30 Pretty Miscarriage Memorial Ornament Ideas


Every ornament you have likely has a special meaning and memory. And every time it's placed, those memories come flooding back with layers and layers of remembrance. So, consider choosing a few more to remember your precious lost loved ones at Christmas or any holiday you may celebrate.

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From angels to teddy bears, we’ve found some treasurable ornament ideas for your home during the holidays—and a few to keep around throughout the year. Continue reading for artisan-crafted and DIY projects alike. 

Angel-Themed Miscarriage Memorial Ornament Ideas

Are you searching for something to represent your angel baby beautifully? Below, you’ll find angel wings, baby’s feet, feathers, and even cut crystals that may suit your needs.

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1. Floating white feather in ornament

A simple but beautiful choice for a memorial ornament is to place one angelic feather inside an ornament made from glass or acrylic.

Any number of craft stores will have these ball ornaments available for you. While you could certainly purchase a feather, you could also go for a walk in nature and see if your angel leaves a feather in your path.

2. Angel’s bell

While not exactly an angel ornament, most people are familiar with the famous 1946 film, "It's a Wonderful Life." In it, Zuzu Bailey says, "Look, Daddy. Teacher says, every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings."

If this is a movie you've watched religiously throughout the years, then a bell for your little angel might be the right choice to represent them.

3. Silver wire silhouette

Manipulating wire to create art is something you can either commission or learn to do yourself through video tutorials. If you pick it up easily, you can also add tiny footprints, a name, and a birthstone to your creation.

Otherwise, you will find a handful of artists willing to help you create what's on your mind.

4. Metal angel with white ribbon

There are a couple of options here. You can choose a custom laser cutting from an artist who can engrave names and dates on the backside.

Or, you can select metal stamping from an artist who can spot-weld additional features such as copper or brass hearts. If you add a plush white ribbon, you’ll soften the aesthetic.

5. Recycled steel with a heart

Many folks are reducing and reusing materials to make stunning art pieces. If this sounds like something you'd appreciate, try to find an artist who will personalize the piece with some engraving. Giving something a new life in honor of your lost baby might make the perfect ode.

6. Baby feet angel wings

It might help you cope to create something for your little one. Search for a pattern online and transfer it onto the medium with which you are most familiar.

Whether you’re best at making stained glass or hand-embroidery, you’ll process your grief as you make your baby’s miscarriage memorial.

7. Crystal, amethyst, or silver wings 

The most recognizable symbol of angels always includes wings. Some of the most beautiful depictions include carved precious stones, lab-created and cut crystals, or molded silver replicas. They may be on the pricier side, but they'll be stunning anywhere you place them.

Leave out the wings all year long if you can’t imagine putting them away after the holidays.

Twin Miscarriage Ornament Ideas

When seeking twin miscarriage ornaments, you might be disappointed to find so few. But if you find one you like that’s for one baby, try contacting the shop owner for a custom or personalized option. In many cases, artists are more than happy to support you on this heartbreaking journey.

8. Angels wings with two pairs of baby feet

Choose large silver-colored angel wings with two pairs of baby feet to represent your twins individually. Complete the ornament with pink-, blue-, or ivory-colored beads. Accent them with clear or white rhinestones.

9. Sleeping angel twins in a clear acrylic bulb

Nestled atop a white pillow with Marabou feathers rest sleeping angel twins, complete with white halos and wings. A silver Tibetan angel charm floats above them both as they sleep peacefully side by side. Hang the ornament from your tree with its attached white satin ribbon.

10. Two feathers in blown glass.

An artist creates each piece of Pyrex glass individually. Inside are two white “angel” feathers representative of each twin. Hang the ornament on a holiday tree or from a window for a daily reminder of the two little angels you’ve lost.

Each ornament comes securely packed inside a white box with a card and hook for window hanging. Note that no two are alike.

