18 Free ‘Missing My Dad' Memes to Share on Social Media


If you’re missing your dad, you’re not alone. There are a lot of reasons you might not be close to your dad, whether you’re separated by distance, health, or death. If you’re missing your dad, sharing a graphic on social media can be a form of comfort. Not only is this an opportunity to connect with others, but it shares your favorite memories about your dad. 

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Whether you’re looking for virtual hugs or other forms of kindness, don’t be afraid to share your feelings. These 18 free “missing my dad memes” are perfect for sharing on social media, via email, or by text message. We all understand what it’s like to miss someone who can’t be there. 

‘Missing My Dad’ Memes to Share When He’s Far Away

You can’t always be close to those you love. Your dad is one of your first friends, but he might be separated by distance for whatever reason. This doesn’t mean you can’t still connect with him in other ways, like through these “missing my dad” memes. 

I miss you dad

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1. “I miss you, Dad.”

If you miss your dad, you’re not the only one. It’s common to experience this type of homesickness, and it’s just a reminder of your beautiful upbringing. 

Dad, I miss you today

2. “Dad, I miss you today and every day.”

Reminding the ones you love that you miss them might be simple, but it carries a lot of meaning. People want to feel remembered. 

How lucky

3. “How lucky am I to have something…” 

This Winnie the Pooh quote packs quite the punch. When you have someone you love so much, goodbye is never easy. 

‘Missing My Dad’ Memes to Share on His Death Anniversary

Losing a dad is never easy. If you’re missing a parent who is no longer here, these “missing my dad” memes are for you. Ideal for sharing on your father’s death anniversary, make this day one to remember. 

Love leaves a memory

4. “Love leaves a memory no one can steal.”

Love leaves an impact on us that lasts beyond a lifetime. This isn’t something that fades with passing days. It’s a part of you for life. 

You will forever be in my heart

5. “You will forever be in my heart, Dad.” 

Though simple, it’s important to hold the memories of your loved one close. On your dad’s death anniversary, this graphic takes on powerful meaning. 

Dad, I miss you every day.

6. “Dad, I miss you every day.” 

Grief has no clear timeline. If you miss your dad every day, that’s normal and okay. 

‘Missing My Dad’ Memes to Share on His Birthday

Even if your dad is gone, you can still honor his birthday. Marking this special day brings his memory to life, reminding you of the best moments you shared together in the past. 

Happy birthday to you

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7. “Happy birthday to you, Dad!”

Your dad is one of your first friends. His birthday is a time to celebrate all you share together, the good and the bad. 

Dearest Dad

8. “Dearest Dad, Happy Birthday!”

Another simple message that packs a big punch is this “missing my dad” graphic. Remind your dad or your family that you were lucky to have him in your life. 

Happy birthday, Dad

9. “Happy birthday, Dad…” 

When we lose someone, we continue thinking about them even if we’re no longer together. You’re thinking of your dad every day, making him a part of your life. 

‘Missing My Dad’ Memes to Share on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a time for celebration. If you can’t be with your dad for whatever reason, or if he passed away, take a moment to share one of these “missing my dad” graphics. Not only will you feel closer to him, but you’ll also remind others of their own parents. 

One day is not enough...

10. “One day is not enough…” 

Though Father’s Day is the time to honor your dad for being there, one day is hardly enough to sum up what he means to you. Still, you can try with this graphic and your own words. 

I'll always look up to you...

11. “I’ll always look up to you…”

Even if you’re no longer with your dad, he might still be your role model. This is true even if you’re taller than him!

Happy to have you as a dad...

12. “Happy to have you as a dad…”

We don’t get to choose our family, but sometimes we’re blessed with the perfect caretaker. This Happy Father’s Day message is from the heart.

‘Missing My Dad’ Memes to Share During the Holiday Season

The holiday season can be especially difficult if you’re missing someone. No matter what keeps you apart, share these images to remind yourself that this season is joyous for many reasons. 

Thinking of you, Dad

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13. “Thinking of you, Dad.”

If you’re thinking of your dad this holiday season, let the world know. You can honor his memory with each tradition and activity during this season of giving. 

Dear Dad

14. “Dear Dad, I know you’re watching over me…”

Guardian angels come in all shapes and sizes. What better angel than your own father?

During the calm of the holiday season

15. “During the calm of the holiday season…”

When the season gets quiet, it can be hard to focus on the present. This is when you often miss your loved ones the most, especially your father. 

‘Missing My Dad in Heaven’ Memes to Share

Last but not least, your dad is always closer than you think. Even when your loved ones are no longer on earth, they’re watching over you in heaven. Remind yourself that he’s always watching over you with these “missing my dad in Heaven” graphics. 

What we once enjoyed deeply...

16. “What we once enjoyed deeply…”

This quote is a reminder that those we love never leave us. Though you might be separated now, you will still keep these memories close. 

To the #1 man in my life...

17. “To the #1 man in my life…”

How do you honor your dad in Heaven? This “missing my dad in heaven” meme is an amazing way to memorialize your dad’s special legacy. 

Dad, I love you every day...

18. “Dad, I love you every day…” 

Grief isn’t something you put on hold. It exists every day that you’re separated from your father, and this love lasts a lifetime. 

Honor Your Father with a Special Memento

Whether you want to say “Happy Father’s Day in heaven, Dad” or wish someone a Happy Father’s Day, it’s always the thought that counts. When you take time to acknowledge the small things someone does, you make their memory all the more real. This is an act of compassion and remembrance, and it makes all the difference. 

How will you remember those you love? Whether you’re separated by time, distance, or death, this is a bond that never fades. Your father is one of your first caretakers, and they’re worth remembering.


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