25+ ‘Missing Dad On His Birthday’ Messages


There’s nothing quite like spending time with your parents. When you live far away or can’t be there for them on important occasions, those days can make the distance even harder on both of you.

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Does your dad have a birthday coming up and you know you won’t be there in person to wish him all the best? Are you missing your dad on his birthday? Do the next best thing — remember dad on his birthday by giving him a shout out on social media, sending him messages and texts, and making him feel loved in every way possible.

If you need help with what to say or how to say it, you’re in the right place. Browse through some of these ideas and pick a few to send to your dad on his birthday.

‘Missing You On You Birthday, Dad’ Messages for a Card

Sending a birthday card is one of the easiest, simplest things you can do to make sure your dad knows you love and miss him on his birthday. They don’t have to be overly fancy but they can certainly be as creative as you want. 

1. “Wish I was with you on the best day of the year — your birthday! Missing you on your birthday, Dad!”

Tell your dad how much you miss him and that you wish you could be with him.

2. “I’m celebrating you from afar, Dad! Just because I’m not there doesn’t mean I won’t celebrate right along with you. Here’s to you, Dad!”

Use this message if you plan to carry out a special birthday tradition for your dad from where you are.

3. “To the best dad a girl/guy could ever ask for! I hope you have a happy birthday and another fantastic year around the sun. Loving you from afar!”

This message is ideal for those who have a close relationship with their dad. 

4. “I know it feels like I’m on the other side of the world but today, I’m right there with you, celebrating your big day.”

If you’ve had to move across the country and you can’t be with your dad, send him a message like this.

5. “I can’t wait to see you and celebrate your birthday together. I’m counting down the days until we’re together again!”

If you’re planning to visit your dad soon after his birthday, this message is a perfect one to include in a card you send.

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Short ‘Miss You On Your Birthday, Dad’ Text Message Ideas

Don’t stop at sending a card if you can’t see your dad on his special day. Send a few text messages throughout the day to let him know how much he is loved, missed, and celebrated.

6. “Happy Birthday, Dad! I miss you so much but I want you to know I’m thinking of you today and always.”

Text messages don’t have to be limited to four or five words. Say enough to let him know you’re missing him.

7. “Guess who is turning 21 again? That’s right, it’s this great guy I know — it’s you! Happy Birthday. Miss you!”

If your dad is a man with a sense of humor, text a lighthearted message to make him smile.

8. “Hey, Dad! I’m sorry we can’t be together to celebrate your day but I’m wearing a party hat over here just thinking of you.”

Let him know that you’ll celebrate with him from afar with a message like this.

9. “Wish I could be with you to celebrate today! You deserve the biggest celebration there is!”

Be sure to tell your dad how much you appreciate him.

10. “Happy birthday to the man who raised me, taught me about life, and encouraged me to pursue my dreams. I miss you!”

Include specific examples of what you value about your dad, like teaching you and encouraging you to shoot for the stars.

‘Missing You On Your Birthday, Dad’ Social Media Posts

If your dad has social media accounts, use it to bring a smile to his face. Most parents don’t expect to be publicly recognized over social media, so if you can, you’re guaranteed to brighten your dad’s day.

11. “See this guy here? This is my dad. He is 100% amazing and I miss him like crazy today. Wishing you a happy birthday, Dad!”

Use this message with a picture of your dad so people can comment and wish him a happy birthday as well.

12. “To the man who taught me to [fish, ride a bike, etc.], you deserve the happiest of birthdays ever. I can’t wait until I can celebrate with you. Until then, here’s a toast to you!”

A short and sweet tribute such as this will make your dad feel loved.

13. “To my dad, friend, confidant, and teacher. Thank you for showing me how to live life well and go after my dreams. I wish I could be with you to say this in person, but happy birthday to the best man there is!”

Let the whole world know why your dad is so special to you.

14. “Missing you on your birthday and wishing I could be there to eat cake with you. Eat an extra slice for me, okay?”

Have some fun and give your dad an excuse to eat a second slice of birthday cake.

15. “Have a wonderful birthday today, Dad! I wish I could be with you and I look forward to visiting soon!”

If you’re planning to see him after his birthday, mention it in your happy birthday message.

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‘Missing You On Your Birthday’ Dad Messages for if He Passed Away

Your dad’s birthday may be difficult after he dies. If your dad’s birthday comes around and you’re missing him even more than normal, consider writing him a message to let him know.

16. “Dad, it’s been a couple of years since you haven’t been here, but I still miss you like crazy, especially on your birthday.”

Marking the passage of time can be healing as you remember your dad on his birthday.

17. “I miss you so much, Dad. If you were here, we’d BBQ and eat ice cream sundaes to celebrate you. Maybe I’ll carry on the tradition just to feel closer to you today.”

Mentioning special birthday traditions can help you feel closer to your dad. Think back on those times fondly.

18. “I’m eating a piece of your favorite birthday cake today, Dad. Celebrating you from down here.”

Keep your dad close by doing something that he loved. Enjoy a favorite flavor of ice cream or cake, go out to eat at a restaurant that he loved. These things keep us close to those we’ve lost.

19. “Happy birthday in heaven, Dad. I sure miss you but I bet everyone is glad to celebrate with you up there!”

Even though you can’t be there to celebrate with your dad, you can think of those who have gone on before him and remember that they’ll be enjoying spending the day with your dad.

20. “Missing you today of all days, Dad. Sure wish I could say happy birthday in person.”

This is a message that is simple and to the point. Sometimes you don’t need to say more than that.

‘Missing You On Your Birthday’ Dad Messages and Posts for After His Death

Thanks to options such as Facebook’s account memorialization, we still have the opportunity to write on a deceased loved one’s social media pages. This can be an especially meaningful way to feel connected to your dad.

21. “Happy birthday, Dad. Missing you today.”

This simple message is ideal for social media. It gives others who knew your dad the opportunity to comment on the fact that they miss him as well. It also helps other people know that you’re grieving and they can encourage you with words of comfort.

22. “Hey Dad, I’m just remembering when we [insert memory]. That was the best day ever. Happy birthday… I miss you like crazy.”

Sharing a fun memory on social media is a way to help you feel closer to your dad and give other people an opportunity to remember and smile at their own memories. This kind of message invites other people to share their memories with your dad on his birthday.

23. “To the best dad there ever was! Happy birthday.”

This is a simple statement that shares how you feel about your dad and gives you the opportunity to tell the world on his social media page.

24. “Looking back through old pictures makes me wish you were here even more. Missing you today, Dad. Happy birthday.”

A message like this will not only encourage you but will inspire others to view past pictures and posts your dad put on his social media page. You can also give other people an opportunity to share their favorite pictures or memories to pay respect to your dad.

25. “I wish you were here so I could tell you in person how much I miss you. Happy birthday, Dad.”

This is a simple heartfelt message that is appropriate for any social media platform.

26. “Dad, you were one in a million. Still are. I sure am missing you today. Happy birthday.”

Remind yourself how special your dad was and keep him close by posting a message on his page.

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Celebrate Your Dad 

We never know how much time we have. Take every opportunity to celebrate your dad whether it’s his birthday or not. You’ll never regret taking the time to make sure he knows how much you appreciate and love him. 

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