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11. White feather embroidery with hoop

Contact an embroidery shop for a custom creation that includes two feathers and any additional personalization needed, such as names, a date, or names with a date. 

Otherwise, choose from the available in-stock embroidery options with varying green-colored backgrounds and no additional information. 

12. Baby Spoons

Locate a shop online that specializes in spoon jewelry for a custom-designed spoon art ornament. Contact them for special orders.

If you purchased baby spoons or need to, send them to the shop for flattening and engraving. Be creative or ask that the two spoons hang side by side, tied together with a colored piece of satin ribbon. 

13. Typed or handwritten messages in a ball

Holiday ornaments tell the story of a family’s life throughout the generations and years of adding to the collection. As time passes, continue to add to your thoughts using typed messages for your little ones inside clear glass. 

Purchase new balls throughout the years or add to the original ornament little by little, sharing your life and stories with them as their memory ages with you.

Personalized Miscarriage Ornament Ideas

Commission or create some personalized miscarriage ornaments on your own using surfaces such as slate, marble, or glass

14. Laser-carved slate

Contact any locate granite works or similar agency for a custom-made project where you can choose your slate or other material for laser engraving. 

Most places have an artist on hand who can help you create an ornament to fill your requests. Many times, you’ll have up to three “proofs” to make at no charge to ensure the finished products are suitable for your needs.  

15. Etched glass at-home

Contact a stained-glass studio in town or shop online for some one-of-a-kind glass pieces you can etch at home. For the glass etching, you’ll need:

  • Etching cream
  • Masking tape
  • Paintbrush
  • Exacto knife
  • Printer
  • Work gloves

Locate a design online and print it to a reasonable size. Cut out the design, fit, and adhere it to the piece of glass you purchased. Apply etching cream and wait five minutes before rinsing. 

Rinse with water to remove all of the etching cream. If the glass has a pre-drilled hole, string some ribbon through the glass to hang on a holiday tree or in a window for year-round viewing.

16. Drilling etched glass ornaments (see above)

To make and drill glass at home, you’ll also need the following items in addition to the list in the previous item:

  • Drill with variable speeds
  • Carbide-tipped glass-cutting drill bit
  • 600-grit sandpaper
  • Marker
  • Safety glasses, gloves, and mask
  • Plywood
  • Lubricant
  • Newspaper

First, lay down the plywood atop a flat surface. Add a layer of newspaper for cushioning, then the glass. Next, mark a hole with more than ¾” from the edge of the glass. Put masking tape over the marked spot to give the drill some grip.

You must drill a small starter hole first and work up to the desired size. To do that, add drops of lubricant to the tape, then drill using successively larger drill bits. Note, drill ¾ of the way through the glass at low speed, adding oil as needed. Flip the glass. Repeat. Continue the process with larger-sized drill bits.

Sand the glass to remove sharp, jagged edges, and rinse before threading with a ribbon.

Pro-tip: Flat work surfaces allow for an easier time drilling and will help avoid unnecessary breakage. 

More Miscarriage Ornament Ideas

Here are a few more options for something to hang during the holidays to remind you of your little one at peace. They range from hearts and snowflakes to embroidery and painting. Consider more than one option if your decorating style is the ambitious kind.

17. Personalized engraved wood 

Follow your farmhouse or cabin decorating style with an ornament handcrafted from a slice of wood.

Paint it or engrave it using wood burning tools if you’re artsy. Otherwise, you’ll need to do some searching for an artist who can bring your idea to fruition. 

18. Heart with personalization

Your heart is stamped for eternity with the memory of the little one you wanted to hold and kiss goodnight. Maintain that memory with something representative or symbolic of those feelings and include a personalized heart.

Choose anything you'd like to say to them or even a recurring thought that helps you process your sorrow.

19. Snowflake

No two snowflakes are the same, which makes it a uniquely perfect way to represent your child. You can search for handcrafted ones online or create your own.

But, if you make it a yearly tradition to design new ones from paper, then you'll have a collage of paper snowflakes to frame and hang on your wall for posterity.

