, or type to narrow the prospects.

Consider where the sculpture will be displayed for the right size and fit.

5. Framed silhouette or watercolor of a sonogram

Did you keep the sonogram from the visit to the doctor? If so, some artists will create custom art with your baby’s image. From watercolor to woodburning, mugs to keychains, there are many options from which to choose. 

Also, if you have an idea for further customization, ask. The artist will let you know what their capabilities and constraints are.

6. Mother animal with young

Personifying how you imagined your relationship with the little one could be depicted using art or portraiture of mothers with their young out in nature. Sometimes the art can bring calm to a particularly tough day or help you to cope with miscarriage.

Consider having a date or line of a poem added to the matting or plaque on the frame.

Miscarriage Memorial Ideas for Outdoors

In the selection below, we’ve come up with options for types of living memorials you could create for your little one. Each idea builds off the next, so you can begin your project with one option and then start to include some of the others.

7. Garden sculpture of Jizō Bodhisattva (地蔵菩薩)

Jizō (Kṣitigarbha) is one of the four primary Bodhisattvas in East Asian Mahayana Buddhism, and he is the protector of deceased children. The statues of Jizō are affectionately known as "O-Jizō-san" throughout Japanese culture. Often, people pray or make wishes to his likeness.

Check out an online marketplace of small artists to find one perfect for your garden.

8. Butterfly garden

To attract butterflies, you'll need to create a garden with some plant diversity. Mixtures of plants offer varying heights and blooming times.

These considerations will provide shelter from the sun as well as constant food sources for caterpillars and butterflies. Last but not least, you'll want to make sure to provide a water resource as well (see birdbath below).

9. Custom memorial stone

Do you have a garden where you spend much of your summer days? If so, consider a custom memorial stone that you’ll notice immediately. No matter the resource you choose for your design (funeral home, stone company, or online artist), you can create a fitting tribute to your little one. 

If you haven’t planted a garden yet, then consider a wildflower garden (see below).

10. Custom wind chime

Wind chimes are more than just aesthetic, and they've been around for hundreds of years. For example, in Chinese feng shui, wind chimes have a purpose of connecting people to their moment in time to achieve better health and happiness. Not only that, but chimes have also been used to attract peaceful spirits or offer protection.

If you're working with an artist online to help you create something custom, consider doing a FaceTime call so you can hear the chime before you purchase.  

11. Birdbath

Birds symbolize many things around the world—from peace to hope, wisdom, loyalty, and even a mother-child relationship. As such, you may want to consider bringing in a birdbath to your backyard. Offer the birds a chance to bathe and a place to rest, and also give your mind a chance to quiet itself.

12. Wildflower garden

Do you know which wildflowers grow well in your area? If not, then head to the local nursery to get help and order your seeds or plants. When the garden is finished, you should be able to see blooms from spring to summer. 

When it’s finished, you can place a bench in the middle of your garden to sit with your thoughts inside the beautiful setting you created.

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13. Water feature

Although this is the most significant task mentioned here, putting in a water feature—like a koi pond—can bring long-lasting joy. Some choose to have this professionally done, while others prefer to do the work themselves or with family and friends to help. 

This doesn’t have to be a weekend project. Taking the time to choose and place your plants can be therapeutic if done over a few weekends during the summer.

14. Birdhouses

Do you live in a neighborhood with lots of songbirds? Or, would you like to attract them? If you’re not familiar with what types of birdhouses and birdseed work best, you'll be sure to find a local birding community on social media that can help you out. 

Once you’ve got your family of birds settled in, you can sit outside and watch them with a sense of calm.

Make sure to consider whether or not there are cats in the neighborhood and make appropriate adjustments to the feeders you put out for your birds. 

Miscarriage Memorial Ideas for a Memorial Service

Listed below are a few sweet touches you can add to the funeral service of your child. They’re small, fairly easy to put together, but make for a lasting impact.

15. Custom ornaments

We've discovered some artists online who can create almost any ornament you can imagine. So, consider having a selection of them for those in attendance. Perhaps you prefer sunshine and rainbows? Maybe you'd prefer angel wings? No matter what you choose, there's an option to add a name or date to the ornament.

16. Custom birdseed packets

Do you have a poem that you've loved since you were young? If so, many online marketplace shop owners can custom print that poetry or anything else you might request on birdseed packets. You will need to supply the birdseed and assemble the packets yourself, but the time spent can also be cathartic.

17. Stamped keychains or jewelry

If you're having a small ceremony for your little one, artist-stamped keychains or jewelry might be the right option. You'll be able to choose both the metal and the font to create the perfect “in loving memory” message. 

Check out the online reviews before you settle with an artist. If you find a questionable 3-star review, contact the artist and decide for yourself.

18. Tiny lanterns

Tiny lanterns scattered throughout the room would make for a beautiful memorial setting. These, too, are customizable. Just ask your funeral director to help set them up for you. If you like, at the end of the service, you can choose to send one home with your friends and family in attendance.

Sometimes the funeral home will also dust baby powder in the room for a memorial. Consider using battery-operated tea lights as opposed to actual flames.

Miscarriage Memorial Gift Ideas

Choose memorial gifts that help your loved one or friend get through their miscarriage by instead focusing on reflection, healing, and warmth.

19. Butterfly tree

Nearly 100 tiny butterflies seem to lift from the page and fly above the tree just as leaves in the wind on a framed memorial keepsake. Include the child’s name, important dates, and a short quote about loss—or write your own, if preferred.

Customize with various frames, sizes, and colors.

20. Name a star

Opt to name a star after the little one so your friends can look for them whenever the night sky is brightest.

A peek at the heavens on the night that the little angel entered them will remind your friends or loved ones about the big, bright, and beautiful sky on that very precious day. 

21. Remembrance angels

Look for artisan-crafted sculptures and angels carved originally from willow trees, cast in resin, and hand-painted. 

Choose from various expressions, occasions, and relationships for the friend or loved one who’s lost someone precious. 

22. Community quilted blanket

Gather the quilting crew together to piece and sew a special blanket for a grieving family. With each piece of fabric, you’ll integrate the thoughts and prayers of individuals or families and let the grieving parent(s) know that the community wraps them in warmth and love.

23. Bonsai tree and journal

The bonsai tree can offer space for silence or reflection, as the bonsai student meditates through constant care, watering, and trimming. 

The methodology is that the time and care one gives to the tree acts as catharsis for the caregiver, manifesting care, and love through careful work.

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24. When time stood still

As an artist, you can create many things, including a timepiece. So, whether you’re a painter, carver, sculpture, or glassblower, opt to turn your craft into a unique representation of when time (or a date) stood still. 

25. Zen garden kit 

Choose a tabletop Zen garden landscape that comes equipped with sand, a small rake, and several personalizing options. 

Consider a small Buddha statue, bridge, tealight, air plants, or incense holder to elevate healing therapy, meditation, protection, contemplation, and calming. Include a birthstone crystal to honor their little one’s would-be birth month.

Pro-tip: Opt for a terrarium if live plants work better than a tabletop sand display.

Miscarriage Memorial Jewelry Ideas

Look for charms, necklaces, anklets, bracelets, or cuffs in unisex or gender-specific options below.

26. Pocket tokens or charms

Pocket tokens are discreet non-traditional unisex pieces of jewelry that one can tuck away into a pant pocket or coin purse.

Engrave one or two with words such as “courage,” “optimism,” “patience,” or “strength” so that whenever your loved one thinks of their child, these charms function as an inspiration for thought and meditation. 

27. Charm bracelets

Charm bracelets can be worn no matter the setting or function and keep the memory of a child center to one’s vision or focal point whenever there’s a need to pause and be in one’s thoughts.

They also offer the opportunity to remember a little angel by giving additional charm gifts annually.

28. Fairy necklace

The fairy necklace is a small orb with iridescent beads that capture light and seem to shine from within. 

Choose a 925 Sterling silver chain of appropriate length so that your friend or loved one can wear it comfortably around their neck.

29. Heart locket

Customize a heart locket with a photo of your friend and their partner on one side and a birthstone insert or charm on the opposite side. 

Pro-tip: A jeweler will match the size and shape of the locket, set a stone into that piece of metal, then solder the charm into the locket so that it holds fast.

30. Baby footprint cuff

Another unisex option is a cuff with a tiny baby’s footprint. Choose from various widths and metals suitable for your friend and include an engraving on the inside of the cuff that provides essential names, dates, and sayings ideal to their needs.

31. Diamond solitaire necklace

Small diamonds twinkle like any of the billions of tiny stars in the sky. And because some mothers prefer to share their pain with only a few people, a diamond solitaire necklace is the perfect discreet gift for them.

Choose a preferred metal, chain style and length, and size of diamond suitable to their needs.

32. Birthstone ankle bracelet

Another discreet gift is an anklet with the child’s birthstone in place of any other charm or symbol. It’s simple, understated, and reminds your friend or loved one that their child, if only in spirit, faith, and hope, will continue to join them along their journey through life.

33. Forget-me-not necklace

These simple tiny blue flowers hold a treasure chest of love and respect. They signify that you’ll keep the child near your heart, remain faithful to their memory, and stay connected with them throughout space and time. 

Honoring Your Child

Little by little, memorials will help you through the darkest days. Plus, when the air seems to come back to your lungs again, you’ll have built reminders throughout your life, home, or yard where you can stop to think of your child—maybe even spend time with them in your thoughts.

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