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20. Onesie or baby blanket ornament

Choose from one or two of the items you purchased for your newborn, like a onesie or blanket, then turn it into something ornamental.

Here’s a quick how-to:

  • First, cut duplicate simple shapes from the fabric like a circle or a star.
  • Keep the adornment or details from the original item, such as buttons or ducks. 
  • Pin the shapes together, but inside out.
  • Then, sew the edges of the shape, leaving a one-inch opening.
  • Turn the pattern outside-in and then stuff it with cotton gauze to give it dimension.
  • Finally, add an invisible stitch to close off the hole.

21. Teardrop

A teardrop is a universal symbol of sorrow and grief. Various artisans provide several options for teardrop-shaped ornaments, including metal, glass, and ceramic versions. 

If your choice includes wrapped wire, ask the artist to leave room so that each year you can add a tiny charm. That way, you can include your child in a family tradition.

22. Shell and pearl

Next time you're out walking on the beach, look for a pretty shell. Glue one tiny, perfect pearl inside that shell to hang or display during the holidays. This simple beauty will echo how those wondrous little pearls embed themselves inside your heart.

Hint: there are some special processes for preserving shells. Look up how to do so online to make sure your ornament lasts for years.

23. Religious figure holding a baby

Envisioning your little one is safe in the arms of a religious figure might help you find some comfort. Each time you decorate your home for the holidays, you'll find this same feeling flooding your heart and mind. 

If your spirituality requires something else from the ether, look for an artist that will help you to suitably represent your beliefs.

24. Etched glass baby feet

Etched glass with baby feet represents a similar etching on your soul. Online, you can scroll through dozens of artists’ images to inspire the perfect idea. If you require some alterations, ask if the artist can accommodate your needs.

Hint: if you can't find something you like, consider a DIY project by watching some video tutorials. While somewhat technical, learning to etch glass is an achievable goal.

25. Teddy bear with name

Decorate your space with some miniature teddy bears representative of your little one.

You'll find that the iconic teddy bear generally has a wide range of options from which to choose. You'll find them in cut crystal, old-world style, vintage, and any number of stuffed furry options. 

26. Religious representation of faith

Personalize any religious ornament with names, dates, colors, or quotes. No matter what you choose, reaching for this ornament year after year will bring special memories to hold close to your heart and soul, helping you to cope with your miscarriage.

27. Hand-embroidered name

If you’ve got some spare floss or ribbons, then hand-stitch some holiday ornaments. To get you started here’s what you’ll need: 

  • Small embroidery hoop
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery floss
  • Embroidery needles
  • Water-soluble markers
  • Printed pattern

Print a few patterns from online and then choose your favorite one. Or, freehand it. Then, let your imagination be free with the color design. 

Color choices may begin with spiritual or religious needs but they don’t have to be the final word.

28. Child’s memorial woodblock

Here’s a DIY ornament that would be cathartic to make. Purchase some plain 3-inch woodblocks online or from a local store.

Then, get out your painting supplies to honor your little one. Because woodblocks are universal, you can paint them according to any holiday traditions from around the world

29. Baby imprint on heart

Artisan-crafted imprints pressed into clay then kiln-fired and glazed are a special reminder of the loved one who left too soon, but left a deep impression on your hearts. Look for ones with pretty ribbons and then request personalization if it is offered.

30. Family tree with gilded dove

Decorate your holidays with a golden dove to signify your baby’s continued presence on your family tree. Let it glisten against a glossy family tree backdrop to indicate the innocence of a lost, precious love.

Once you’ve created an ornament for the holidays, you might be inclined to find a representation to hang on your walls all year round.

Treasured Ornaments for a Precious Little One

With any of the ornament options from above, you’ll be able to layer the memory of a precious little one throughout the holidays. Plus, if something speaks to you, you may find a place of reverence for it inside your home all year round.

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